How to sedate your dog for grooming

How to sedate your dog for grooming. Sedation of your dog for grooming is something that some pet owners are afraid to do, but it is necessary if you have a very calm or hyperactive dog.

By sedating your dog before taking him to the groomer, you are reducing stress and injury to both him and yourself.

Take note though that regular sedation requires a prescription from the vet so you need to consult with one first before attempting this on your canine friend. Try these steps on how to sedate your dog at home:-

How to sedate your dog for grooming

Trazodone is often used for dogs with anxiety or separation anxiety. It is recommended that the dog be observed first by a veterinarian, as there are some side effects that can occur with this medication. If a pet owner takes into account the dog’s size and health condition they may choose to use trazodone. Another important warning is that trazodone should not be used in cats because of possible liver failure.

Sedate your dog depending on his weight and size. Use these dosages

Note: To be safe, always go by the lower dosage first and only increase it if needed. You will also need to take into account have different half-lives so it is best to consult with your vet regarding this matter.

After administering the dose, keep watch on your furry friend closely for at least 1 hour by remaining near him so you can monitor his reaction after sedation.

If he starts licking or biting his lips or shows signs of agitation or aggression recovery, gives another half of the dose and wait for another 15 minutes before administering the same once more. You need to be patient because you cannot give a third dose after this time. Just remain near him and watch his behavior carefully.

If he is still agitated, aggressive, or shows other signs of discomfort then bring him back to your vet’s office immediately as you may have miscalculated the weight of your dog or there may be another problem that requires medical attention.

In any case if sedation fails even with the correct dosage then do not try again with a double dose as it can be dangerous in some cases for dogs especially those with heart problems.

The topical ointment is a little trickier, but it works just as well you apply the drug to their skin in an area that’s not too hard to reach, so the dog licks it off, ingesting the medication.

After about thirty minutes your dog should be dry undercoat won’t be able to brush out anymore – which means smoother grooming and less time spent at the groomers.

It’s important for dog owners to know how to sedate their dogs before they take them in for grooming sessions because if you don’t, it could cost much more than just getting them groomed without being sedated whatsoever. If your canine doesn’t behave during its grooming session, the groomer might have to sedate your dog in order to keep everyone safe – which means more money for you.

Also, if your dog needs any kind of medical procedure done at the groomers, it’s advisable that they are sedated before starting treatment just so they don’t move around too much and hurt themselves.

Once you’ve figured out exactly how to sedate your dog, bring them in to have their nails trimmed or be completely bathed. Then, after the grooming session is over, all you’ll have to do is pay up.


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