What Temperature Do Cats Like.

What Temperature Do Cats Like. Your cat is a domesticated hunter and relies on its body temperature to remain stable so that it can maintain enough energy to stay warm.

Macho hunters have been known to be able to withstand temperatures as low as -22 degrees Celsius -7.50 Fahrenheit while they search for food in the arctic circle, but indoor cats prefer room temperature or slightly above.

The average domestic kitty prefers an approximate temperature of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit 21-27 degrees Celsius.

What Temperature Do Cats Like

People love to sunbathe, but you shouldn’t. Any temperature greater than 70 degrees and cats that do not live outdoors should be brought inside ASAP. Whether you like it or not, cats can suffer from heatstroke. Literally! It’s very easy for indoor cats to get overheated because they never know when a human will come home and start blasting the air conditioning or They’re just too lazy to go find a cool place. This is why it’s best if your cat stays indoors.

Hot Weather

If you were to compare humans with a cat, we’d notice a variety of differing traits. Humans may be more flexible because unlike cats they can freely wear clothes or remove them.

A human is able to adjust the temperature in his room even when he’s not home. All things considered, humans are much better at coping with colder weather than cats are.

Cats cannot tolerate extreme temperatures; their bodies prefer to maintain one constant internal temperature no matter what the weather outside.


The age of your cat is undoubtedly important when it comes to setting the temperature in your home. The younger they are, the warmer their environment should be on a more regular basis.

This is because kittens naturally struggle to retain body heat this issue doesn’t become as much of an issue with adult cats.

If you own a kitten, for example, you’ll want to consider this fact when deciding what temperature you want to set within your home as it pertains to regulating their living environment.

If Cat Is Too Hot

If your cat gets a cold, you can use a hairdryer on its lowest setting to keep them warm. After they’re done with the grooming session, it’s important to get that kitty some fluids and head upstairs to their bed.

A good indication that your cat is healthy is if they are drinking water from their bowl frequently on their own accord. If anything in regards to your cat’s condition doesn’t look quite right, it’s time for a trip to the vet immediately.

Cat’s Size

The size of your cat will change what temperature they like. Larger cats, or Maine Coons, in particular, tend to generate more heat than smaller cats due to the bigger muscles and fat found in their body mass.

Therefore, while these cats will be comfortable exploring outside during hot summer days, it can be harder for smaller cats such as Siamese kittens to keep themselves warm.

If you want your cat to roam outside in colder temperatures, make sure you keep them inside.


Do Cats Like It Cold Or Hot?

Cats can live in environments that are warm or cold, unlike dogs. They move and seek out the warmth of sunlight and heaters.

TCS forum member Arlyn says “If you have no other pets in your apartment, you can maintain warm temperatures (85-90), but make sure plenty of air still circulates so that the cats don’t get too hot.


Cats prefer a temperature of 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit 26.6 to 32 degrees Celsius. Though cats appear to be in charge, you can join them in their happy sauna if your house maintains a consistent temperature. But we’re not talking about night and day; it should be comfy anytime your family is at home. You must not enter the sauna with your cat, as this may appear to be enjoyable to you but is lethal to them.


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