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Smalls Cat Food Review

Smalls Cat Food Review. Smalls is a reputed meal delivery service which is offering lots of varieties for your cat. They provide food plans for days, weeks, and months according to your cat’s health and needs.

These all subscription plans are made with high-quality and fresh ingredients that are always delivered in a dry ice box for cooling to prevent food spoilage.

The Smalls company has many choices of food for your cats and the options are wet, kibbled, frozen, and dried which are mainly made of meats and vegetables.

Smalls Cat Food Reviewsmalls cat food reviews

So, you can find the food that your cats loved and a portion of food that is also affordable for you.

For a more important review, you have to read the whole article and with the help of this careful review, you can easily decide what kind of food exactly you need for your cat.

Brand History

A wonderful company that is providing something great that everyone should give a chance to have for cats and you can feel good about it.

The Smalls brand is made by two old-time friends who are Matt Michaelson and Calvin Bohn. They are great lovers of cats and they always wanted to make a simple type of food that fulfill their health requirements.

As the result, they were successful in the making of a product that has a delicious and real-tasting meal.  So, they created food that was made from meat sources without any addition of grains, fillers, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

This brand also has many vets and pet behaviorists in a brand who are always working to make food that is full of nutrition. This brand is a successful brand that can meet the standard of AAFCO nutrients. All ingredients for the making of food are sourced from USA and Canada.

This brand has a website for its customer service which is Smalls.com. On this website, you can provide some basic information to purchase the best food for your cats.

As this brand is very famous among pet owners that’s why has many real reviews that are also verified by their intelligent software.

Food varietiesfood varieties

This brand has many types of cat food which make them different from other food brands. Here we describe the main food varieties which are:

  1. Human-Grade Cat Food
  2. Freeze-Dried Raw  Food
  • Human-Grade Cat Food

The human-grade food means a portion of fresh food that is the same as human food in its looks and taste. This Human-Grade Cat food included flavors of all kinds of fresh meat like  Chicken, turkey, beef, and fish.

  • Freeze-Dried Raw Food

This kind of food is available in the form of frozen, dried, and raw which most cats like. This food has also many flavors which are added as bird meat like duck, chicken, and turkey meat.

Various recipes

Here is the list of the best recipes or flavors which are the identity of this brand. As Smalls brand offers four kinds of food recipes wet, dry, freeze-dried, and treats.

Some of the wet food recipes from this brand are available in Chicken Mince, Turkey Mince, Beef Mince, Chicken Pate, Turkey Pate, and beef pate.

The dry food recipe of Smalls is available in the recipe of Chicken Kibble, Fish Kibble, and Turkey Kibble. These kibbles are different and unique in taste.

The Freeze-dried food recipe of this brand is offering Freeze-Dried Raw with meats of Turkey, Chicken, and Duck.

The treated product of this brand is only available in one recipe which is  Chicken Giblets Freeze-Dried Treat. And all of these recipes have different prices according to the difference in their qualities.

The high-rated food products or recipes of Smalls

Here are some of the best and highly rated food of Smalls which has good reviews on the internet due to their best food and services.

  • Smalls Fresh Bird Recipe
  • Smalls Human-Grade Ground Bird
  • Smalls Human-Grade  Smooth Cow
  • Smalls Human-Grade Freeze-Dried  Bird
  • Smalls Fresh Cow Recipe

Available plans

This brand is offering many types of plans which are affordable and effective due to their complete and balanced portions of different nutrition. Here we review some of their important plans.

  • On first there is a plan which is called a complete balance which contains 50% of fresh food and 50% of important kibble. This plan of food is a complete diet because this has an equal and proper quantity of food.
  • The Second one is Total moisture which contains 100% of fresh food. This is fresh so, if you want no dried and frozen food then this is best for this purpose.
  • Here is also a Fresh Food Starter which has 75% of kibbles and 25% of fresh type food. As kibbles are a kind of food starter, if your cat love kibbles more than a fresh meal then this is a great option.

There are more small food plans which provide you with the best options that are Healthiest Balance, The Balanced Moisture, Healthiest + Convenience, Balanced Convenience, Essential and Raw Kibble, and Essential Kibble. All of these plans are available on their website so, you can visit the website and place an order according to your cat’s health requirements.

How much does Smalls Cat Food cost?

However, the price of food depends on the plan which you have selected from the given options from the above available plans. But the roughly estimated price is approximately $4.00 to $5.00 for a cat or a day.

And this estimated price will vary if you order for multiple cats. This is a great thing that all of the food products of this brand are not more costly as compared to other brands.

This brand also offers a low-budget plan named Essential kibbles which costs about $30 and this plan contains a great percentage of kibbles to maintain your cat’s health.

Here is another plan which is an expensive option this is called Balanced Convenience that has a cost of $121 for four weeks which is enough for 1 cat.


The Smalls food brand has the most essential and useful ingredients in its products. The main ingredient of this product is protein due to the addition of the different kinds of meats and this product contains less quantity of carbohydrates because of no addition of grain.

The primary ingredient protein in this food is good enough for the maintenance of muscular health. The food contains vitamins, oil, and minerals with vegetables.

How to process ordering and expectations from delivery

For ordering this brand you have to visit their website and to sign in you have to provide the basic information about your cats like names, quantities, selection of plans and subscription offers, etc.

When you order it from the website then they will deliver the testing portion of the food to test in a week if, you like it then you can more order it but if you do not like it then they give you the whole money back which is guaranteed.  Now we take a look inside the box when this is delivered to you.

This box also included the instruction paper in the box for the owner for the perfect meal. After delivery, all owner does not expect this nice delivery but for some customers reviews changes from the first one because sometimes this delivery causes a mess of food in the box, and sometimes the dried food comes in the powdered form.

Overall review

Smalls Cat Food Review. The Smalls provides excellent food for your beloved cats and we can hardly find the brand in the market which is offering the food at the prices which they are selling. So, for the best food, you should try this brand and buy the food which metabolizes the energy of your cat to maintain good health.

If you thought that any other food brand is good than this brand then before buying their products you should compare the ingredients and nutrition percentage.

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