Things To Do With Your Cat.

Things To Do With Your Cat. It is often claimed that cats are lazy boneheads, but just like humans, they too enjoy engaging in activities.

Cats can become irritable when not stimulated enough and therefore it’s important to take an active role in their health.

The following list comprises a few fun ideas of things you can do with your cat to maintain their health and remind them who is boss.

Things To Do With Your Cat

Cats are, in my opinion, pretty great. They can turn just about anything into a toy and have a sly sense of humor to boot. Whether you’re traveling with one or just looking to bond with your feline friends, here are 29 things you can do with your cat that will make both of you smile and purr together.


Just because your cat stays indoors all the time doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy things outside. If you want to get them out and about, try leash walking.

This will give you total control of your furry friend so that you can supervise their activities and keep them safe.

Start slowly with short walks, as forcing your cat to do something stressful such as this for an extended period of time won’t lead to positive results.

A Cardboard Box

Cats love having options to choose from. It’s a fact of life. Amazon Prime is pretty great in terms of giving us cats so many different boxes to play with and sleep in.

But you may not realize how much more fun it could be if you just added a few little things here or there to really spice up the experience.

Hunting Victim

Domestic cats retain their natural predatory behavior, meaning that a seemingly docile kitty may unexpectedly pounce on your foot or zoom after an errant dust bunny.

One way to indulge her inner hunter is by playing hide-and-seek with a plush creature.

Hide behind a wall or piece of furniture and make the toy “peek” around the corner, and then wiggle it a few times imitating an animal mother would do in order to lure her kittens closer to her.

You can also launch the toy across the room so that it looks like it’s running for its dear life, which will make your feline friend come charging after it is guaranteed.

String and Feather

A magic wand toy like the Flutter Flyer or Glow Tail Wand is a great way to encourage your cat to participate in some physical activity.

Your kitty will enjoy mimicking your attitudes when you wave one of these toys around, which motivates them to move around and feel more vibrant.

Make sure to pick somewhere spacious so that they don’t hurt themselves on desks or tables while they attempt to “catch” the object with their paws.


Cats love puzzles and they can even provide them with their favorite delicacy food. Cat behavior experts explain in Feline Medicine & Surgery that a food puzzle provides not only physical activity but activity for the cat’s mind as well, encouraging brain health alongside fitness.

It’s a bonus that it doesn’t cost much to put together either; you can use an old box and some dry cat food for your feline friend to enjoy this fun toy.

What Do Cats Not Like?

Cats are from a lot of different backgrounds, and as such, they have their own opinions on particular plants. Some dislike the smell of rue, lavender, pennyroyal, and lemon thyme while others may not mind them at all.

When designing your garden make sure there are plenty of plants that appeal to you but also take into account the varying tastes of various kitties when it comes to incorporating certain plants into your yard or garden.

Some cats tend to like strong citrus scents – while others may find that it gives them a headache instead.

Is it Good to Fight Your Cat?

You shouldn’t grab a cat’s tail it can come off. Always pay attention to your pet’s body language and how they’re interacting with you when you play with them.

If your pet becomes too rough or aggressive for whatever reason, end the engagement for now so that your pet doesn’t start thinking it’s okay to act aggressively towards you.


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