How To Attract Cat To Litter Box.

How To Attract Cat To Litter Box. One way to find out which litter your cat likes best is by placing the different types side-by-side and filling them with equal amounts of litter while providing the type they prefer.

If you have no idea what kind of litter your cat prefers, there is a handy solution to help you out in case you’re stuck still and having trouble finding one.

Placing Cat Attract Litter in an entirely clean, toileted but untouched box will help train the kitty right away. Remember to make sure that the box is clean before putting in the Cat Attract Litter because it’s quite smelly and you don’t want it overpowering the whole room or irritating your pet.

How To Attract Cat To Litter Box

Feline elimination issues can affect as much as 10% of cat owners in the United States. If you have a cat with this problem, you are certainly not alone – and there’s help to be had! As the owner of one or more cats, it is a difficult situation to face if your pet has stopped using the litter box. Unfortunately, there’s no one easy fix for every circumstance.

The reasons why a cat will stop using a litter box are many, and many scenarios are specific only to that individual kitty. Each scenario requires its own troubleshooting process to resolve.


When I adopted Smoochie at 3 weeks old, I had to use a small cardboard box as her litter box until she was big enough to use the regular size litter boxes inside my house.

Because I only have one cat, it’s important that there is enough room for her to get in and out of the litter tray without having any accidents. For kittens, make sure you have kittens’ sized litter trays.


Please remember to keep your cat’s litter box in an area that is easily accessible and not located near extremely busy spaces; otherwise, the cat may become easily frustrated with trying to access its place to relieve itself.

Likewise, stray cats might not wish to use a box that they know others are already using so place it in a space that they don’t have to walk through or by another pet’s sleeping spot.


Scooping your pet’s litter boxes daily will encourage them to use their toilet, as will sanitize them regularly. Since I have a lot of cats at home, I scoop my boxes twice a day from time to time.

However, if you are working from home on any given day, expect even more trips! At least every single month, empty your litter boxes and wash them with hot water and an enzyme-killing product like Nature’s Miracle or Zero Odor.

Once the boxes are completely dry, refill them with fresh, clean litter. Also, hunt down and disinfect any cracks or deep scratches that can hold in smells and replace them if needed.

With And Without Lids

If your box is open, you might consider finding a non-stick surface for the bottom of your litter box and lining a new trash can in order to create an attractive location for your kitty that isn’t covered by a lid.

Whether completely covered or completely uncovered, it’s important to test out various types of litter to know which ones work best for you and your kitty.

It would also be wise to offer two options: one non-covered and one covered without the cover on top. We want our cats happy first then we want them to use the bathroom on their own litter instead of our carpets.


What Herbs Attract Cats To The Litter Box?

For the cats that really hate using the litter box, you can try out the cat litter Chewy recommends to keep your felines happy. Cats have been known to prefer this litter for those of them who like to urinate on soft surfaces as it tends to stay within one’s box and does not stick to one’s paws. Pet owners have also commented about how this keeps their furniture from getting drenched in urine, so give it a try before giving up on it completely! To use, simply place a layer of two inches within your cat’s litter tray.

What Attracts Cats To Litter?

Because of its granular consistency, the smart cats attracted for soft earth or sand, which made it easier for them to bury their waste. This is why cats are naturally drawn to the sensation of cat litter and instinctively know what to do when they come into contact with it.


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