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How to get rid of warts on dogs

How to get rid of warts on dogs. Warts caused by canine papillomavirus have a cauliflower-like texture. Sometimes these warts occur singly or in groups. There are many types of warts that are easily recognized.

These warts are usually near the eyelids, head, and mouth. Therefore, for these warts, we can follow different treatment methods according to the difference in symptoms and causes. This treatment can be prescribed by doctors or can be a home remedy.

How do dogs get warts?how do dogs get warts

Most young dogs are suffered from these warts because the older dogs have enough immune systems to fight against these warts. This virus of warts can easily enter through infections, cuts, and flea bites.

If your dog is suffering from warts and they lick or sniff other dogs then these warts viruses are transferred due to their transferability nature. This is also caused by sharing of things like bowls, towels, and, brushes, etc that are used by suspect dogs.

Symptoms of warts

The virus of warts shows its first symptom between the period of 1 to 2 months. These dogs may suffer from any kind of infection due to warts, so should visit the veterinarian to check for this infection and they will suggest antibodies that will terminate the effect of warts.

As there is a variety of warts that will also affect older dogs which are called cutaneous papillomas. But this kind of wart affects the oral cavity more as compared to other body parts.

And if a dog`s throat or mouth is affected by warts then it will cause difficulty to take a breath or swallow. So, in this situation, this is better to consult a veterinary dermatologist who is a specialist in these problems.

Treatment for warts on dogstreatment for warts on dogs

If your dog has new growth of something which appears to be a suspect of the wart then you should visit the vet clinic to consult.

The vets with the help of the tests tell that this new growth is a wart or is something else. For the testing, the vet takes the sample from that suspicious growth with the help of a needle.

Then this sends to a laboratory for further results. You should keep these warts changes in monitoring. As generally these warts do not need proper treatment but if they start some sort of irritation or infection or increase growth in a bad way then they need treatment.

These warts will keep away if your dog already has a strong immune system to fight against the warts virus. These warts can go away automatically in less than 2 months but if they are not demolished in a specific time then this is an alarming situation.

For the removal of warts, there are main two kinds of treatment one is home-based and the other is vet clinic based. You should always try home remedies but if these dogs’ warts are cured by these home remedies then you can try a vet or surgical methods of treatment.

In the surgical treatment firstly dogs will be tranquilized for surgery to use surgical tools for the procedure. Even sometimes these surgeries are done with the help of scalpels or freezing tools.

The most important surgical or medical treatment methods are laser ablation, Imiquimod, Reduction of immunosuppression, opt for excision, cryosurgery, Cimetidine, electrocautery, subcutaneous interferon treatment, and azithromycin.

For prognosis of warts

For the best prognosis of warts, you should follow these essential steps.

  • Firstly evaluate the warts
  • Inspect the arrival of the wart
  • Write down the growth progress of the wart.
  • Get guidance from the vet about the removal of a wart
  • Write down the progress after using the treating method
  • Use home remedies for warts
  • Apply medically treatment methods

How to care for that dog needed for warts?how to care for that dog needed for warts

If your dog is scratching, biting, rubbing, and licking warts due to the irritation then you should take care or monitor the to prevent these things. Because this can cause infection, inflammation, or bleeding from warts which is a panic situation for dogs. Take care of your dog’s warts by keeping clean them.

If your dog’s warts are treated by surgery then this needs more care so, you should keep these wounds dry and clean. Due to the rubbing or scratching if any damage occurs then immediately consult with your vet for advice.

Home remedies for warts

This is best method of treatment of the warts that you should apply home remedies first. So, for the homes remedies you can use these things  like Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Powder, Castor Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Pineapple, Thuja, Dandelion Weed.

Honey, Aloe Vera, Garlic, Vitamin E & C, Basil, Fig juice, Banana Peel, CAS options, Cell advanced, L-Lysine, Psorinoheel. Most of these things are used as rubbing them on the infected place but some are those that dog has to intake as medicine.

Are warts are infectious to other animals?

Yes. warts are infectious to other animals so, they can easily transfer from one dog to other. But this is a good thing that these are not infectious to humans then you can treat them without any hesitation.

You should always help your dogs to keep away from warts because if they attach to dogs for once then, this is a great possibility that these warts will come again to them.

Prevention from warts

The only way to prevent warts is to keep your dog away from all those dogs which are already suffering from these warts. So, during walking in the park or grooming your dog you should always remain careful.

Always remember that if your dog is suffering from warts then you should stay away from other dogs, When you see that your dog is suffering from dangerous level situations of warts, you consult a vet.


How to get rid of warts on dogs. Warts do not cause irritation at first and this also needs no treatment but if this further increases then this is not a good sign. so, there are many treatments that are discussed above in this article.

As these warts are infectious to other animals so, you should always take care of your dog and never use affected grooming products if your dog is suffering from warts then always avoid using the grooming products of your dog on other dogs.

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