How to tame budgies.

How to tame budgies. If you’re interested in budgerigars and thinking about getting one, then it’s important to learn how to tame budgies.

Getting a budgie is an easy part since they are fairly common as pets and can be bought at most pet stores or from breeders.

The difficulty lies in taming your budgie so that he becomes a well-behaved and socialized member of your family. It’s important not to rush this process though as it will take time for both you and your budgie to get used to each other’s presence, sounds, movements, etcetera.

How to tame budgies

Taking your budgie out of their cage and letting them perch on your finger will probably take an entire week of practice, but it could feasibly take longer. You’ll have to be patient and move at the pace of your budgie’s comfort with being outside their cage.

Don’t ignore Them

You can’t just stick him in a cage where he is ignored all day by yourself or any other family member, budgies simply don’t work this way… not even for an hour!

To ensure a budgie’s happiness, make sure he gets out of his cage several times a day and receives plenty of time with either yourself or other family members where he will receive the social interaction he needs.

Always Keep Two Budgies

Another important thing to remember when getting a bud is that you should always have two budgies, not just one.

Budgies are extremely social creatures and much happier when they have budgie companionship.

Now that you know how important it is to provide your budgie with companions, make sure you get two! It’s amazing how dramatically different a pair of budgies behave compared to a single budgie.

This includes making him comfortable around you but also getting him used to the room he’s in as well as noises, smells, etcetera that will be present in his environment.

Food your Budgies

Try using small pieces of cut-up apple or grapes which budgies love almost as much as budgie poo (just kidding). Once your budgie has learned how to trust you, you should start getting him familiar with his room and the things in it.

Make sure he gets used to seeing and hearing everything inside while outside of his cage.

This includes the fridge where his budgie seed is kept as well as the door that leads into the other areas of your house like living rooms and kitchens. You should also get him familiar with high-pitched noises such as running water or hair dryers.

If you want these items nearby then make sure they’re turned on so budgies will learn how to live without fear around them.

It is Much Easier

Doing this throughout budgies’ early lives makes taming much easier but can also help if budgies are tamed as adults.Once budgies reach sexual maturity the hormones they produce (especially testosterone) will make budgie taming and behaviours like biting much harder to deal with even if they were tame before! This is true no matter how old a budgie is or how long he was tame for.

As budgies get older, their hormones increase and this makes taming almost impossible without taking some of the harsher chemicals out of their diet which I wouldn’t recommend doing until you’re sure it’s necessary.

If your budgie has already started producing more testosterone then you’ll have to keep him away from any other budgies as well as take him out of his cage at least once a day to help him burn off some of his extra energy.

You should also make sure budgies are well exercised before taming them as this will tire budgie hormones out which means they’ll be less inclined to behave badly towards you.

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