Do Cats Pee When Scared.

Do Cats Pee When Scared. Most cat owners aren’t very scary to their cats, after all, they’re considered the comforter in the home and they want to keep it that way.

The owner often becomes a soothing figure, as well as being viewed as a source of food.

Most times your cat is generally not as nervous of you so an unexpected scare doesn’t often result in peeing but if the cat has learned to pee out of fear.

It is still possible they may do this when too scared regardless if it is you or another animal.

Do Cats Pee When Scared

Your cat may pee outside its litter box because of stress. If this happens, it’s likely that your pet is feeling uneasy about a situation and feels the need to let others know. They might feel very strongly about another animal in your house or simply want to establish their dominance over a certain area if they’re neutering.


Unfortunately, the number one reason why some cats pee more than others is that they are under a lot of stress.

We understand that as cat owners it can be a little difficult to spot the signs and some may try to brush it off thinking that their kitty’s occasional accidents are no big deal.

The thing is, feline stress and anxiety can lead to some serious problems when left untreated which means that it’s better to take your cat to the vet if you notice any of these symptoms:


When cats are in the wrong place at the wrong time they may pee involuntarily. This will vary from a minor accident to an explosion of pee that spreads across the floor which your cat is sure to notice too.

Normally, involuntary urination happens when your cat has unexpectedly encountered something new.

Willfully leaping into an un-cat-like situation will most definitely cause a fight or flight response, and there’s not always time for cleanup.

Mark Territory

Not all cats are territorial, but some will choose to mark their territory when they feel like there is something in the way of their important cat tasks, such as eating, playing, or sleeping.

These types of cats who tend to use their urination to emphasize their territory rather than the size of the location inside a familiar home are sometimes called non-spraying cats.

When movement in your home causes your cat to get territorial with his/her litter box, he/she should be provided with a less risky option for making new territory.

Cats Pee When Stressed

There are cats called Siamese or some other example you can use that when feeling unwell often urinate in unusual places to get their owners’ attention.

Additionally, it has been scientifically proven that cats who feel stressed out or insecure will sometimes choose to urinate on the spot so as to reaffirm their claim over that particular territory.


Do cats pee when threatened?

The cat rubs his head, face, chin, and tail against people, doorways, and furniture at cat height. Unfortunately, silent urinary spraying can also occur with this behavior by cats who are territorial or are experiencing stress.

Do cats defecate when scared?

Cats poop when they’re scared because a lot of physiological changes happen during times of intense stress to facilitate both fights off or escape like running away really fast and in a completely different direction.


It’s likely that your cat is not having fun or they’re not adjusting well to a new environment if they keep peeing everywhere, if they’re hiding out in a single room most of the time, or if they have no interest in the other animals you have at home. Though we don’t recommend rehoming cats outright due to improper socialization at such a young age, it may be best to consider other avenues for this particular organization as an option.

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