Should I Quarantine My Cat With Tapeworms.

Should I Quarantine My Cat With Tapeworms. If your cat is infected with tapeworms, start the deworming procedure and quarantine her for some days.

It is necessary to quarantine your cat as although you may think that your other pets in the household aren’t infected with tapeworm.

They could be and it’s very important not to risk them becoming infected by fleas that could transmit this unpleasant parasite.

Should I Quarantine My Cat With Tapeworms

When one is a cat owner, they have to solve the dilemma of fleas at some point in time. One of the biggest dilemmas regarding fleas deals with whether or not to quarantine your cat when it comes into contact with fleas. Cats with tapeworms should be treated and quarantined for up to a week. If you have other cats or dogs in your home, your quarantine may need to be extended because tapeworms are very easy to transmit through fleas so proper steps must be taken as soon as possible.


Many cat owners wonder if they can get parasites from their pets. The short answer: yes and no. It has to do with the different species that are affected.

In both cases, the parasites cannot transfer across species because lice can only live on cats and human lice can only live on people. It’s a bit more complicated when it comes to tapeworms, however.

While most common in dogs, these organisms can infect cats, too. If a person gets infected with tapeworm via an infected cat stool, the parasite is able to latch onto the skin and crawl under it which means tapeworms may be able to sneak into humans this way.


Cats can catch roundworms from fleas, by hunting, and even from their mothers. Roundworms are passed through mother’s milk, some worms are ingested in larvae form and others find eggs already present on the surface of an infected enemy.

Once consumed the eggs will dwell within your pet for years. If your cat consumes these worms by accident such as walking over infected soil or even by grooming its feet then a new roundworm infection might develop.


Tapeworms are parasites that often live in the intestines of cats. They are made up of several segments just like a tape measure which they use to anchor themselves to the wall of your cat’s small intestine once they enter the body via their food or water.

As the worms grow inside your cat, they add more and more segments, some growing to be as long as 30 cm each.

As the tapeworms continue to grow in size, segments start breaking off and being passed out with your cats or by them getting rubbed around there with their paw.


In order to clean a cat’s digestive tract of parasites, it is important that one consult a veterinarian regarding the type of medication.

Some medications might still be working while others may have expired and can’t get rid of all the worms present in the cat’s body.

So work only with those who are responsible enough to guide you on what dosage would be best to treat your cat with.


Can I Cuddle My Cat With Worms?

Cuddling with your pets can be fun, but it is important to keep yourself and your pet safe from the dangerous and annoying hazards of internal parasites.

So for the sake of your pets AND you, be sure to do your research on this topic and make sure you both know what symptoms to look out for so you can avoid any parasitic situations from occurring in the first place.

Final Words

Long-term worm infection can cause major harm to your cat and to you as well, who live with it. It’s important to understand the type of worm infection your cat has so that you can easily prescribe a treatment. This way, the problem will be resolved by specialists who deal with worms caused by parasites medically and efficiently.

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