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Indoor Dog Pen With Floor

Indoor Dog Pen With Floor. The indoor dog pen provides enough space to grow, play, sleep, and eat, if you are choosing a door pen with a floor then it will also keep your home clean.

Moreover, dog pens offer more space for your dog to play freely as compared to crates. With an indoor dog pen, there is no need for supervision your dog will play there and you can easily do your chores. Here we will discuss the top 08 indoor dog pens with floors.

Best 08 Indoor dog pen with floor

  1. Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen
  2. Zampa Pop Up Portable Large Playpen for Dog
  3. Furhaven Pet House for Dogs and Cats
  4. ESK Collection 48″ Pet Puppy Dog Playpen
  5. EliteField 2-Door Soft Pet Playpen
  6. X-ZONE PET Portable Foldable Pet Dog Cat Playpen
  7. A4Pet Dog Play Pen Waterproof Bottom
  8. Pet Portable Foldable Play Pen Dogs Cats Indoor

1. Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

indoor dog pen with floor

Ruff ‘n Ruffus is one of the best playpens for indoors, this largest pen comes in 36 inches in diameter and 23 inches in height to provide larger space for your dogs.

This pen is ideal for average-sized breeds to play in this pen freely.

Your dogs will also love the free area in this pen to sleep, eat, and play easily.

This ruff’n ruffus dog playpen is a more durable pen, made with durable double layers of nylon that is easily washable.

This dog playpen is also lightweight so you can easily transport this pen with you while traveling.

The interesting thing about Ruff ‘n Ruffus is that it is available in 3 different sizes such as smaller size, medium, and large size you can choose the best one according to your dog’s size.

This dog pen comes with a carrying case so you can easily carry this pen with you while traveling.

This playpen is easily foldable you can fold up it within seconds. It becomes more compact after folding, you can store this pen anywhere in the small spaces.

Another important feature of this pet playpen is that you can detach the top cover to make this pen breathable.

If your dog is the naughty one and climbing out of the pen then you can easily zip it back.

This dog pen is also made from durable water-resistant materials so you can also use this pen for outdoor use.

This pen has a zippered door and also comfortable provides easy access in and out to your dog.

The bottom of this dog pen is not removable that is not easy to clean, unlike other brands.

2. Zampa Pop Up Portable indoor dog pens

zampa pop up portable indoor dog pens

Zampa Pop Up playpen is another high-quality pet playpen that is made from durable quality & water-resistant materials.

The large Zampa playpen comes 30 inches in height and 61 inches in width and offers a larger dog space to play and sleep.

The interesting feature of this dog pen is that it offers enough space to keep a sleeping bed, blanket, bowl, litter box, and toys there.

This pet playpen is also sleekly designed and features a bottle holder from the outside and exterior side pockets.

All the seams and corners of this playpen are sturdy, strong, and safe also to make this pen a long-lasting product.

Moreover, this pet playpen offers a super comfortable playing area for your small and medium-sized pet , your dog will feel safe & secure there.

You can also use this dog playpen outdoor, can be easily plunked into the garden.

This foldable metal exercise pen is also easily foldable and portable, you can carry it with you in traveling.

Comes with two mesh doors and mesh windows that provide enough fresh air inside the pen and your pet will not feel anxious there.

Moreover, this pet playpen has mesh and velcro pockets to store the small accessories of your dog.

These dog pens comes with 4 metal spikes for outdoor safety and a carrying case for easy transportation.

This metal pens is also easily washable and it is waterproof too, no type of assembly require it pops up in seconds and is also easy to store.

3. Furhaven Pet House for Dogs and Cats

furhaven pet house for dogs and cats

Farhaven Pet pen is a versatile product, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, this one of the best dog pen offers more comfort and security as compared to other playpens.

This pet house provides a large area and a safe environment for your dogs or cats.

To make this dog playpen breathable it is designed to provide enough airflow to your pets.

Comes with a 360-degree light mesh window to provide a view and prevent anxiousness and also make this playpen well ventilated.

This dog pen is durable and flexible, can be folded up easily and compact folding also allow easy to carry and store this pen anywhere.

The interesting thing about this dog playpen is that its top is easily removable by the zippered, you can remove the top when your dog needed.

The entrance of this pet playpen is very convenient and provides easy access in and out to your pet.

This dog playpen is also made with high-quality fabric and a durable steel frame to make this product long-lasting.

Moreover, for easy transportation, this pet playpen also comes with a carrying case that perfectly matches the folded size.

This product also comes with 3 stakes to fix the pen on the ground when assembled above the grass.

To keep small things that belong to your pets ,this pen has extra pockets.

This dog playpen comes in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes suitable for any size breed.

Furhaven dog playpen comes with a 3 months warranty for customer satisfaction.

4. ESK Collection 48″ Pet Puppy Dog Playpen

esk collection 48 pet puppy dog playpen

ESK playpen is another lightweight dog playpen for your dog, providing a large space for your adult dogs for easy playing, eating, and sleeping there.

This roomy pen is also a portable product that provides easy transportation from one place to another.

This dog pen has soft sides to offer your dog more comfort and security while playing there.

You can set up this pen within a few seconds and can also fold up this pen without any effort or by using specific tools.

Moreover, this pen from ESK is ideal for small dog and pup.

This dog pen is made with a piece of high standard waterproof fabric to enhance its durability and make this product long-lasting and a perfect choice.

This pen is also ideal for heavy-duty chompers and runners.

The interesting thing about this puppy playpen is that its top and bottom both are removable, you can easily remove them by a zippered.

To provide your furry friend with an airy environment, you can zip off the top and can make the puppy playpen breathable.

While the removable bottom panel offers your beloved pet to play with the grass.

Moreover, this dog pen is conveniently designed, for saving more space and you can place it anywhere in your house.

This foldable pen comes with a carrying case for easy transportation and after folding up these pet pens becomes compact that allowing you to easy storage this pen in any small area.

Comes with 8 panel design for easy setup and take down, also this dog pen is made with a 600d oxford cloth material and its bottom is also comfortable for your dog. Indoor Dog Pen With Floor

5. EliteField 2-Door Soft Pet Playpen

elitefield 2 door soft pet playpen

EliteField is a unique featured product, that comes with 2 mesh doors.

The thing that you will like about this product is that it comes with a free carrying bag for easy to carry with you and 4 free ground stakes included to make this pen secure and keep your dog safe.

This pet pen can easily be set up and folded down in seconds like other playpens.

This dog pen is the perfect option for both indoor and outdoors uses and also ideal for medium and small size dogs.

Comes with 2 spacious velcro pockets on the front side of this pen, these pockets allow you to keep toys and other small things related to your dogs.

Moreover, at the other side, there is another small pocket for holding the dog’s water feeder.

Unlike other playpens, this pen comes with a removable floor mat that is washable and easily removable.

Comes with to entrance doors with locking zippers for the safety and security of your pets.

This pen is nicely designed and looks attractive with its decent color, you can match the colors of this pet pen with the walls and furniture of your home.

This playpen is a little pricey but they also give a 2-year warranty with this playpen.

The zipper of this playpen is also durable, if you think that the zipper is faulty, then you can return this playpen.

Moreover, these dog pens are well ventilated, its windows provide an airy environment .

6. X-ZONE PET Portable Foldable Pet Dog Cat Playpen

x zone pet portable foldable pet dog cat playpen

This compact X-ZONE PET playpen comes in 36” in diameter and 23″ in height, comfortable for your small dogs. This playpen is not too larger which is why it is super easy to clean. This pen also comes in multiple sizes small, large, and medium, and also it is a compact and easy transportable playpen.

The medium and large playpen of this X-ZONE PET allows you to keep your dog’s toys in the small velcro pocket placed on the front face.

The interesting thing about this dog pen is that in these pockets there is also a small hole in which you can fit a water feeder to avoid the mess of a bowl. This pet pen is made with heavy-duty 600D oxford cloth which is water-resistant and also make this pen long-lasting.

This playpen is ideal for runners and teething puppies, so don’t worry if your puppy has sharp teeth because it is more durable as compared to other playpens.

X-ZONE PET playpen also comes with mesh windows & doors to offer a breathable environment, these windows are made with the tiniest holes. Moreover, unlike other playpens this playpen comes with a sunshade top cover, that is also removable.

This playpen is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, it is large enough that your pet can sleep, eat, and play there . This dog pen also comes with 8 mesh windows to provide an airy environment to your puppy.

7. A4Pet Dog Play Pen Waterproof Bottom

a4pet dog play pen waterproof bottom

A4Pet playpen is another stronger playpen, that is made with high-standard fabrics and its frame is made with a strong steel wire. The interesting thing about the cloth that is used in this playpen is that it is scratch-resistant and ideal for sharp teeth puppies.

Comes with a full-sized window to make this playpen well ventilated and airy. Moreover, to provide more safety and security to your dogs .This playpen comes with an auto-self-locking zipper and protect your pet.

In this playpen, your pet can enjoy the fresh air without standing up because of its full-sized mesh windows. This playpen is strong enough to withstand occasional biting, and this playpen also provides 360 degrees open view through its full-sized window.

Moreover, the top of this playpen is removable by the zippered it can also be easily washable. Comes in only black color and is available in only one size so that it drawback.

Moreover, the bottom of the A4Pet is water-resistant and also removable for easy cleaning. The bottom of this playpen is also leakage-free so it will keep your floor cleaning without making a mess.

This playpen is also a foldable and portable indoor dog pens , it takes a few seconds to set up and fold down this playpen without any effort or using a specific tool. You can store this folded compact playpen anywhere and also carry it with you while traveling.

8. Pet Portable Foldable Play Pen Dogs Cats Indoor

indoor dog pen with floor

This portable pets playpen by Etna comes in an attractive and colorful design. According to experts, these colorful designs are also effective in your dog’s training.

This playpen keeps your dogs safe and secure for indoor use & outdoor use. Each wall of this playpen comes with a mesh window for an airy environment and also features a white fence illustration over a green background these walls look attractive puppies will also love this playpen.

This playpen also comes with staking loops toward the bottom to provide more security to your pet. This playpen comes in different sizes such as its larger size comes with 36 inches and a height of 23 inches. You can choose a suitable size according to your breed requirements.

Moreover, the top of this playpen is removable you can remove and wash the top cloth of this playpen. This playpen is constructed with high-standard durable fabrics and frame material.

This playpen is also conveniently designed, it has a pop-up design, and is portable you can carry it with you at any place. Comes with a super-easy setup and folding down the process, you can do that within a few seconds without using special tools.

The base of this playpen is waterproof and removable you can easily clean this bottom mat without using too much effort.

Buying Guide (Indoor Dog Pen With Floor)

Choosing the best indoor dog pen with the floor is not too easy especially when you have never bought things like playpens. While buying the indoor dog pen, you should be considered the following factors in your mind.

Size Of Pen

The size of the pen is the most important feature to consider, it is the most important to select the right pen size for your dog. Your playpen should have enough size to provide more space for your dogs to play, sleep, and easily. Moreover, the playpen should also offer enough space that your pet can easily run around and lie down.

Durable Materials

The playpen should be made with durable materials, it should also be made with a lightweight material for easy transportation. Moreover, the clothes or fabrics used in the playpen should also be water-resistant and durable. Also, make sure that your playpen can withstand teething and its frame should also be made of high-quality steel.

Easy To Set Up And Fold Down

Before buying the best outdoor pen for your dogs also make sure it requires no specific assembly and can be easily set up within seconds and also fold up without any effort or using a specific tool. Also, make sure the pen comes with a carrying bag so you can easily carry it with you anywhere.

Most brands provide carrying bags with a playpen you can easily fold flat your pen and put in this carrying bag and store it in any small space when you are not using it.

Removable Floor

A removable floor or mat is an important thing to consider while buying a pen for your dogs. Because it provides easy cleanings of pet pens and prevents your dogs from various diseases. So always choose a playpen that has a removable and washable bottom.


Indoor Dog Pen With Floor. After a lot of research, we conclude that in the best playpen there is a lot of space for your dogs to lay down, sleep, eat, and play. Your playpen should be made with durable and long-lasting materials and also considered the right size of playpen for your dogs. We have enlisted our top 08 indoor dog pens with floor you can choose the best one from them according to your requirements.

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