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Best German Shepherd Training Book

Best German Shepherd Training Book. Have you ever seen a German shepherd before the training? But after training these well-trained German shepherds show sweet and compassionate behavior.

German shepherd’s needs proper care and love.

Every dog’s owner thought that they are the best trainer but this is not true because all dog shows a different nature during training so, for this problem we know the solution.

This solution is that you should read the first guide to train your German shepherd dog.

To enhance your knowledge about the training of dogs you should read guide books and this guide help you to become an experienced and professional dog trainers or owner.

Some people thought that this is not important but knowledge remains always for any time use.

Choosing the best books from the market is time-consuming but this will be valuable for training purposes.

For investing your good time in the reading of the best guides then there is a list of best German shepherd training books that help you to improve your skills in this field.

6 Best German Shepherd Training Book

1-Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

best german shepherd training book

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution is the best and complete guide book for pet parents and trainers to raise your German shepherd dog with love and affection.

This book is written by two best authors Dina Roth Port and Zak George. The author Zak George is the trainer of dogs with the best new methods, for current modern days.

Zak is a famous YouTuber due to their unique and different content about the training of your tailor dogs.

In this book, the author describes or shares the traits and dislikes and tells tricks and tips to improve your dog’s behavior.

After reading this book you will lead to the best and quick results with a happy German shepherd dog.


  • A revolutionary way to raise and train 

As we know that books give us the perfect information which we want.

This book contains wealthy practical tip, tricks, and fun games that will enrich the lives of dog’s life and human companions with a revolutionary way to raise and training of your German shepherd.

  • Formats and editions

This practical book has 5 types of formats and editions and this is available in the form of a kindle, audiobook, paperback, spiral bound, and MP3 CD.

All of the sources work in training at a reasonable price. So many forms of formats and editions help the book reader in different ways.

  • Experience with thousands of dogs

The writer is a well-experienced dog trainer who had worked on the amazing and overwhelming training the thousands of dogs.

This one of the best German shepherd book is full of everything which you need for the care and raising of the dog.

  • Comprehensive dog and puppy training guide

This easy to read book is the best and most comprehensive dog and puppy step by step guide which includes how to the choosing of the best pup, how to do basic training and house.

How to train to bark, chew, aggressive behavior, and other behavioral issues and how to take basic care of a dog’s health and how to train a German shepherd dog for traveling, etc.

  • Leading to quicker results

When you do training of your dog for different skills which include leading and good behavior and after using tricks and tip from this useful book then this book will lead you towards quicker results which makes the German shepherd dog an important figure in society.

  • To help you communicate and bond

If you play fun games with your dog then it makes the dog even happier this is a reason which helps you in better communication and strong bond.

This strong bond and better communication help you further in many things to get control of bad habits and behavior.

  • A wealth of practical tips, tricks, and fun games

As I told you above that this book is full of a wealth of tip, tricks, and fun games which help you in strong bonding and the best training of your dog.

This book is a complete package of information but for better understanding, this author has a YouTube channel of different topics with corresponding videos so, you can see the all advice in action.


  • Best dog training book I have ever seen
  • This book is the solution to your many problems
  • Great and informative book
  • Great positive reinforcement training guide
  • A great book for an impatient book reader


  • Little misleading
  • Some good and some are not good

2-101 Dog Tricks Step by Step Activities

101 dog tricks step by step activities

101 Dog Tricks volume 1 book is available in the market and has step-by-step knowledge about challenges, engaging skills, and bonds with your dog.

Some of the main points of training that are best for your dog’s training are given in this book like Fetch a paper, rolling over, taking a bow, answering the phone, bringing the remote, and many more.

If you want to learn training secrets then this German shepherd bible is for you from the best trainer and smartest dog in the world.

Because this ultimate guide book is written by Kyra Sundance author with the help of his author dog Chalky.

The best thing about this book is that author explained all tricks with images in it.


  • Formats and editions

All kinds of formats and editions are points that show different sources of information. This book has two types of formats kindle and paperback.

The kindle form is readable on a free app only but the paperback form is available in a new form, used form, and collectible form with different prices.

  • An international bestseller 

This book is an international book that is available in different 18 languages with 101 tricks and tips for German shepherd dog advanced training.

This book was sold over half a million times worldwide. This is a best seller bog due to the best explanation and demonstrations of tricks with photos.

  • Get you started quickly

Every trick in this book has a highly rated attractive ability that gets you started quickly.

And these tips are so easy to understand and follow but they also have quality advanced options included.

As this book has told us two kinds of tricks one is easy which includes sit, fetch, stand, and rolling over, and the second one advance like Getting a soda from the fridge and tidying up your toys into a toy box.

  • Bond with your dog

When you spend quality time with your dog through games, love, funny tricks, and dancing then this act will increase the bonding with your German shepherds which is important for your better training.

  • Step-by-step techniques

This 101 tricks book is written in step-by-step techniques which help you to follow all the easy tricks and trips.

The author also shows the photos in which tricks methods are clearly described.

If you only understand the tricks by photos then this is also helpful for you.

  • Mentally and physically healthy

German shepherds need the best level of health for their duties so, they need a high level of mental and physical health.

This health is maintained by giving good time and good training to your loyal companions.


  • Missing steps, need a very trainable pooch
  • Brilliant book
  • A great god training resource
  • Step by step as a puppy trainer
  • Several good ideas


  • Dogs are not robots
  • Advance training methods

3-The Art of Raising a Puppy (Revised Edition)

the art of raising a puppy (revised edition)

The Art of Raising a Puppy is a book that is completely revised and updated for modern’s skills and training.

The writer of this revised edition book is Monks of New Skete which has been breeding, raising, and training for more than 30 years and they are working as a community.

New Skete Monastery is a community which is located in Cambridge New York.

They have two famous previous books named The Art of a Raising a Puppies and How to be your dog’s best friend.

All books are good sources of knowledge and this is full of information and advice for new German shepherd owners and trainers. Best German Shepherd Training Book.


  • All formats and editions

This book is also available in different kinds of formats and editions are kindles, audiobook, hand cover, paperback, and, audio CD.

These are all the sources for book reading which can increase the knowledge about dogs.

  • Most trusted authorities on dog training

This Monks of New Skete is a classic and trusted seller authority for training German shepherds.

This book is about canine behavior, animal, human bond, and canine health. Monks describe the experience of German shepherd dogs long-time breeders.

  • The indispensable information and advice

This book has information that is useful for the German shepherd owner for training of his dog.

The Art of Raising a Puppy is brilliantly distilled and provides the crucial information and advice essential for all dog owners.

  • Along with updated chapters 

As many books are written in a chapter-wise layout but these books also give updated information in updated chapters on different topics like playing, rescue dogs, and raising a dog in an urban environment.

  • Outdoor and indoor training

This book also describes outdoor and indoor training which is most important for dog owners who want to socialize their German shepherds in every environment.


  • Inspirational book for dog owners
  • Informational and educational
  • Great introduction to dog ownership
  • The author knows the dogs well
  • Overall Excellent Training book


  • Less practical, straightforward information
  • Available in textbook style
  • Books encourage pain for the training

4-The Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever

the big book of tricks for the best dog ever

The Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever is a book that has step-by-step 118 amazing tricks and stunts with the use of the power of positive reinforcement.

This also describes how could you have fun together and increase the strength of the bond between you and your dog.

All content of this book is depending on information about adult and puppy training for the new owner.

This book is a fully illustrated guide according to step-by-step secret methods of training.

This describes how you can make your German shepherds more obedient and confident.

This book is written by two authors one is Lara Kay and the second author is Chris Perondi. 


  • Amazing tricks and stunts

 This comprehensive guide has amazing tricks and stunts which by using the secrets of professional trainers and will improve behavior, prevent socialization and reinforce socialization.

  • Fully illustrated guide

The books which are in the fully illustrated guide are best for learning for sake of information. This book is explained with step-by-step illustrations and photos that make learning easy.

This easy learning is useful to teach 118 tricks and tip to all kinds of owners.

  • Formats and editions

All formats and editions in three forms that are kindle paperback and hardcover. These all sources are available in used and new forms.

This edition information helps you to show off your dog and let your dog also show off.

  • Organized from beginner level to pro

With the help of this book, German shepherds are organized from beginner level to pro level.

After training, you can see the prominent difference if you use this book knowledge and show the many paths to victory.


  • Easy follow
  • Pro Tips
  • Best trick book than DVDs
  • Best book for teaching tricks
  • Good images with a good description


  • Only fine for beginners
  • Same as the old stuff

5-Your German Shepherd Puppy Month by Month

your german shepherd puppy month by month

Your German Shepherd Puppy Month by Month  2nd Edition book contains knowledge about everything that you need to know and this will help you in each state or country to ensure good training of your cute and playful puppy.

This book is a paperback with illustrations that were published on 10 May 2016. This book is written by the author named as Liz Palika and  Terry Albert. Liz Palika is a famous artist and Terry Albert is a writer and an almost 20-year member of the Dog Writers Association of America andoesdo most of the f good work for dogs.

This book can provide all kinds of knowledge that will help you during training like potty training, crate training etc.

There are many questions that answers are available in this book. Both authors, vet Deb Eldredge, and breeder Joanne Olivier made a team together to describe all answers to questions.


  • When ready for obedience training

This book provides the details for those owners and trainers who want to know about the question that which time is best for German shepherds to make basic obedience training.

  • To stay physically and mentally healthy

This essential guide gives the information to make your dog mentally and physically healthy.

This means these books tell the benefits of a dog’s diet, perfect food, treats, supplements, raising puppies secrets and other eating materials.

  • How often to bath your puppy

To bath your German shepherd puppies is also a crucial issue so, this book also describes your puppy bath routine and if you follow this instruction then this gives amazing benefits.

  • When your puppy is ready to learn basic commands

This German shepherd book shares all particulars and facts to get ready for your dog for learning basic commands which help in your dog’s communication and understanding skills.

  • How to set behaviors problems

To train German shepherds, this is the most important thing to set your dog’s behavior first.

If your dog does not resolve behavioral issues then you will never be able to do their training correctly.


Great source for new owners

Training for months and months

Easy to read

Many helpful tips

Wonderful book you must read


Very basic and outdated for the latest readers

Some conflicting information

6-Puppies for Dummies

best german shepherd training book

Puppies for Dummies 4th edition is best for learning after this book you will be able to understand your new puppy.

This book also helps to use reinforcement technique for training and this book redirect the problem behaviors.

The author of Sarah Hodgson this book is a trainer for the last 30 years she also owns a dog`s school in Westchester, New York.

She had already written 5 books like Best Selling and Puppies for Dummies.

This 4th edition is new and latest, in this edition Sarah tells about the latest and modern puppy gadgets, tricks, and tips.

This book contains the information about best advice.


  • Formats and Editions

This Puppy for Dummies product has two kinds of formats and editions that are kindle and paperback.

The kindle is the best mobile app for reading but the paperback is available in book form.

All over the world and especially all across America this book has popularity among many owners and trainers.

  • Learning made easy

The book is explained with step-by-step illustrations and photos that make learning easy. This easy learning is useful to teach 118 tricks and tip to all kinds of owners.

  • Updated and more relevant

The author used the all updated and relevant information for training your German shepherd and this point makes this book popular and attractive in information.

  • Latest puppy training gadgets

During training, there is a need for the best training gadgets that are available in markets and especially available on amazon.

These all gadgets organized the dogs from beginner to pro level.

  • Positive reinforcement methods

This book describes the information about methods that are positive for reinforcement and this product is also used to reveal a dog’s real personality and hidden talents include.


  • Easy to read
  • Very helpful for brain research
  • Worth the read
  • Great resource
  • book covers all aspects of puppy development


  • This book falls short on a few editorial issues
  • Decent but lacking alternatives


Best German Shepherd Training Book. Training books might be for basic and advanced but in both situations, they give the awareness of nature and behavior of the popular breed , German shepherd.

If you want expertise in the training of German shepherd then you should select and read the best book from the above list because we separate the best choices for you.

During the reading of the book, you should look carefully at tips and tricks to do it practically on your dog.

All the books are good and precious and these books have a good source of knowledge that may be used at any time and situation.

These books also surely help you in to learn training skills but for this, you should read the book in detail and search for overwhelming points to train your intelligent dogs.

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