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Best Shock Collars For German Shepherds

Best shock collars for German shepherds. Shock collars are the tools that are used to train your dogs, but the overuse of shock collars is not good for your German shepherds. A shock collar is an essential tool for proper training and it can also correct the bad habits of your pup.

The shock collars are ideal for the medium and large German shepherds and are used for effective training of your German shepherd. There are different varieties of shock collars available in market.

In this article, we will discuss our top 8 shock collars for German shepherds.

8 Best shock collars for German shepherds

  1. Petrainer Training Collar for Dogs
  2. Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar
  3. SportDOG Brand 425 Remote Trainers
  4. SportDOG Brand SportHunter 1/2 Mile Remote Trainer
  5. Upgraded 2020 Professional Dog Shock Training Collar with Remote
  6. WOLFWILL Waterproof Rechargeable Humane Remote Dog Training Collar
  7. DOG CARE Dog Training Collar with Remote
  8. Dogtra 200C Waterproof ½-Mile Remote Training Dog E-Collar

1. Petrainer Training shock Collar for Dogs

best shock collars for german shepherds


Petrainer shock collar is one of the best shock collars for German shepherds, specially designed for your German shepherd, to correct their bad behavior.

The shock feature offers three training modes: stimulation, vibration, and standard tone.

You will have full control of your German shepherd dog when you have the remote control of this reflective collar in hand.

The interesting thing about this collar is that its receiver can withstand any weather conditions .Don’t worry about the receiver when it is rinsed, it is a water-proof receiver.

This training collar comes with full safety features .Your German shepherd will not be hurt by this device. Because this collar has silicon covers for contact points, your dog’s skin will not be damaged while using this training collar.

The feature of this collar that you will like is that its receiver and transmitter can be charged simultaneously .It will save you time.

It is also recommended that to charge its lithium-ion battery use a 5V adapter for better charging.

Its remote is very effective, that can work in the range of 330 yards distance so you can train your German shepherd in outdoor and indoor places.

This brand also offers a 1-year warranty with this product and if you register you’ll get an extended 3 years warranty.

Moreover, this bark collar for German shepherd is ideal for basic training such as obedience, dog’s barking, and hunting .

This collar can be used for multiple dogs having different sizes because it have adjustable collar strap. You can easily adjust these bark collars in your German shepherd neck.

2. Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar

educator e collar humane dog training collar

This E-collar is ideal for correcting digging in the garden or excessive barking of your German shepherd.

This E-collar has different size contact points, you can use them according to your dog size.

It is recommended that always use the shortest contact point for your dog’s skin safety and good connection.

These stainless contact points come in 3/8”, 5/8”, and 3/4” for different dog breeds sizes.

The educator E-collar is a less stressful E-collar and reliable for effective training of your German shepherd.

Moreover, for your dog’s skin safety its contact points are made with a titanium material to reduce the redness and irritation which are the most common disorder caused by most e-collars.

This electric-collar offers a unique mode such as a tapping sensation similar to vibration mode. This tapping sensation is more intense as compared to vibrations that keep your dog alert and active during training.

This E-collar has a collar strap that is made with biomethane material to enhance its durability.

This E-collar also comes with the feature of simultaneous charging of receiver and transmitter.

Its receiver is also water-resistant so you can train your dog even in swimming pools or on the beach.

This E-collar uses rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, that can be charged within 2 hours.

This E-collar brand also offers a two-year warranty against any defects. This device is also easy to use it has a small antenna, LCD display, and a light indicator window.

3. SportDOG Brand 425 Remote Trainers

sportdog brand 425 remote trainers

SportDog Brand 425 is one of the best options to give training like hunting and sporting to your german shepherd.

The interesting thing about this E-collar is that it remote offers a 500-yard range that will be enough to train up to three dogs with the same remote control.

On the transmitter, with the help of dials, you can select your desired level from the given 7 levels and the buttons on the transmitter.

This E-collar also comes with an amazing technology that is DryTek technology making them waterproof.

This E-collar is also ideal for your german shepherd and is about 8 pounds.

You will love to use this E-collar for your german shepherd for outdoor activities.

The 7 levels of static stimulation with momentary or continuous mode make each and every training more effective for your dogs.

Moreover, this device is perfect for your dog in hunting training. It can be used to train multiple dogs.

You will also find these shock collars in a very suitable price range, with this price it is difficult to find this product.

Moreover, this great shock collar will work consistently for you and your dogs and comes with rechargeable batteries that can last for a long time.

You can also use standby mode to consume less battery.

This shock collar is super easy to operate, also comes with a  training DVD and a locally based Customer Care Center that will help you if you need it.

This product is designed in such a way that it can withstand heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind.

4. SportDOG Brand SportHunter 1/2 Mile Remote Trainer

sportdog brand sporthunter 12 mile remote trainer

This is another shock collar for german from SportDog brand in the above list. This E-collar provides everything that you need in your german shepherd dog training.

Comes with easy-to-use remote control buttons that offer blind operation. Comes with about a half-mile range and offers to control two dogs to three dogs with the same remote.

This device is also ideal for long-distance control of retrievers and also ideal for large dogs that are aggressive and big runners. .

The very interesting feature of these modern shock collars for german shepherds are that it offers tone, vibration, or 21 levels of static stimulation that can be used to control your dog’s aggression, correction of bad habits and to make dog stops barking.

This one of the best shock collar offers consistent training and it is also easy to operate the device.

On its remote, you will find high, medium, and low buttons, an intensity increasing and decreasing knob, and also a charging jack to make this device easy to operate.

This training shock collar also comes with DryTek technology to make it waterproof and can withstand any environment.

This device works on lithium-ion batteries, you can fully charge these batteries within 2 hours and they provide power for 50-70 hours with long battery life.

Moreover, low battery indicators are also present to inform you about battery status.

This device can be customized according to your german shepherd training you can select one level from 21 static stimulation levels. Best shock collars for german shepherds

5. Upgraded 2020 Professional Dog Shock Training Collar with Remote

upgraded 2020 professional dog shock training collar with remote

These training collars comes with an advanced design.

This shock collar has the ability to train your german shepherd at a large distance.

It will be working up to 30% farther than other electric shock collars.

You will love to train your german shepherd with this large-range training collar.

With this easy-to-operate collar, you can train your puppy easily.

This collar for german shepherd has a big LCD controller that provides a clear display. This collar also comes with separate buttons that offer blind operation.

This collar for german shepherds comes with four training modes to control your dog’s behavior , barking, and aggression.

This shock collar offers vibrations mode and shocks with 1-100 levels of intensity .You can choose the suitable shock intensity with the help of only a few buttons. Dog owners can easily do dog training with this shock collar instead of hiring a professional trainer.

This training collar is made with a highly durable material. It can withstand the worst weather conditions.

Waterproof collar feature is also available so your do can get training in water too.

This dog shock collar also uses a lithium-ion battery that is long-lasting and rechargeable and also waterproof. The battery takes about 2 hours to fully charge and can last for a long time.

Comes with a remote that makes effective training, also you can charge the transmitter and the receiver simultaneously it also saves your time.

Moreover, for customer satisfaction, this brand also offer a one-year replacement warranty with this product.

6. WOLFWILL Waterproof Rechargeable Humane Remote Dog Training Collar

wolfwill waterproof rechargeable humane remote dog training collar

WOLFWILL Training Collar is specially designed for german shepherds and comes with three stimulation modes options including tone, vibration, and light that make your furry friend alert and active during training.

In this dog training collar ,remote and receiver both are waterproof.

The receiver has a durable ABS shell, and the charging hole on the receiver is also protected by a TPU strap and tightly sealed rubber.

This dog collar is very effective no need to worry about thick fur it will not stop working even on thick fur.

This dog collar also comes with an LCD backlit display that provides a display of activated mode.

In its three working modes as tone, 1-16 levels of adjustable Vibration, and light mode that can be customized to your desired intensity.

The interesting thing about this training collar offers a maximum effective range of 660 yards. You can train your dog in any large field this feature makes this device more effective. The dog trainers would love this collar.

Moreover, this effective training tool comes with a special Touch-distinguished design, which makes it easy to operate this device.

Its remote contains 3 main buttons which are large in size and you can blindly change the modes.

This training collar also comes with a size adjustment feature in the dog’s neck .You can adjust the collar in the neck size of  8.7-19.3 inches.

The power source of this device is a lithium-ion battery that also comes with a splitter charging cable so you can charge the transmitter and receiver simultaneously.

7. DOG CARE Dog Training Collar with Remote

dog care dog training collar with remote

Like most training collars Dog Care training collar is another effective device to train your german shepherd, comes with three training modes including beep, vibration, and shock modes.

These dog collars are ideal for controlling your dog barking by giving them a beep warning. Also, vibration mode can be activated if your dog barks continuously.

You can train your german shepherd with this device in a very short interval of time because this device is very effective you will love to train your dog with this device.

Dog care allows you to train your dog without getting them hurt, it offers 1 to 99 shock levels you can adjust the shock intensities according to your dog’s temperament.

Comes with easy to operate remote, and all the safety features to prevent your dog from getting an accidental shock.

The most interesting feature about this dog care training collar is that with its effective remote that you can control up to nine dogs so no need to buy separate remotes for different dogs.

This collar for german shepherds allows the remote to control the dog within a 1000 Ft distance range.

This training collar is ideal for training your dog in the yard or field, or for hunting dogs in outdoor fields.

Comes with ingenious design touch-distinguished buttons that are easy to use offer blind operation, and also prevent accidental shocks.

For your dog’s safety, these dog care collars offer a keypad locks option.

Moreover, this training collar is very effective for stubborn dogs and correcting the bad behavior of your dog.

8. Dogtra 200C Waterproof ½-Mile Remote Training Dog E-Collar

best shock collars for german shepherds

Dogtra 200C comes with 100 correction levels and has an effective remote range of 1 mile.

Dogtra collars offer three training modes Nick, Constant, and a Pager vibration for correcting the bad behavior and giving training on hunting.

These german shepherd collars comes without an LCD display which means it will consume less battery power as compared to other shock collars. You can increase and decreases the stimulation depending on your dog’s size and temperament.

Its remote range is up to 1/2 miles which is ideal for large outdoor fields, you can control your dog even when your dog is out of sight.

With this e-collars remote you can control up to 2 dogs. The remote can easily control 100 static shock levels and intensities.

Comes with the short correction and the continuous correction options to deliver a quick shock of 10 milliseconds and a shock for 12 seconds. After 12 sec shock, you have to press the button again for further shock.

You can easily hold the remote in your hands, its remote is designed in such a way that it fits in your hands.

Moreover, the receiver is also designed for small dogs, it is compact and looks nice on your dog’s neck.

These dog electric collars are the perfect option for dogs up to 10 pounds.

Your dog will learn obedience and field training perfectly with this effective training collar.

The transmitter and receiver of Dogtra is waterproof, your dog can get training even in aquatic areas. If You are a professional trainers you would definitely love this.

Buying Guide (Best shock collars for German shepherds)

Choosing the best shock collars for German shepherd is not a difficult task but if you have no ideal about shock collars then don’t worry, we will discuss some important factors that you should keep in mind while purchasing the shock collar for German shepherd dogs.

Range & Control

Range & control in any shock collar are important considerations, make sure that the range between transmitter and receiver should be enough so that you can easily train your dogs in the large field without any interruption.

Most of the shock collars offer a range of 1/2 miles which is a great range for large outdoor fields. Moreover, some models also offer a versatile remote control you can control up to 9 dogs with the same remote.

It depends on your need if you want to train more than 1 dog with a single remote you should choose these types of models.

Safety Features

It is an important factor in any shock collar, make sure that the shock collars should have all the important safety features. Such as the contact point should be covered by silicon materials to protect the skins of all dog breeds.

The remote control should offer a blind operation to prevent accidental shocks. The shock collars remote should have an LCD display to let you know about the shock intensity level and which mode is activated it also helps to prevent accidental shocks.

Don’t make your dog wearing the training shock collars for too long. According to veterinary advice it may be harmful.

Waterproof Receiver & Transmitter

The transmitter and receiver both should be durable and water-resistant because some training of dogs are in aquatic areas and if your device is not waterproof then it can create an interruption in the training.

Make sure that the device that you are going to buy should have DryTek technology. If the receiver and transmitter are water-proof then you can train your dogs even on rainy days.

Adjustable Collar

Make sure that the neck collar is also adjustable so that you can adjust it to any dog’s neck.

Adult German Shepherds have neck sizes around 18 to 24 inches, so choose the shock collar that can be adjustable in the range of 18 to 24 inches.


Best shock collars for German shepherds. After a lot of research, we conclude that choosing the best shock collar for a german shepherd can help in the effective training.

If your shock collar offers the right range & control, functions & features, and design then it will make corrections in dog behavior, and control barking, aggression, and hunting easy.

If you want the best shock collar for a German shepherd then you can select the best one from the above list.

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