Can I Put Two Litter Boxes Next To Each Other?

Can I Put Two Litter Boxes Next To Each Other? New cat owners tend to have a few concerns about taking care of their new members of the family.

One common problem that we often get asked about in particular is how many litter boxes, if any at all, are needed for one’s home. The quick answer is there really is no limit on how many litterboxes one can have.

However, there are a few reasons why you might want to consider having two or more especially when it comes to training your new cat or establishing a good routine.

We would like to recommend why you should put them next to each other and not put them far away from each other in your home, as well as where they should be placed and what else you could do with them besides being used as litter boxes.

Can I Put Two Litter Boxes Next To Each Other

Putting two litter boxes next to each other isn’t a problem as long as you have enough litter boxes so that every cat in your home has their own territory. Just remember, cats view side by side litter boxes as one big space. So be certain to give your kitties an adequate amount of boxes throughout your home and one extra for good measure.

Clean Bathroom

Cats aren’t exactly bashful creatures. They’re fine with taking care of business just about anywhere. For example, if there’s no litter box nearby and they need to go, they might just do their business on the wall instead.

Thanks to the Litter-Robot III Open Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, that problem is solved.

This litter box automatically scoops all of the solids as soon as your cat leaves, which means your wall will remain unmolested so you can keep it clean of kitty poo.

Different Litterboxes For Different Outputs

Cats are creatures of habit. So changing their litter box habits every once in a while could be beneficial for you and your pet’s health.

A common suggestion would be to have at least two litter boxes in the same vicinity, or even better, in different areas of a house.

One litter box should be dedicated for the cat used for business and another one used for other kinds of activities like scratching or lounging around. My personal favorite is the inside of my wine cabinet.


Health emergencies do get in the way and we don’t always have the time to fully recover when you’re busy tending to your family and work.

Sometimes it’s okay to get a little stressed out under the circumstances but NOT because of your dirty litter box! Having an extra litter box on hand can help extend the time it takes between any needed cleanings.

This isn’t a good long-term solution, however, so make sure to upgrade your litter box if you’re still taking trips.

Territorial Creatures

The territory may be the main reason that multiple cat households need multiple litter boxes. Our cats are naturally territorial animals and in the wild, they’d control large areas of land.

If you pay close attention to your cat, you can probably see this behavior in your home already! Each cat uses its own special spot, where it can usually be found when its feline roommate isn’t there.

But the territory isn’t just about the best spot for a nap it also impacts on some other important resources too. When litter boxes are too close together, cats may see them as one block of feline turf.


Are 2 litter boxes enough for 2 cats?

It’s important to make sure that your cat has enough space for her or his own. It can sometimes happen that a kitten feels like mom isn’t paying as much attention to her when she needs it the most, and therefore might start using the wrong spot behind the couch instead of in her box.

That’s why it’s vital to give each cat its own space. So what we recommend is one litter box per cat plus another half of a box per additional cat.

Final Words

Not only is it okay for litter boxes to be next to one another in your cat’s territory, but often it’s highly beneficial! If you place two litter boxes side by side, just remember that your cats will see that as one box on their own. So make sure to have a whole lot of litter areas set up throughout the house, so each cat has multiple places they can go to the bathroom, plus one extra.

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