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Best Food For German Shepherd To Gain Weight

Best food for German shepherd to gain weight. Some German shepherd has powerful and athletic body and some German shepherds found in the world are anemic and gets a life full of stress then these dogs require more appropriate food to gain more weight.

Without a proper and better diet, it is not possible for a German shepherd to gain weight at a healthy level and less gain is not a good sign for the German Shepherd’s health.

As this known that these dogs are used for tough work which causes a dog weakness then due to this reason may become skinny German shepherds.

If you want that your dog gains more weight then give them more amounts of protein and animal fat.

According to the assumption if your dog is not gaining weight then it must be due to the diet so, for weight gain you should adjust your dog’s diet which would help your underweight German shepherd.

Here we explain you the list of the 6 best food for German shepherd to gain weight.

6 Best Food For German Shepherd To Gain Weight

1-VICTOR Super Premium Dog Food

best food for german shepherd to gain weight

This product is Hi-pro plus food which contains 30% protein and this is free of gluten formula.

This food is highly active and gives energy to your highly active dogs and puppies.

VICTOR Super Premium Dog Food also carry 20% of fats which assist the dog to get weight.

The protein in this puppy food as well as adult food mainly comes from a meat source, protein from plants and veggies, and protein from a grain source.

These dog foods are also good for skin and coat and this also supports healthy digestive system.

This product is designed for the genetic potential of your dog regardless of breed, age, and activity level.

The premium ingredients and different nutrients which are used in this product promote the immune system of a dog.


  • Multi meat formula

VICTOR brand makes this product by keeping the German shepherd in mind so, this is confirmed that your dog must be fulfilling the needs after eating this food to gain proper gain.

This is a multi-meat formula due to the addition of three types of meats that are beef, chicken, and fish meat.

These all kinds of meat give a high animal protein with the strength of the health which is the most important thing.

This food has crude fat and crude fiber in it which helps German shepherd gain weight properly.

  • 30% protein

This dry food product contains 30% of protein which shows a good amount of protein this amount will help your dog to maintain its weight and this food will promote muscle strength and health also.

  • From German Shepherd puppy to adult

Some of the products which are available in the market are suitable for only puppies or only for adults but this is the best formula which is the best combo for German Shepherd puppies and adults.

This high protein diet is much better for mother’s dogs which cannot maintain their weight due to their babies.

  • Made in the USA

The products which are made by the USA are thought to be the best product which is true this brand also belongs to the USA and produces the best foods for your dogs.

During making most of the ingredients come from farms and ranches which are considered to be trusted ingredients.

  • Proprietary V-pro blend

VICTOR Super Premium Dog Food is the best dog food which is made with the exclusive and excessive amount of minerals, vitamins, and supplements that are useful for weight control plus the genetic potential of all stages of the dog.


  • Best Scent & Flavor
  • Highly Ingredient quality
  • Highly protein
  • It’s tasty
  • Best nutrient level


  • Fewer may ill due to wrong use of direction

2-Pedigree Weight Management Adult Dog Food

pedigree weight management adult dog food

Pedigree Weight Management Adult Dog Food is available in dry as well as in wet form which will be working as a variety of food for dogs.

This high performance dog food is obtainable in main two flavors one is beef & liver and the second one is real chicken & rice.

The beef and liver flavor is made in meat juices o give them more taste.

This chopped grounded dinner is perfect for weight gain due to the high level of protein and fats from beef and chicken.

You can serve it alone or give it with the kibbles and you may add water if you feel the consistency of the food bowl is thick.


  • Chopped Ground Dinner 

This dog’s food is obtainable in weight management canned wet food which contains beef and liver in meaty juices.

You can use it at the temperature of the room but refrigerate it after using it. This can of food does not add sugar, Fructose syrup, and artificial flavor.

  • Made with real beef

This dog food for German shepherd is made of real beef which is naturally grown in the USA that’s a reason this beef has more flavor than another one.

And this natural taste of beef loves by dogs and also increases the level of selling of this product.

  • 100% Complete & Balanced

Pedigree Dog Food is 100% balanced and complete due to the great balance of ingredients and nutrition which give them a good and healthy life.

This food is also best because this balance is good for the weight control of your dog.

  •  The world’s finest ingredients

As I told you above that this product is made in the USA but in making the world’s finest ingredients are used rather than using all ingredients from the USA this concept increases the popularity of this dog food.

  • Soft texture for flavor and variety

If food is soft and your dog wants to swallow easily then this high performance food is for your dog because this product is soft and amazing in flavor and this comes in a variety like beef and chicken.


  • Nice Flavors
  • Value for money
  • Ingredient quality
  • Low fat
  • Weight control


  • Smell little wired

3-Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Foods

hill's science diet dry dog foods

Where Hill’s Science is producing the best food for pets and giving the competition to another brand so, there is one more good diet dry dog food available for weight management.

With this weight management food, about 70% of dogs within 10 weeks lose weight and start living a healthy life.

This chicken meal is formulated with ingredients that provide heart health to dogs.

This food helps the dog to get effective gain with lean muscle support.

Hill’s Science Dog Food is a recommendation by all vets with clinical proof.

This product is specially made for an adult dog but if you are looking the food for puppies then you can try the perfect weight for a small dog formula of the same brand. Best food for German shepherd to gain weight


  • Clinically proven for weight management 

Hill’s Science has a variety of dry dog food which is clinically proven for weight control beside of this product this brand is having a large variety of dog food after the research on dog food.

So, this research comes out in a good way with the best foods for dogs.

  • Safe & effective weight control

This product is safe and effective for weight control with no side effects.

This product is good because this product is made in the USA with the best ingredients all around the world.

  • Supports muscle maintenance

This product is helpful to support muscle maintenance because this product includes tail-wagging flavors, such as lamb, chicken, beef, and turkey in different packaging.

  • Hearty, meaty recipe with global ingredients

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog food is also known as a hearty, meaty recipe because this helps your dog to maintain their heart health level with a meaty recipe with global ingredients like chicken , corn gluten meal, flaxseed etc.

  • Veterinarian recommended

The vet recommended that food which keeps your dog in ideal shape and they not allow gaining weight of dogs because this is not good for a good health condition.

So, this product is the best and vets always suggest this product.


  • Nice Flavors
  • Great price point
  • Ingredient quality
  • Effective and trusted
  • Weight control


  • Packaging is not improved

4-Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food

rachael ray nutrish dry dog food

This is a portion of food inspired by a Rachael kitchen because food is not only a thing that gives energy to your dog but it is also a thing of enjoyment and happiness.

So, a dog also wants more delicious food with good nutrition.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food is food that consists of the ingredients that are turkey, brown rice, chicken fat ,chicken meal with the venison recipe for weight management.

A premium dog food made of ingredients that help your dog maintain their weight and metabolism of the body.

This also supports and maintains healthy energy support. No unreal flavors, preservatives, or colors are used in this product.


  • Support healthy weight & metabolism

Rachael Ray Dry Dog Food helps to support healthy weight and metabolism with the overall health of your dog.

  • Maintain healthy energy levels

Delicious & full of protein bacon is best to maintain healthy energy levels.

These levels of energy further help them to do their hard work Because the German shepherd is one of the most active and strong breeds in the world.

  • Healthy fats for overall health

Some kinds of fats may cause overweight gain but in this product, we have healthy fats which will improve the weight but not over it.

For this purpose, this product has a mix of meat with brown rice and venison to give overall health and good taste which is loved by your dog.

  •      No rendered parts of poultry meal

Rachael Ray Dry Dog Food is free of poultry by-products and also free from artificial flavors, colors, and artificial preservatives.

This product is also a complete and balanced formula that helps your dog to meet your dog’s nutritional needs


  • Amazing Freshness
  • Good Flavor
  • Value for money
  • Natural dry
  • Grain free


  • It may cause a problem for those dogs which have a sensitive issue

5-Purina Pro Plan German shepherd gain weight Food

purina pro plan german shepherd gain weight food

Purina Pro Plan food is the most advanced nutrition for your dog’s best life which is a mixture of Shredded Blend of Chicken & Rice Formula with weight management.

This is the protein-fat ratio to optimize and maintain muscular health during weight loss.

Natural prebiotic fiber is included in this product which is useful for the digestion system.

This food has 15% less fat with vitamin and omega fatty acids .

These essential fatty acids nourish the skin and coat of the German shepherd.

This product is accessible in the formation of kibble, crunchy, shredded, semi-moist, and morsels.

Purina Pro Plan Dog Food is a high-protein diets with chicken as a no. 1 ingredient.

Other ingredients include whole grain corn, corn gluten meal, rice etc.


  • Weight Management Dog Food

This product has a shredded blend and this is formulated with chicken and rice for the weight management of your dog.

This product has less fat and high protein with the natural prebiotic fiber which nourishes the dog intestine and helps in the removal of harmful bacteria.

  • Delicious taste and texture

This product has the best combo of good taste and good nutrition with a soft texture.

The delicious taste and soft texture make your dog mad for this product.

  • High-protein formula 

For the reason of high protein level, this formula for dog food is best for puppies as well as adults.

This level of protein is good enough for muscle mass during weight loss.

  • Guaranteed live probiotics

Purina Pro Plan Dog Food is guaranteed for live probiotics which help the stomach to kill harmful bacteria and promote the best and better digestion system.

This will help your dog to help in better growth and health because you want your dog to be a healthy one.

  • SAVOR Shredded Blend Weight Management Formula

If you want that your dog loves the food or to eat well with the perfect weight then this product is the best this is also a supreme product for dogs that are suffering from diabetes so, this savory and shredded blend of food helps them to eat properly with the control of blood pressure.

We come to know after research that this product is very popular among diabetic dogs.

  • Pros
  • Multi Flavor
  • Weight control
  • Great quality food
  • Value for money
  • Dogs love it
  • Cons
  • No shreds and not the same as the description

6-Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

best food for german shepherd to gain weightBlue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is a natural, adult, and large breed dogs healthy dry food to gain weight.

This is a chicken and brown rice formula that provides a high level of protein due to the chicken as the no. 1 ingredient.

This product is a mixture of complete & balanced vital ingredients, nutrients, and antioxidants for dog’s health and to gain weight properly.

It also promotes muscle growth and healthy joints.

As this product contains deboned chicken but this also has different veggies and fruits with wholesome whole grains.

This formula has enhanced the taste and benefits due to all these ingredients with antioxidants, minerals, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

This is a great cold-formed food to preserve potency for dogs’ health.

This is the very best method to transit first your dog from recent food by taking a period of 12 to 14 days. Firstly start from 25 % of blue brand food to 100 % during 14 days.


  • Real meat first

This brand includes real meat in this one of the best dog foods because they always feature real beef meat and beef is the no.1 ingredient in this food product.

There is also added some chicken which provides a high protein level for lean and overall muscular health.

The garden veggies and fruits are also added with wholesome grains.

  • Weight management dog food

All ingredients that we described above are responsible for the dog`s overall health and this also causes weight management or gains in dogs after using this food.

  • Antioxidant-rich life source bits

A great mixture of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are carefully selected by holistic veterinarians .

This food product provides dogs a nutritious source to support immune system health this is the perfect formula according to all life stage needs.

  • A natural dog food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is a perfect and natural dog food because this product contains no fillers, flavors, preservatives, wheat, animal by products, and corn.

  • Excessive quantity

This product contains approximately 30 lb. bag of  BLUE Life Protection Formula dry dog food for a gain of weight in a proper way.


  • High-quality Ingredient
  • Best Flavor and scent
  • Inexpensive but cheaper on amazon as compared to other sites
  • Best formula for control of weight gain
  • Great food available in the market.


  • Dog may refuse it due to some reasons
  • They are hard and tiny which is not enough for dogs’ appetizers


Best food for German shepherd to gain weight. As we know German shepherds are so skinning and big. So, if this dog has no proper weight then it affects the looks and shape of the body.

That’s why when German shepherd owners are trying to buy a portion of food that helps dog to gain weight, at that time owner should research about main things which are calories, macronutrients, protein, fats, carbohydrates, and filler ingredients.

These all things play a very essential role in weight control because fewer amounts may lose weight and higher amounts may gain weight.

For this big problem, we bring the best solution which is VICTOR Super Premium Dog Food. This product has 100% balance and complete ingredients which are useful in weight management.

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