Is It Normal For Cats To Snore.

Is It Normal For Cats To Snore. Snoring occurs when the nose, back of the mouth, and throat, which are all high-traffic airways, carry more air than normal, generating a traffic jam.

During breathing, the tissues there shake noisily. When the tissues of the upper airway relax during sleep, vibrations usually occur.

When it comes to cat snoring, Persians and other short-nosed, flat-faced, or brachycephalic breeds are the most common perpetrators.

These tortuous air channels are unnaturally blocked and more prone to snoring than noses found in other breeds that don’t snore as much since humans have developed them to have shorter nostrils.

Is It Normal For Cats To Snore

Cats also frequently enter a deeper sleep phase during which the respiratory and cardiovascular systems slow down. This is when cats are at their most vulnerable so it’s not uncommon for them to experience sudden death during this time. If you think your cat might be exhibiting signs of feline sleep apnea, please consult an actual cat doctor instead of making assumptions based on information from an article published online.


When you live with someone who snores, it can be cute but also annoying at certain times.

Snoring affects people of all ages and the most common causes are congested nasal passages which can block airflow and make it difficult for a person to breathe easily.

The other is adenoids, tonsils, swollen turbinates in the nose, or a deviated septum.

Normal Snoring In Cats

Snoring in cats is usually a sign of some sort of respiratory infection so if your cat is also having a discharge from his eyes or nose, it may be time to check with your vet.

However, there are many other things you should be monitoring for too. Watch out for lethargy, apathy, and other changes such as eating or not drinking enough water as this could indicate an illness in the making.

If any of these things are happening and there’s also snoring then you should definitely give your vet a call.

Snore While Awake

A sound similar to snoring is astertor, and it can sometimes sound like your cat is breathing in its sleep. When cats breathe out of their nose, the noise might resemble the high-pitched tone called a cat purr.

And wheezing is the breathing sound that comes from the lungs while your cat breathes in and out. Asthma or other respiratory problems could be to blame if you hear your cat with this type of noisy breathing throughout the day.

If your cat’s nighttime noises are coming from a sore throat or other medical condition or illness, then it might be time to consult with a vet right away.

Health Issue

“Cat snoring is a sign that all is not well with your feline. Obesity, the most common health problem among cats, seems to cause this condition.” ”

In fact, there are many similarities to human snoring. Excessive fat accumulation in the throat due to obesity could make breathing difficult which leads to audible breathing and in some cases loud snoring .”


Should I Worry That My Cat Snores?

Most of the time, a cat’s regular and frequent snoring is just a sign that their breathing passages are clear but if your cat’s not breathing is either becoming louder or occurring more often.

Than before during their sleep and other symptoms appear like coughing, sneezing or unusual behavior, it could indicate illness. We urge you to see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Should I Let My Cat Snore?

That sounds like a great question. In general, snoring is considered normal in cats unless it occurs alongside other symptoms.

Things to watch out for include discharge from the eyes or nose, which could indicate your cat has a respiratory infection.

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