Are Snakes Afraid Of Cats?

Are Snakes Afraid Of Cats? Cats will hunt snakes and from time to time they will capture one. This can be a scary situation for the snake that may have been watching the cat just moments before.

If not afraid, the snake will usually retreat. If it is scared, then it is more likely to lash out at its attacker than with a predator who doesn’t pose such a threat of being eaten.

Usually, when this happens we’ve found that the cat will go through some sort of catharsis during which they release all their negative energy before happily returning home without further incident.

Are Snakes Afraid Of Cats

While snakes have a reputation as being dangerous and scary creatures, that doesn’t mean they can’t be scared of stealthy animals that are bigger than themselves. There are many creatures that can frighten a snake, and it’s highly likely that a snake could be afraid of things like cats. Snakes will try to avoid these kinds of animals because they move quickly and have teeth, claws, and larger bodies than most species of snakes.

Mortal Enemies

Both cats and snakes are creatures that hunt prey while they’re out scavenging or just trying to survive. Cats hunt birds, rats, squirrels, and other animals that tend to make a living off of digging holes underground.

Snakes consume smaller animals like mice, lizards, frogs, insects, and even birds.

Fortunately for cats with opposable thumbs, there might be a few exceptions, there are no snakes as big as pythons or boas that have the ability to eat full-grown cats.

Cats Eat Snakes

Cats love to eat, but they also like being independent. If a cat sees something that he or she thinks is prey, the first instinct would be trying to keep it as far away from his or her body as possible.

That is where King snakes come in. Sometimes these snakes are seen around people’s homes and can look intimidating when their colors are very similar to their surroundings.

But most will not harm your cat unless provoked. Basically, if you have a King snake around your home, you don’t need to worry about your kitty making themselves sick off it.

Cats Can Be Eaten Alive

Some snakes are known to eat cats. Burmese pythons and anacondas from the Amazon rainforest are two of the largest snakes in the world.

They get huge at lengths of up to 20 feet. Snakes like these wouldn’t hesitate to eat a deer or lamb if that was what they were in the mood for.

Poisonous Snakes

One common cause of kitty stress is when outdoor cats bring their prey home. Wild snakes aren’t exactly known for anti-venom but they pose a serious risk to your cat if they get too close.

Grrrr, don’t make them angry it doesn’t end well for either you or the snake.

Be careful when it comes to letting your cat play with venomous snakes indoors as well because accidents can happen suddenly and unexpectedly.


Are snakes dangerous on cats?

While cats are generally known to be cautious and wary of snakes, there is an important reason why you shouldn’t leave a cat without supervision with a pet python: they can easily contract dangerous diseases.

Most people think of snake venom when they hear “snake and cat” but this just scratches the surface when it comes to dangerous infections.

In fact, many illnesses common amongst snakes can also be transmitted to humans and even other animals!

If you have an exotic pet like a snake, iguana or other exotic lizard or reptile make sure it doesn’t violate the terms of your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Final Words

One may assume that when dogs and cats are facing off against a snake, they would have the upper hand because of their larger size. But snakes have incredible speed and agility, which makes them very difficult to corner. Once they find themselves in this unfortunate position, they will have no choice but to defend themselves by striking at what is threatening them orbiting so as to ensure their safety.


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