How Long Will A Scared Cat Hide.

How Long Will A Scared Cat Hide. Don’t be alarmed if your cat is hiding because they’re terrified. To protect themselves from predators, they have a natural inclination to hide.

A cat will hide for 2 hours on average until they feel comfortable again. If they were terrified by a loud noise, this could imply a few more hours if they were scared by a recent move, it could entail a few days.

If your cat refuses to come out of its hiding place, this article will offer some tips and tactics to assist persuade them out.

How Long Will A Scared Cat Hide

A startled cat can take up to 5 hours or even more to come out of hiding. If the cat is new to your house, it could take 2 days to emerge from hiding if another person approaches the window or door over this time period. If the cat used to be a stray, it may hide for a longer period of time up to 7 days, 14 especially if unattended in your yard over this particular time frame.

Cause Of Their Hiding

If you’ve got a cat, then you know that cats are independent animals. They may find their way to you at some point but they’re unlikely to rely on you for affection.

Because of the independent nature of your feline friend, it’s best not to get too pushy trying to get them to come out from hiding.

Rather than constantly trying to coax them out of hiding, it’s often better just to leave them alone and wait until they feel comfortable enough with their environment before approaching them yourself.

Loud Noises

Sensory and visual feline phobias such as the sound of fireworks or an earthquake can cause cats to become very visibly frightened.

For example, a cat who becomes frightened of loud noises may begin meowing loudly or crouching into a ball on one’s lap for up to an hour until feeling calm again when the source of fear has gone away.

New People

More stressful long-lived situations could make your cat hidden for as long as 5 hours. For example, maybe a new person has come into your household.

They usually come out of hiding once the person has left or they realize that they aren’t a threat to them anymore.


If cat toys and delicious treats don’t work, catnip is a good alternative to try. It’s a natural herb derived from the mint that can entice even the most evasive of our furry friends.

it’s sprinkled along the edge of their hiding spot or in the form of an enticing toy they’ll need to investigate to get to the yummy treats hidden within.


Should I Let a Scared Cat Hide?

If you’re bringing home a new animal, remember it might take them a little while to adjust. They will probably want to explore all parts of your house for a bit until they know this is their place too.

Don’t force them, give them some space, and let them know in no uncertain terms that this territory is theirs now.


When bringing home a new animal, it may seem like a great idea, especially to you. However, the animals themselves might not be as keen. Make sure that your pets are able to adjust and have time to realize that this is their territory now. If they need space sometimes don’t force them because then they might get disappointed or even refuse to live with you. It’s important to give them time and let them know through words or actions that this place is theirs now.


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