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My Cats Meow Is Weak And Raspy

My Cats Meow Is Weak And Raspy. The cats are from the category of pets that are the favorite pet of humans because these cats have a nature of playfulness, energy, and agility.

So, due to this nature, an owner can easily figure out the difference between cats’ meows as normal meow is different and recognizable.

If your cat has weak and raspy meows then that may be some sort of illness that will make your cat serious and silent.  This sound of cats also may be due to the uncomfortably to speak to anyone.

Sometimes your cat opens his mouth to meow but it could not happen, so, this is an alarming situation.

My Cats Meow Is Weak And Raspycats meow is weak and raspy

To overcome this situation you should take your cat to the vet clinic for a proper checkup. If your cat wants a portion of food, milk, or anything else to eat then this weak and raspy voice may be the meaning to provide these things.

As Now here we come to know that there are many reasons for that voice so, we will discuss briefly the reasons below.


  • Constantly and overuse their voice 

If your cats see something unusual like if they are stuck or trapped anywhere or need their eating stuff then they will start meowing constantly and if they keep doing this meow for a long time, this will cause a weak or raspy voice after some time.

The constant overuse of voice may also cause some sort of throat dryness or irritation.

  • Upper respiratory infections

Due to the cold or virus, some cats may got upper respiratory infection which also results in a different voice.

The two kinds of viruses are most common in cats that are herpesvirus and calicivirus.

These things also indicate the presence of upper respiratory infections like coughing, eye discharge, lethargy, sneezing, and nasal issues etc.

  • Nasal polyp

This commonly occurs in those cats that are already suffering from some sort of allergies or infections.

This disease has different symptoms like difficulty in breathing, runny nose, loss of smell & taste senses, and post nasal dripping. So, it is obvious that due to these throat and nose issues, the cat’s voice becomes weak.

  • Trapped Foreign Body

As cats are astonishing pets that always want to search or try new things, these amazed outdoor and even indoor cats may eat something from anywhere that is stuck in their throat so, due to this panic situation your cats start meowing in a weak or raspy voice, which may be an indication of trouble.

  • Visible mass growing

If you are noticing any type of mass that is growing in the throat and which is visible as a big mass this disease is known as Hyperthyroidism, then this is also considered the basis of the weak voice.

In this situation, you should be urgently concerned about this growing and visible mass dog vet.

  • Laryngeal Nerve Paralysis

This Laryngeal Nerve Paralysis is mainly caused due the flaw of the voice box and this dysfunction of the voice box is occur with the decline of age.

If your cat is suffering from this kind of nerve paralysis then his vocal cord is not able to produce a perfect voice or no voice.

  • Direct irritation to the airway

Now in these days pollution is creating a terrible situation in the world and this pollution may go direct irritation to the airways and this may cause many throat and then breathing problems.

As we know that many dust particles in the air are available in abundance, so these particles may affect the cat’s voice in any manner.

  • laryngitis

Hoarseness is also a name for the laryngitis. This is a kind of swelling of the larynx and vocal folds. If your cat has swelling of the vocal folds, it may be a source of a such unnatural meow.

There are various possible reasons for laryngitis in cats that may fluctuate from growing infections to polyps.

  • Psychological Reasons

The weak and raspy voice of the cat may be due to some stress, confusion, annoyance, or displeasure.

These psychological reasons affect mental health as well as voice because they do not want any kind of interaction with humans and they explain it with their different voices.


Now here we are going to tell you all those treatments that you can do to cure or prevent sickness that usually causes cat’s weak and raspy meow. These steps are:

  • You should Complete History by taking all unusual things into notice and monitoring them after detection of any problem.
  • You should always Feed Canned cat Food because due to the inflammation or irritation of the throat so, this canned food is available in a wet form which will be easy to eat and then digest.
  • You should always do the Bodily Examination to notice all issues which may cause a weak or raspy cat’s meow.
  • You should Detect Closely for Other Symptoms because sometimes many sicknesses never show their symptoms clearly so, for this reason, you have to see and prognosis in a proper way.
  • As some disorders never show physically so, diseases like this need Regular Laboratory Tests so after this diagnostic examination will clear all fears or concerns about the weak & raspy meow of kittens.
  • This is a very essential point that Provides Veterinary Treatment to your kitten who may be afflicted with the disease that we discuss above.
  • Release any stuck items if your cat meow is raspy and weak because of any stuck material then properly and carefully release the stuck item.
  • If your dog is overused or continuously uses his voice then solve their reason and Let your cat relax its voice.
  • You should always Provide Enough water to your kitten to avoid dryness and then irritation of the throat.
  • Please you must supply your cat with prescribed medications to cure their sickness that may cause any reason.
  • As your cat is living with you for many days then you should know voice differences according to their needs, Remain always noticing when your cat meows differently. and also make an effort to search the cause of this different voice.
  • If you find any abnormal behavior that may cause due to any disease then Judge the cat for other symptoms and help them to cure the diseases.

Final words

My Cats Meow Is Weak And Raspy. As you have come to know after reading this article ,many reasons and problems can cause weak and raspy meow of the cats.

Most of the reasons belong to cure soon but some issues may take a long time so, remain patient. Always take care of your cat, and do all things that are prescribed by vets, and by the passage of time, this solves their illness issues.

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