Why Do Cats Like Windows.

Why Do Cats Like Windows. Cats like windows because they let them do what they enjoy doing: being outdoors. Compared to a room with just walls, windows help cats get their fix of fresh air and sunlight while also giving them a chance to explore the outdoors.

Different cats may have various reasons for how they like to use this extra free space! Some cats may enjoy snuggling into the comfortable cushions or resting on top of pillows placed nearby, while others might simply want to take in some sun or lay in wait for an unsuspecting bug to cross their path.

Why Do Cats Like Windows

Cats are likely to prefer sitting near windows because it is becoming less and less dull for them. Cats are aroused by things going on outside the house, even if you don’t believe it. They could be interested in adjacent greenery or even the occasional bird that flies by.

Cats Like Sitting In Window

Many cats like sitting in the window because there are quite a few other things they can do with their lives but let’s face it, watching humans do stuff is so much more mesmerizing.

In particular, watching the world go round prior to sunrise and sunset is what comes to most people’s minds when they think of ‘Nocturnal animals’.

Dawn and dusk are kind of like your cat’s favorite shows since this time of day is also called the ‘Crepuscular period’ referring to both dawn and dusk when many animals turn out around these times.

Therefore, if you wake up before sunrise or after sunset you might find your cat staring out the window.

Blinds Or Curtains

Some cats are annoyed by window coverings but others do enjoy climbing them. If you have blinds in your home, make sure they’re raised and out of reach of any cats unless you want to see your furniture chewing wrecks.

This is a good spot for a public service announcement: always make sure your blinds’ cords are tied up and out of the way of the cat’s reach. Please and thank you.

Cats Lick Windows

Cats approach windows as a direct means of building social bonds with their owners by showing off their prowess and resourcefulness in attacking their enemy, the glass.

As soon as the cat licks onto the glass with its rough surface, webbed ladders form on each side of its mouth which the cat may then use to scale the window’s surface.

The experiences are engrained into the memory of the cat and serve as a reminder to want to lick like this again because it is what owners find most endearing about them.

Flies To Watch

The window may also be transformed into a big cat that plays Fruit Ninja. Flies settle on a window or screen and buzz about for a while.

If there’s a small hole in the screen I have no idea who created it, cats will start smacking flies away in an attempt to obtain the highest score.


Do Cats Need a Window?

It is important for your cat to have a stimulating visual routine. Cats love to look outside whether it’s from high up in the apartment or from firsthand as they snuggle close to you on the porch.

Outdoor activities such as walking on grass, seeing other critters and scents floating through the air to watching world events unfold can all be experienced by your cat when spending time outdoors.

Final Words

If your cat likes to look out the window, it could mean that they’re cautious of what goes on outside and will thus help keep them safe from harm. Additionally, if you notice your cat acting afraid or disturbed by something, there could be a real threat such as a bird or an arachnid passing by and this is when immediate action should be taken for their safety. They are wonderful creatures with many nuances to learn about, but it’s important to not forget that they’re just as fragile as any other animal in this world.

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