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Best Chews For German Shepherds

Best Chews For German Shepherds. A German shepherd is intelligent, active and obedient but sometimes it misbehaves to get attention for that you need a good-tasting chew to handle him.

German shepherds also do bad things such as destroying your shoes, books, and furniture then to overcome this problem you also use multiple chews to make him a good dog.

Before finding the best chews for your German shepherd you need a little bit of research because some owners may be new or have less experience in dog products.

There are so many products in the market which give you the best solution and then these products disappoint you.

Most German shepherds like flavored or stuffily and good textured chew treat rather than ill-favored taste.

So, here we have the best solution for finding the best type, and quality of your problem in this article. We discuss the 6 best chews for German shepherd.

6 Best Chews For German Shepherds

1-Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones Dog Treat Chews

best chews for german shepherds

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Treat Chews is a regular beef and barley flavor with good stuff and this has no artificial flavor in it.

This contains 11 chew bones in one pack and we have many flavors of this brand. This German shepherd chew has more than 2 flavors which are turkey and rice, Chicken veggies.

This dog bone is guaranteed analyzed with natural ingredients with no corn and soy and no ingredients from China.

This is a delicious taste flavor and one of the best dog bones that your German shepherd dogs loves it. On the back of the packaging, we have feeding directions, and always ensure that your German shepherd is swallowing chew properly.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Chews are savory, long-lasting chews with center-filled meat. Now here we discuss some features of this chew bone.


  • Savory chews

These dog bones contains meat and other savory ingredients that’s why this chew has a savory taste to it. And these chews are loved by German shepherd due to their savory taste.

  • long-lasting chews with a tender, meaty center

If chews last for a long time and these are also tender then this is the best of the best thing of chews and these become the favorite of your German shepherd dog.

It looks amazing if you open these bones for German shepherd and then see a center filled with meat. I am already feeling this one of the best bones treat tempting for dogs.

  • No meat by-products

As in this dog food, meat is used but no meat by-products are added in this. Because this meat by-product can remove the deliciousness of chew.

  • Perfect for small, medium, or large dogs

Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones Chews are perfect for small, medium, and large breed dog because of two reasons.

The first reason is that this has amazing nutritional benefits and the second one is that this product can be chewed as a whole for the large dog but this can be broken into small pieces for small dogs.

  • Safely the USA cooked with the world’s best ingredients

All ingredients are best and collected from the whole world but this is safely cooked in the USA. But this product does not contain corn, wheat, and soy ingredients.


  • Surprising Flavor & Scent
  • Amazing Freshness
  • Ingredient quality and inexpensive treat
  • Nutritious soup
  • Dogs love


  • Dog likes them but it is not long-lasting

2- Smart Bones Smart Sticks for German shepherd

smart bones smart sticks for german shepherd

Good things on the label are not always true so, select the best chew for your German shepherd with full attention. But some are real and perfect like Smart Bones Smart Sticks Chew.

This product is made of meat and vegetables free of rawhide. This treat will make you happy and this can also keeps your dog busy for a long time.

The smart sticks are healthy and 100% delicious alternatives to rawhide bones which is enriched with vitamins and minerals for the maintenance of healthy clean teeth and gums.

Many veterinarians are concerned about their health by eating rawhide.

The structure of the chew is a little unique by having a layer of vegetables outside and meaty chicken inside and then this is folded in a bar shape that your German shepherds love.


  • Quality and safety –Our priority

Smart bones have tons of health features and benefits full of flavors. This product has high-quality ingredients under safe packaging.

  • 100% Rawhide-Free

We suggest you this product due to the safety of rawhide because this is made with real chicken. This real chicken gives them a better source of protein.

  • Highly Digestible

Smart bones contain highly advanced nutrition which helps out them in better digestion. As this is good in digestion as this is good for dental health.

  • Low in Fat

This tasty treat is made with wholesome vegetables and real chicken due for this reason this contains less amount of fat. This low-fat feature never gains extra weight for your dogs.

  • Vitamin and Mineral Enriched, providing more nutritional value

This product is enriched with vitamins and minerals that keep your dog’s hair and coat healthy as well as give more nutritional value to it which makes your German shepherd even healthier.


  • Flavor & flavor
  • Great Value for money
  • High-quality Ingredient
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Wish they for long-lasting in the dog’s mouth


  •   A Little bit of an expensive side

3- Greenies Original Natural Dental Chews for German shepherd puppies

greenies original natural dental chews for german shepherd puppies

Greenies Chews treats are best for the dental care of a German shepherd with a unique texture to remove plaque and tartar.

This is highly recommended by the vet due to the best dental formula having dental benefits.

This product contains a chewing texture for cleaning teeth and maintains healthy gums for a sparkle in every smile.

This is a natural chew toy formula that is natural ingredients with the addition of vitamins, minerals, and nutrition.

This product is made in Kansas City with different ingredients from all over the world.

You can give this treat daily because it is an incredible treat for your German shepherd.

Other dental chews are breakable with a bite but these chew toys for German shepherds give a deeper clean which goes down towards the gum line and your dogs love it. Best Chews For German Shepherds.


  •  Small Dog Dental Treats

These tasty treats are delightfully flavored with a chewy texture which helps out the small dog’s dental health. This is also suitable for German shepherd puppy.

This also gives fresh breath with healthy German shepherd’s teeth. This fresh breath makes the German shepherd puppies happy.

  •  Supports Oral Health

As we give the details about dental health now we are telling you that this product also supports the oral health of your dog.

This one of the best chew toys maintains oral health of cleanliness. You must try it for a fresh and clean breath.

  •  Find the Right Treat

This product is proved to be the right treatment due to these amazing and long-lasting features.

We recommended you a chew treat for your dog. This makes your German shepherd happy and he also desires more after the best training.

  •    Made With Natural Ingredients Plus Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients

Greenies Original Natural Dog Dental Care Chews are also made of natural ingredients and minerals and vitamins which will surely give your German shepherds good health.

  •    Veterinarian Recommended for Dental Care

This product is 100% recommended for dental health because this will help your dog’s teeth to fight against tartar and plaque.

This goes down below in gum lines and cleans it properly. This product is highly digestible due to the quality of being highly soluble in the stomach during digestion.


  • Flavor & Scent
  • Freshness
  • Longevity
  • dental chew
  • Great price


  •  This is no substitute for brushing

4- Dream Bone Twist Sticks, Treat Chew

dream bone twist sticks, treat chew

Dream Bone chew is the best treat to give your German shepherd which is made of real chicken and vegetables.

This is also used to maintain teeth and gum healthy due to the richness of vitamins and minerals in it.

These are 100% delicious which your dog dreams with no rawhide which will be digested easily. Dream Bone Twist Sticks & Treat Chews are 50 pieces in one pack which is reasonable due to the price.

Feeding instructions are also given on the back of the packaging which helps you to use it properly.

On the back calories list is present which tells how much quantity enough for your dog is.


  • Enriched With Vitamins And Minerals

This product is also enriched with vitamins and minerals that keep your dog’s hair and coat healthy.

But if you want your German shepherd to get more valued nutrition then always used it in the correct feeding way which is described on the back of this product.

  • Helps to Maintain Healthy Teeth

If you got 2 benefits in one pack then is it amazing? In my opinion yes, if you get deliciousness with great health then this is best.

This also maintains the health of teeth and gives clean and fresh breath.

  • Twist Shape

Dream Bone Treat Chew is Sticks in a Twist shape that is filled with real chicken meat. This twisted shape attracts the German shepherd toward this yummy chew treat which forces them to do a good performance during training to get this treat.

  • Real Chicken

This product is available in real chicken, bacon &cheese, and chicken wrapped which gives them a good taste. But chicken is overall the no.1 ingredient that is used in making these chew.

  • Rawhide-Free

The German shepherd owners should always beware of food that contains rawhide because this is not good for your dog’s health.

So, you always use product which is rawhide free.

As dogs are man’s best friends so, we should take care of our friend’s health and always choose those products which are good for them and never purchase that product which is dangerous for them.


  • Good Flavor
  • Great Freshness
  • Excellent Value for money
  • Better than rawhide
  • Great for small dogs


  • Price changed too much

5-Himalayan Yak Cheese Dog Chews

himalayan yak cheese dog chews

The original Himalayan Hard Cheese Dog Chew is 100% natural, healthy & safe.

These chews contain no lactose, gluten, or grains in multiple & mixed sizes for Dogs that approximately have  65 lbs.  or are smaller than this size.

This naturally healthy dog chew has a hard chewing density that’s why this chew is highly recommended for large dog breeds and this is originally hard to take time to enjoy this yummy taste and keep your German shepherd busy for a moment.

Himalayan Dog Chews are made specifically with yak cheese which is not only in hard form but also has soft variety according to the age and size of dogs.

This chew has 3 pieces of chews in one pouch to maintain good health.


  • Ancient Himalayan recipe

These cheese chews for dogs comes from an ancient Himalayan recipe, the people of Himalayan ate this yak cheese snake and these chews are made with different methods and forms.

  • Just cheese

Himalayan Hard Cheese Dog Chew is the only cheese that is sourced from cows and yak milk without any agent or preservatives with no artificial color & flavor.

These chews also contain no, gluten, lactose, and grains in it.

  • Keep your dog happy for hours

Dogs like these chews that if your German shepherd is suffering from any issues then you can give this treat to calm them and you can provide these chews to the bored dogs so, they will enjoy this playtime with this chew. These chews keep aggressive chewers busy.

  • Easily digestible

This is only cow or yak’s milk cheese this is a reason that this chew is highly and easily digestible to dogs’ stomachs.

And another reason for digestibility is that this also contains no addition of artificial or harmful ingredients.

  • Mixed  sized

Himalayan Hard Cheese Chews are best for dogs that have a weight of 55-60 pounds or may be larger.

This kind of chew is good for your dog’s weight, temperament, and activity level.


  • Good Flavor & Scent
  • Great Value for money
  • More Longevity
  • No tummy absent with little smell
  • Delicious chews for aggressive dogs


  • Buy with caution
  • already broken into sharp sharper edges

6- Merrick Power Bites Chews Dog Treats

best chews for german shepherds


Merrick Power Bites Chew is a grain-free chew with no gluten ingredients with the flavor of beef and chicken.

These soft and chewy treats consist of glucosamine, chondroitin, L-carnitine, and omega fatty acids.

L-carnitine helps to support healthy metabolism and glucosamine, chondroitin helps out for healthy hips and joints.

These are natural large treats for large breeds and beef is the no.1 natural ingredient. Before giving it to your dog it is best to read the instructions on the backside of a packet.

Merrick Power Bites Chews is perfect for rewarding and training. This brand sells the wet and dry according to life stages and sizes.


  • Beef and Sweet Potato Recipe

If you want that your dog gives you more attention so, this chew treat is best for your dog to keep coming back more.

This product taste so good due to its natural ingredients including beef and sweet potato recipe.

  • Real deboned beef

As we told you above that this is a beef and sweet potato recipe and this contains real deboned in it which is made in the USA.

  • To maintain healthy hips and joints 

Big Bites soft dog treats contain glucosamine and L-carnitine which maintain healthy hips and joints with a better process of metabolism.

  • Perfect for rewarding or training

These power bites have only big due to their name but this is available in bite-size which has 5 calories per treat this means that these treats are very low in calories.

With these treats, your dog never gains extra weight and remains healthy and wise. So, it’s considered perfect for rewarding and treating.


  • Amazing Freshness
  • High-quality Ingredient
  • Meat Flavored
  • Easy to break
  • Perfect size


  • Grain less is not always a positive


Best Chews For German Shepherds. If you want the best-chewed treat for your dog then find the best do not pay attention to other beliefs and thoughts and never give the same product to your dog which is best and suitable for others dog.

Because maybe this causes some problems for your dog and sometimes the dog does not like what other dogs like as humans do.

Mostly dog owners said that giving cooked bones, pork bones, rib bones, lamb bones altogether may injure the German shepherd so give dogs only raw bones.

Always choose a bone with larger size than your dog mouth as smaller bones are a choking hazard.

All German shepherd has different issues according to their skin and stomach so, here had discussed some products which will help you to find the best chew treat.

Now in this our best product is Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones Dog Treat Chews which is made from nutritious bone soap along with beef, barley, and vegetables. This gives energy plus a delicious taste to your dogs.

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