Why Is My Cat So Soft.

Why Is My Cat So Soft. Cats are predators that thrive off protein in their diet. If they’re given high-quality food with a lot of meat then they won’t need to snarl, their coats will be all the softer.

Their coats are made from or coated with keratin, a protein found in all mammals. Hair is mostly composed of Keratin, which is exactly why your feline friend’s fur softens up after eating protein-rich food.

Why Is My Cat So Soft

Napping with a cat is the best. Like, I can totally appreciate snuggling up to a human who loves me and all, but there is literally no better feeling than when your kitty has just climbed into bed with you. And you know that instant feeling of calm and happy zen? That’s what it feels like to be next to my kitty every time.

Effective Insulator

One of the main reasons some domestic cats have such soft coats is because this is one great way for them to regulate their temperature.

Rubbing up against certain textures, for example, helps cats shed all sorts of excess body heat, and therefore, these same types of textures help keep your cat warm in the very same way.


Cats also like their fats, just like their owners. They need plenty of essential fatty acids that can’t be derived from plants.

You see, cats have a high sebaceous gland activity and produce oils that keep their fur glossy, as well as skin and hair moisturized.

Without enough fatty acids in their diet, cats can experience dry skin which leads to scratching which happens when the animal has an allergic reaction to dry skin very similar to dandruff.

Good Diet

Veterinarians have found that the main cause of dry, wiry coats on cats is an unbalanced diet lacking in the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that any feline needs to stay healthy.

Feral and stray indoor cats are more prone to this because they often find food that isn’t rich enough for them to thrive.

For example, eating a lot of raindrops after a storm does little for a cat’s overall health.

Pet cats live indoors where there is more food available for them compared to feral cats and it’s easier for their owners to feed them better quality food with the nutrients their bodies needs.

What Causes Cats to Be Soft?

Cats love to groom themselves. They can ride through their coat like a car at its lushest, smoothing out their own fur and removing the dirt or debris that might get in it. Cat owners must make sure that their cats are eating the right type of diet in order to ensure healthy fur.

Meat is an essential part of a cat’s diet because it contains some omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids as well as crucial minerals such as magnesium, which promote soft coat health.

Having longer hair can sometimes make grooming difficult for your cat, so be sure to brush her at least once a week.

Why Is Some Cat Fur Really Soft?

Many cats from colder climates like Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats have developed more rugged coats as a result of thicker, softer fur typically inherited from their parents.

Do Cats Become Soft When They Are Happy?

When a cat is purring, its fur feels very soft and silky. However, when feeling scared or unhappy, cats have different kinds of fur textures depending on the occasion.

For example, they may change their mind about wanting to stand up in your lap if it’s during an earthquake!

Have you ever wondered why cats do such different things depending on their feelings? It may be that their fur feels differently depending on the emotion of the situation.

For example, when feeling happy and relaxed, humans tend to feel less tense and enjoy giving more hugs than before.

Do Cats Get Fluffy?

Winter coats start preparing in the fall because it’s on the cusp of winter. And even if your indoor-only cats won’t really require that extra bit of insulation.

They will still grow an extra coat just because they know what’s coming. And this is all thanks to a process that doesn’t have anything to do with temperature change at all.

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