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Best Couch For Dog Owners

Best couch for dog owners. If your beloved pet is chewing your furniture, leave their hair on your couch and sleep on your couch or create a mess there so don’t worry, in this article we will discuss some pet-friendly couches that are perfect for cuddling with your furry friend.

Here we have enlisted the best 08 couch for dogs and owners on the basis of their durability, style, and comfort.

8 Best Couch For Dog Owners

1. Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon

best couch for dog owners

Novogratz is one of the most comfortable and one of the best pet-friendly couches, the comfortable cushioning of the Novogratz allows you and your pets a peaceful sleep.

The interesting thing about this Novogratz couch is that it’s ribbed tufted cushioned back provides full support to your body.

These pet friendly couches are made with a sturdy frame made up of wood to enhance its durability.

On this pet friendly couches , your furry friends also enjoy the same level of comfort as you enjoy on this couch.

This Novogratz couch has solid rubber wooden legs which are also durable.

The upholstery of this couch is soft, stain resistant & water-resistant. This perfect sofa has removable cushion covers.

The other important thing about these sleeper sofas is that it comes in multiple colors so you can choose the matching colors that are according to your house walls, interior design, and furniture.

This couch is designed according to modern styles and also looks nice in your lounge.

The armrests of this couch are curvy, you will feel comfy and the legs of this couch are slanted having tufted back cushions, overall this couch is well designed.

The upholstery of these pet-friendly couches is made with linen performance fabrics.

Moreover, the inner frame, support foundation, padding, and cushioning materials in this couch are the best couch materials and of high quality.

This couch is fairly low to the floor, it is also perfect for a person whose height is about 5.5 to 6 feet.

This couch is also suitable for even small spaces its weight is about 80 pounds.

2. Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa

rivet revolve modern upholstered sofa

Rivet revolve is another modern design pet-friendly sofa, that comes with simple lines and square armrests to provide an elegant look.

Its tall tapered legs provide a strong design and also can support the furniture whilst keeping the view clear underneath the furniture.

These pet-friendly couches are designed in such a way that it fits and looks great with most decoration styles.

The interesting thing is that its back cushions are loose and are removable cushions along with the seat cushions.

This sofa has a solid wood frame which makes it more strong also the solid beech wooden legs also enhance the durability of this couch.

The most important things in all pet-friendly couches and sofas are their upholstery, it should be soft and easily cleanable.

In this pet-friendly sofa, the polyester blend upholstery makes this couch more comfortable for pets and their owners.

This couch is pets friendly, its dimension is 79.9 x 62.2 x 35.4 inches, and can easily fit in small spaces.

The weight of this couch is about 128 pounds, so it is not too easy to move this couch around your lounge or rooms.

The other important feature of this couch is its moveable chaise that can be moved to either end to accommodate your room layout.

This chaise also provides extra space for your family members when you are all together and enjoying parties.

Moreover, comes with a plush and with squishy cushions.

Its firmness is also good and provides a better level of comfortability.

3. MAXIJIN 3 Piece Newest Jacquard Couch

maxijin 3 piece newest jacquard couch

Maxijin is another comfortable couch for you and your pets, the cover of this couch is sleekly designed so that everyone loves this couch.

Comes with one couch cover and three cushion covers, these are not so expensive you can save your money by buying this product.

The interesting thing about this pet friendly couch is that it comes with a strong elastic edge on the bottom to help secure the cover and also it is slip-free.

Comes with a separate cushions cover no need to change the whole out look.

With its three-dimensional checks, your couch will look more attractive and beautiful, because it is an advanced and unique design.

This one of the best pet-friendly couches will offer you a high level of comfortability and offers smooth, soft sitting.

It is also made of high-quality and durable fabrics that offer a long-lasting life to your couch.

Another important thing that you will definitely like is that it comes in various vibrant colors so you can choose the best one according to your home decoration.

The high-quality polyester and spandex pet friendly fabric is used in its construction to make it more durable and perfect for your pets’ comfort and security.

The texture of these pet friendly couches is also soft and breathable, due to its being highly stretchable many pet owners choose this product.

Moreover, they used thick cloth that prevents teething from your pets, and also these are water-resistant.

This fabric used in this one of best pet friendly couches are also scratching , muddy paw prints, animal hair, and stain resistant fabrics.

4. DHP Paxson Convertible Futon Couch

dhp paxson convertible futon couch

DHP is another comfortable and modern couch, the construction of this entire couch will bring back the days of bold lines.

This couch comes with a stylish linen upholstery that not only looks attractive but also it is waterproof and pet hair and scratch-resistant.

If you have pets in your house then DHP is one of the most suitable choices for you.

This couch is also small and compact and can easily fit in even small living spaces, so it can easily fit in a small room.

The very interesting thing about this pet friendly furniture is that it comes with intricate diagonal stitching which makes it attractive and durable.

This can be easily converted into a lounger and sleeper sofa, it takes a few seconds without using special types of tools.

Its split-back design is another addition to its comfort level, and the rounded solid wood provides stability and offers plenty of extra support.

These pet friendly sofas are highly durable .The fabric options and wood that are used in its frame is long-lasting.

These convertible sofa beds will provide a high-level comfortability to your guests, they will love to take a rest on this couch.

The important thing is that its solid wooden legs come with padding underneath them to protect your floors from scuffs and scratches.

Available at a very affordable price also comes in different colors so you can choose your favorite one. This couch has a net weight of about 86 lbs, which is not too much so you can easily move it around your living space. Moreover, this couch can bear a weight of up to 600 lbs.

5. ZNSAYOTX 1 Piece Jacquard Chair Slipcovers for Living Room

znsayotx 1 piece jacquard chair slipcovers for living room

ZNSAYOTX comes with high-quality materials such as polyester, spandex, leather and fabric type 85% polyester and 15% spandex .

It makes your couch upholstery stretchable and scratch-free.

The pet friendly fabrics used for this couch is also soft, comfortable, elastic, and skin-friendly.

So no need to worry about any type of allergens material that are used in this couch.

The slipcovers of this couch are also long-lasting and come with a checkers patterned fabrics that can give your living room a new fashion decoration.

Comes with a 360-degree full protection feature, its cover can provide full coverage to the back and bottom part of your couch.

Moreover, these dog friendly couches has also dust and stain resistant fabric so there is no need to clean your couch every day.

In this couch highly durable fabric is used which is pet friendly and prevent your couch from pet footprint, dog hair, and scratching.

Its slipcover can protect your sofa or couch and also make them long-lasting.

This pet friendly couch comes with a durable wooden frame with foam rods which can ensure the slip cover is more tight and smooth for your sofa.

Moreover, the most interesting feature is that its elastic bands are sewn in the bottom of the furniture cover.

Its slip cover can be easily installed, you can do it within 10 minutes and this slipcover is also washable in a machine, also avoid using bleach and iron in the washing of this slipcover.

Comes in various colors and textures so you can choose the best one according to your home decoration and can be used as outdoor furniture. Best couch for dog owners.

6. Signature Design by Ashley Jarreau Upholstered Sofa

signature design by ashley jarreau upholstered sofa

Signature is another well-designed and comfortable sofa or couch. This furniture is ideal for small living spaces.

It is a sleeper couch so you can use it in any room it occupies a little space.

This attractively designed sofa is ideal for your guest, they will love to sleep on this comfortable sofa.

This sleeper sofas uses high-resiliency foam cushions to provide soft and comfy sitting, also upholstered in cozy provide you and your guest the higher level of comfortability.

This couch comes with easy to use pull out cushions so no need to buy them separately and spend your money on them.

This couch is also highly durable its supportive steel frame makes this couch long-lasting and enhanced its sturdiness.

Moreover, its soft cushions and oversized pillow backs provide you with extra support and comfortability.

This pet friendly furniture is also a suitable option if you have pets in your house, its upholstery is stain, dust, and scratch-resistant.

Comes with a sleekly designed arm, looks beautiful in your living room, and fits in your home decoration as a living room furniture.

Moreover, it is super easy to convert this couch into a sleeper sofa ,no extra effort is required for this. Its foot is exposed and having a fauxwood finish provides extra support and durability to your couch.

A high-quality resiliency foam is used in this couch. This couch is also ideal for small space living, it is compact and easy to transport around your living area.

7. Rivet Goodwin Modern Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch

rivet goodwin modern reversible sectional sofa couch

This sleekly designed sofa couch is available in different colors, it can easily fit in your home decoration.

Rivet Goodwin is pet friendly couch, the performance fabric or materials used in this couch are stain-resistant and also prevent pets’ footprint and also trap pet hair.

This pet friendly couch is also made with high-quality polyester and sturdy stitching stands having tight weave up to daily wear and tear.

This couch can easily fit in any small room and provide a high level of comfort to your guest if they want to stay in your house.

This sofa couch is perfect for your modern-style home decoration, and looks beautiful and attractive when placed in any room.

Its charcoal-colored pet friendly upholstery is one of the most elegant options that adds elegance to any room.

The interesting thing about this sofa couch is that it comes with a durable hardwood frame to provide extra support and stability to this couch.

This sofa couch is also easily transportable around your living room without damaging your floor.

The tapered wood legs are strong slim and elevated, which enhanced the attraction of this couch.

The back cushions of this couch are removable and reversible without any effort you can do it. Moreover, the chaise can be oriented right or left according to your comfortability.

This couch can easily assemble within 15 minutes or less.

This couch also comes with a 1-year warranty for customer satisfaction and is also available at a very suitable price.

8. Mellow Adair Mid-Century Modern Loveseat

best couch for dog owner

Mellow Adair is a modern pet friendly couch, that can easily fit in any room with the versatility you want.

This compact sofa is also the perfect option for your college dorms, office spaces, and smaller apartments.

This couch is made with high-density foam cushions that are wrapped in smooth fresh linen performance fabrics.

These highly durable materials provide softness and a high level of comfortability and support. You and your guest will enjoy the comfort level on this couch.

The most interesting and important feature of this couch is its storage pockets that are conveniently located on the armrests, you can store your documents and remote control there.

The frame of this couch is made of real eucalyptus wood to enhance its durability and stability of this couch.

The legs of this pet friendly couch are also made with eucalyptus wood which not only makes this couch strong but also provides a nice and elegant look to your couch.

This couch also uses lint-resistant linen, you can easily clean this couch without any effort by simply using a mild detergent and slightly damp cloth.

This couch is super easy to assemble without using specific tools and effort you can do that within 4-steps.

Moreover, all the foams used in this couch are of high quality and tested, and certified to meet CertiPUR-US standards. Its means that the foams that are used in this couch enhance the life of this couch.

Buying Guide (Best couch for dog owners)

In our buying guide, we will discuss some important factors, that you should consider while purchasing the best couch.

The couch is an important and useful piece of furniture in your house, and when you have pets in the house so you should keep a pet-friendly couch or furniture in your house.

Style & Design

Style & Design is an important factors to consider while choosing the best couch for your house. Usually, there are 5 main style groups of couches such as mid-century, Chesterfield, contemporary, traditional, and country.

The most common style is a mid-century style that has clean lines, streamlined shape, wooden angled legs, and low arms.

Moreover, also make sure that the couch that you are choosing easily fits in your home decoration.

Pets Friendly

Commonly, every pet is present in every house and couches are also an important part of the furniture. Most pets love to sit and to take a rest on couches.

Sometimes, they damage your couches by leaving hair, creating a mess, and by sharp teething. So pet owner should choose a couch that is pet friendly.

Couch Fabrics

The couch should be made of high-quality allergen-free materials or pet-friendly and tight weave fabric. Usually, couches are with some common fabrics such as leather, cotton blend, wool blend, linen, and synthetic.

Always choose a performance fabric that is dust, footprint, and animal hair and stain-resistant.

Filling Of Couch

It is an important thing to think about the filling of the couch because the filling of the couch depends on the comfort level they offer.

Usually, the three main fillings of a sofa couch are fiber, foam, and feathers.

All these fillings are comfy, fiber gives a soft, relaxed feel and a plump appearance, foam cushions are supportive, and feathers provide a softer, less structured look than foam.

Couch Arms

Couches come in four different arms styles such as:

  • Scroll arms that give traditional look to your couch
  • Flared arms are flared outwards from the base
  • Howard’s arms give a classic look
  • Square arms are the most popular and modern designs available in the market.


Best couch for dog owners. After a lot of research, we conclude that a couch is a very important part of home furniture, but sometimes your pets create mess and scratch your couches.

So to prevent your couches and furniture from the sharp teething of your furry friends you should choose the couches that are pet friendly.

In our buying guide, we also discuss some important considerations for buying the best couches for the pet owners that will help you in buying the best couch.

Moreover, we have enlisted our top 08 products you can choose the best one from them.

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