What Do Cats Hate To Walk On.

What Do Cats Hate To Walk On. Cats don’t like textures they’re not used to walking on like sticky paper, aluminum foil, plastic carpet runner, or heavy plastic.

Likewise, they dislike any smells that are strange to them or what they perceive as “scary” such as citronella and perfumes.

Cats are known for being a sensitive species so it’s best to invest in some air fresheners filled with scents cats love and make sure your cat stays healthy by keeping her within smelling distance of natural scents she finds pleasant: citrus, aloe, or eucalyptus oil for example.

What Do Cats Hate To Walk On

Cats are natural explorers. They will normally roam around and get themselves stuck in all kinds of places in your home that they probably shouldn’t be in! But, instead of spending all day putting them out of their misery, why not do what you can to discourage your cats from going into certain spaces by making those places for paws.

Today we’re going to have a look at surfaces and textures that are sure to drive even the most curious feline away from trouble spots like underneath the table or inside cabinets full of breakable objects.

Sticky Things

One funny thing about cats is that they absolutely hate sticky things! If you’ve ever seen one of those videos where people stick a piece of tape to the back of their cat and watch it start running around trying to get the tape off, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Sticky things could cause injury to your cat if they rip out its fur or are caught in between its claws, so be cautious when testing your cat’s reaction to sticky things with strong adhesives such as double-sided tapes.

Aluminum Foil

Like other animals, cats have a specific set of preferences and dislikes for different substances. Having to do with the make-up of their paws, cats love to touch smooth surfaces.

The aluminum foil’s crinkling noise makes it seem like a potential threat to their life, just like another animal that can’t be trusted: a human in disguise as an alien.


Cats are notoriously fearful of ice and will not venture out onto slippery surfaces, even if they like a certain area because it’s comfy but warn your cat about the dangers of slipping.

Set up a cat-friendly carpet instead which will not only keep the vibrations at bay but give them some nice and cozy carpet to relax on.


Cats are extremely sensitive to smelly things. However, sometimes you can’t quite get rid of the few accidents your kitty leaves behind.

If you’re looking for some new methods of discouraging her from going in certain areas, try spraying a citrus scent onto the places she had previously marked with her scent glands.

Citrus fruits are completely safe and healthy for your cat and this will act as a deterrent to cats because they don’t like the smell of citrus.


Do Cats Hate Vinegar?

While the scent of vinegar may not be problematic for cats physically, they don’t really enjoy it.

Because of that, you can use vinegar in areas where you want to keep your furry friends away from, like trash cans or laundry rooms.

Without any negative side effects on them. We’re going to share a few good ways that vinegar can help around the household.


Metal, aluminum foil, sticky tape, plastic, and ice are just a few of the surfaces that cats despise walking on. Because of their texture, noise, and overall stability, these surfaces are challenging to walk on. Cats will attempt to paw at the surface to see if it moves, and if it does not, they will avoid stepping on it. This is essentially a self-preservation strategy used by the cat to avoid endangering itself or falling onto anything harmful. If you want to keep cats out of your house, one good technique is to use these types of surfaces near any entrances it will keep them out.


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