Do Male Cats Kill Kittens.

Do Male Cats Kill Kittens. Male cats don’t really want to risk endangering the kittens they are raising by allowing them to roam outside to hunt.

It’s not that they’re overprotective, their instincts tell them it risks the life of his young. One thing he might do is kill an enemy cat’s offspring.

Male cats were originally predators who would kill anything smaller than themselves when it came time to feed hungry kittens. Today, this instinct still remains in domesticated male pets as well.

Do Male Cats Kill Kittens

Most houses are inhabited by cats of the domestic variety. It’s common knowledge that they have amazing, unique traits which set them apart from other animals of the same species. Female cats are known for their maternal nature and inherent ability to nurture their litters without having any prior experience of looking after babies. Newborn kittens are so fragile and easy to hurt.

It is a mother cat’s job to keep such small creatures warm and safe from harm, constantly protecting them from possible attacks from stray or feral male cats in her area.

Illness, Diseases, and Deformity

Cats are known for their superior sense of smell. In fact, the scent receptors in a cat’s nose are 14 times more powerful than a human’s.

You may even have heard about dogs being able to sniff out illness or detect when someone has cancer and that kind of amazing skill is also possessed by felines, though not nearly to the same extent.

A cat often senses an illness or deformity that humans might not be able to pick up on, so they ultimately make a decision out of mercy to eat their offspring because they know there is likely no chance at survival.

Cats have really bad hygiene because of the way their bodies work, so it’s best if this scenario is avoided.

Stressful Environment

Feral cats, who live in the wild, may feel that ending their kittens’ lives before they get into the claws of predators is more merciful than letting them come to harm.

After giving birth, feral cats are very protective and may panic for any added stimulation which might cause sensory overload.

Feral cats can be found in local parks or other areas where there is an abundance of food available at all times.

Do Tomcat Kill Kittens

The majority of female cats are described as territorial. This means that they behave much like the predator, a lion, for example.

The majority of tomcats is said to be inclined to own kittens from a female with which they have previously mated and compete for their territory with other male counterparts in their vicinity.

Tomcats then build their turf or domain and tend to kill other felines who don’t belong to their pride or litter. In effect, tomcats will eliminate killer instincts on newborns who carry rival genetics.

How Can Tomcats Be Kept Away From Kittens

Keeping kittens away from tomcats is important in ensuring their safety. Reports have shown that the average tomcat has a tendency to be hostile towards kittens and may harm them.

Unfortunately, because many people who have adopted kittens don’t actually expect this to happen and didn’t know it was possible for a male cat to hurt a kitten, many kittens have been killed by male cats.

Physical Prevention

Other deterrents that can help you get rid of the tomcat from stalking your kittens are visual deterrents.

Aside from including texture as well as physical materials, you can add some other helpful types of deterrents to help keep them away at night.

For example, if you don’t want a cat to be able to perch in a certain area, you can hang CDs around their height on trees.

Use Water

One of the most suggested and helpful ways to eliminate these pesky furballs is by placing a water sprinkler in your yard or endowing your garden with devices that detect the presence of animals.

While these tomcats may be afraid of getting wet in their natural habitat, they’ll avoid going near these areas you’ve prepared because they hate to get wet, just as much as any other animal does.


Cats tend to be great pets and they are loved by many. Unfortunately, they are known to not take care of their young ones. There have been reports of tomcats having difficulties in helping raise the litter. The reason for this is that cat pheromones may repel them from the kittens. It is often suggested that you do an adoption process for your female cat’s kittens in a private shelter where less interaction takes place between male cats and other males/females.

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