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Best Puzzle Toys For German Shepherds

Best Puzzle Toys For German Shepherds. The German shepherd is an intelligent and active breed so, when they get bored they do some crazy things for this they may destroy your house goods and this will not be like by dog parents.

During the upbringing of your German shepherd, it is most important to make them super active and smart.

So, we suggest you provide your dog with puzzle toys that will help them in mentally stimulating and prepare themselves for any kind of trouble and they come to know how they can come out of trouble.

As humans like puzzles dogs also like puzzles and this is always recommended by vets and professional dog trainer and behaviorists.

These puzzles help these high energy dogs to remain busy when dog owners are also busy or when they are not at home.

These puzzles are also important because they always help to increase dog mentally health and stimulation and remain depression free.

6 Best Puzzle Toys For German Shepherds

Now here we discuss the 6 best puzzle toys for German shepherds which will help you to get the best puzzle for your German shepherd dog.

1-Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy

best puzzle toys for german shepherds

If your dog needs a brain game then there is an Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle which is useful for German shepherd’s brain stimulation and makes your dog even cleverer than before that they will outsmart you.

This is a Nina Ottosson Swedish puzzle toy that will help your dog to find a treat from the puzzle and for the sake of tasty treats he plays with this puzzle for his most of the time.

These interactive puzzle toys makes him more energetic and clever s and give exercise to your pup’s mind.

In this puzzle, the dog opens the flips to retrieve the treats and slides the more blocks to get more yummy treats.

This outward hound puzzle toy helps your dog to exercise his dog’s mind daily and this is also useful to reduce boredom of a bored dog and destructive behavior.

Due to the treats in this puzzle, increase the bond with your dog.



This interactive puzzle toy is designed for dogs that are intelligent and want to play with some innovative things.

This puzzle toy includes additional obstacles and steps which help in to increase focus and brain stimulation.

So, due to these reasons, this product is considered to be the best boredom for the bored dogs and buster interactive dog puzzle.


This dog puzzle has main three principles if your dog knows this then this puzzle game is very easy to play.

These three main steps are flip, lift and slide and after this, your dog gets the hidden treats.


These German shepherd puzzle toys develops the best and most positive dog play habits if you are not at home this will keeps your dog busy with the delicious treats.


Nina Ottosson dog puzzles are designed for your dog’s intelligence and mental health .This puzzle contains all king of safe material.

This is free of BPA, PVC, and Phthalate and this puzzle is washable after use with the help of warm water and soap.


Always beware and keep your dog under your supervision during playing.

If this puzzle toy is broken then never use this damaged product which may cause some problems.


  • Easy to clean
  • Great Sturdiness
  • Excellent Value for money
  • Long-lasting or Durability
  • Best puzzle ever


  • Puzzle is fine but the quality little bad
  • Not for every dog

2-Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy

outward hound hide a squirrel squeaky puzzle plush dog toy

A hide-A-squirrel squeaky puzzle is one of the puzzles which are also made by Outward Hound.

This brand has expertise in dog puzzles so these puzzles are more often popular with dog parents.

This puzzle is a game of hiding and finds fun that helps your dog in squeaky finds and brain stimulation.

In this puzzle squeaky squirrels hide in the plush trunk base and dogs have to find these squirrels. This fetch toy is available in small, medium, and large sizes.

This is like a soft toy that’s why it is gentle on dog’s teeth and gums, this is destructible and due to softness but you can wash it.



Dog likes the game which has some creativity in it and hides and squeak is the beat game which makes the dog happier.

This squeaky toys game is also related to hunting so dogs like this most give them a natural feeling of hunting.


This squeaky squirrels puzzle toy is mostly loved by a dog and this is very best for interactive play because this 2-in-1 hide and squeak game help your dog to become more confident and clever.


Due to the hunter’s nature your dog wants to play this game with curiosity and the reason challenging and irresistible game, this becomes his favorite game to spend time and release boredom.


This puzzle toy is made of plush material that’s why this is soft and gentle in touch, when dogs use this and play with this then it will be gentle in touch on teeth and gums.

Due to this quality, this puzzle toy is best for adults and mostly for puppies.


All toys have to be broken due to any reason so if your dog breaks it then replace it with the new one because it may cause some danger to your dog.


  • Great Sturdiness
  • Better Stretch & Longevity
  • Dog loves this toy
  • Durability
  • Great toy for senior dogs


  • Do not leave outdoor overnight it will be damaged
  • Experienced dogs may be bored

3-TRIXIE Dog Activity Games & Interactive Dog Puzzles

trixie dog activity games & interactive dog puzzles

As German Shepherds are thought to be smart and intelligent but sometimes they also need some help to understand these puzzles, you first give them some training to get involved in these puzzles.

So, here we are presenting the best interactive toys which gives them the best playing experience with brain stimulation.

For a bigger breed of dogs, you might face some difficulties to train so, with the help of these puzzles you can make them more intelligent and cleverer.

TRIXIE Dog Puzzles are best for dogs that like to play on the floor because this puzzle has a rubber grip. This grip helps your dog to play with no mess and slide on the floor.

This puzzle is made of pet games that will work on a specific strategy that increases your dog’s mental stimulation. Best Puzzle Toys For German Shepherds.



This challenging puzzle toy has many levels of toys for a dog this puzzle is available in levels 1 and level 2.

This flip board game is a challenge for your dog that how he can get your treat after some combined action, this reward and intermediate level fun is best for dogs, and this is great for those puppies and dogs which are mastered for levels 1 and then level 2 puzzle and also ready for next level.


This puzzle toy is a challenging game for your pup’s brain because they are new to this training but your best step is to train them and give them a reward in the form of your dog’s favorite treats.


This puzzle has a non-slip rubber ring on the base which helps the toy to remain safe and lasts for a long time. Due to the durability design your dog can enjoy it for many hours.


A puzzle is made of plastic material so this might be dangerous if you leave the toy with unsupervised pets.

You always make sure that your dog is playing with it safely. Make sure that your dog don’t chew toys.


This dog puzzle toy has a flip board with a booklet that has tips and tricks for better training. This is safely washable with warm water and soap to make it clean.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Great Sturdiness & Durability
  • A fun product for dog parents and dog
  • Cats can do this too


  • It would be a hell of a lot easier for intelligent dogs

4-OurPets Treat Dispensing Dog Puzzle Toys

ourpets treat dispensing dog puzzle toys

This puzzle toy is Ball-Waffle & Sushi Interactive Dog Toys and we can also say it dog food puzzle because of the blocks which contain food in them.

In this toy your dog has to collect food from these treat dispenser, this also helps your dog in slow feeding.

For the collection of food, they need searching which makes them more smart and active and this also increases dog’s brain stimulation.

This high-quality material helps in great bonding with your pet.

This is hand wash so, this is easy to clean, and this toy rinses the water and then dries easily.

Please always supervise your dog when he is playing.

The method of play is given on the packaging and this will help you to increase your dog`s bonding with you.



The best part of all puzzles is mental stimulation because they are made by all puzzle brands and always remain this principle in mind during the making of these puzzles.


This puzzle is like a slow feeder for cats and dogs because this puzzle has food in its blocks which are shuffled again and again and allow your dog to find this food. So, during this game, your pet is feeding slowly.


This puzzle toy can increase bonding with your dog because this product was able to show proper and better affection to your dog with the best food.


This puzzle toy is made of high-quality material which helps your dog to play with these puzzles for a long time.


This puzzle toy is also easy and deep cleanable with the help of soap and warm water. So, firstly pens the all blocks of the flip board and then clean it properly.


  • Value for money
  • Great Sturdiness
  • Easy to clean
  • High quality & Durability
  • It`s a great food puzzle
  • Good activity for dogs


  • This is quite noisy
  • Little expensive due to quality

5-KONG – Wobbler – Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Puzzle Toy

kong wobbler interactive treat dispensing dog puzzle toy

KONG is the brand from the old time for the making f dog puzzles.

This KONG Wobbler Dog Puzzle Toy is one of the best treat dispensing dog puzzle toys which has a hole in the center that has to be found by the dog and get the treat from it.

This product has a bouncy texture and a hole in the toy to sniff food from this toy and get the from it. This rubber is tensile and does not tear into pieces.

Your German shepherd has to play with it with his paw and hands to press it to get a treat from this toy.

This game is all time favorite of your dog and this remains the dog inside of the house which is more preferred by the German shepherd owners.



This bouncy rubber toy is made of food grade with high-quality polymer material which is also long-lasting material so this will give you the proper money value.


The method of this product is to give treats by filling it with your dog’s favorite treat even peanut butter in the center of this toy which is searched by the dog and then the dog will be rewarded through this hole.

This would definitely be a fun exercise. This treat dispensing toy is made full of strength and strong material but you can fill the toy by screwing off the top.


This puzzle toy is dishwasher safe which means you can wash it in the dishwasher and then dry it.


This puzzle toy is made in the USA with the best and high-quality material which will long last and this toy also has quality sturdy.


  • Chew proof
  • Great Sturdiness
  • Durability & Longevity
  • Whippet good
  • It is better than IQ balls


  • Made of plastic material
  • At first clear about Training tips

6-SPOT Ethical Pet Bone Toy Puzzle

best puzzle toys for german shepherds


Ethical Products, Inc is a brand that was established in 1955  this company is a private that provides facility services for dog and cat accessories.

SPOT Ethical Pet Bone Toy Puzzle is a kind of interactive Seek-A-Treat shuffle puzzle.

This puzzle will help to improve your dog’s IQ which is specially designed for training treats during training.

For the dog’s natural habit of chewing you need to be careful with dogs and provide them with high-quality and safe puzzles to avoid boredom.

These puzzles are known as good sensory stimulation because dogs can do different kinds of exercises for their mental and physical health. And you can also provide your dogs with treats and supplements in it.

With the elimination of boredom dog’s IQ level increases with no nature throwing and feeding issues.


  • Sturdy wooden construction

This ideal toy is made of sturdy wooden material that is long-lasting and durable for many years this product is best for the aggressive chewers that has extreme chewing habits so always be careful and clean it immediately if your dog breaks this product.

  • Training treats

These treats puzzle is perfect puzzle toy for training because with the help of this product your dog will be able to do good training for sake of treats.

In the greed of treats, your dog will perform better and understand everything easily. For dog treats , you can put dog biscuits or any wet food. These kind of treats will keep your dog interested in playing.

  • IQ puzzle

The SPOT Ethical Pet Bone Toy Puzzle is a puzzle that improves the IQ level of your dog that will helping them with mental stimulation which make your dog curious and testing their flourishing and strong skills.

  • Strengthen cognitive abilities

As this puzzle helps them to increase their IQ level and skills that they achieve after training so, this puzzle also strengthens the cognitive abilities of your dog.

  • Eliminates boredom

If your dog plays with this amazing puzzle and consumes most of the time in playing with this game then this puzzle helps in great brain stimulation as well as the removal of boredom.


  • Excellent Value for money
  • Best toy ever for dogs and rabbits
  • Great exercises for
  • Great Sturdiness
  • Durability & Longevity


  • Need improvement for quality
  • It is great for puppies rather than large dogs.


Best Puzzle Toys For German Shepherds. Puzzle games are the best thing to combine exercise brain games and training.

In the market, there are many kinds of games for a dog but for brain or mental stimulation, puzzles are the best choice.

We make a proper list of the best toy puzzles for a dog which will surely help you. According to the list, I tell you the best puzzle toy which is the Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy. 

This product also has a high rating on Amazon which is considered to be a best-selling site.

This puzzle has four levels which are beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. Now you have to decide which level is best for your dog.

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