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Wireless Dog Fence

Wireless Dog Fence. If you want to be worry-free about your dog’s safety and protection, but your dog has a desire for freedom without a fence then a wireless dog fence is the best option for you.

The main two types of invisible fences are available One is wireless and the other is named an underground fence.

The wireless fence is most important for those dog owners who have a great yard facility in their house where a dog can play and run away but this facility can also create many dangers so, a wireless fence can make a boundary that can control your dog.

Wireless Dog Fencewireless dog fences

This electric and invisible boundary helps your dog to remain in a definite space. The wireless fence is a great alternative to a physical fence which is popular nowadays among dog parents.

Many wireless fences are available in the market and provide different setting options to protect your dog.

Main parts of wireless fence

This fence is workable if you have a trigger zone, fence radius, and controller.

For the installation of the wireless fence, the controller has three main parts: the boundary, transmitter, and receiver.


This is good if your yard is bit enough otherwise this is best for dog’s paly lands or training sites.

The range of the signal is always in a circular radius and it may vary from 1 ft. to 155 ft. because different fence product offers different ranges according to the house area.

But this is also considering that these wireless fences offer you long ranges boundary, no Wi-Fi connection, waterproof quality, and multiple training modes which may vary between multiple wireless fences products.

Plenty of space

Wireless fences are kind of the invisible thing that never bothers your dog during playing because they provide your dog enough space to play and relax. As many wireless fences are available that are providing different ranges, shapes, and sizes.

How they workhow they work

First of all, you have to set the transmitter in the center of your whole house including a playground.

Never set this transmitter between the furnace and refrigerator.

With the help of this transmitter, this fence can create a single circular radius that provides an invisible boundary that controls the dog’s activity and never allow him to go out of this zone.

In this fence set, you also got a collar that you can put on your dog’s neck. So, if your dog crosses the zone the transmitter produces the sound to alert you and on the other side, the collar gives a warning to your dog.

The collar gives a warning in different ways like an electric shock, sound, or any kind of spray. It is a surety that this will stop your dog from crossing this boundary which is set by a transmitter.

Training is essential

To use this fence, training is most important for owners because you must know about the exact center of your house. If you set this in the wrong manner then this fence cannot work properly.

The owner must know due to which things this transmitter cannot work. So, for all these issues you can get training with different resources like books, YouTube, or directly from fence company customer services staff.

And you must make sure about your dog that is also trained for this wireless fence.

Pairing with a physical fence

If your house has a lot of area then for more safety this is good to pair a physical fence with a wireless fence.

As some dogs have a habit of jumping and digging around the fence to run away so, this is a security fact that with wireless fences your dog will safe enough within the boundary.


• This is the best choice for the owner of a dog to provide safety from roads, water resources, and many more dangers.
• The wireless fence is transportable because you can convey it from one area to another area.
• This is safe for other animals and they can cross this fence without any hurdle or trouble.
• This kind of fence is very easy to use and works trouble-free because the installation is free and this will never take time to set. This is portable so when you want to remove this then you can also easily remove this.
• The wireless fence is Effective and harmless due to its best features of working without any trouble.


  • This fence is not suitable for forested areas because this will create a hurdle for the signals from the transmitter.
  • This will offer a circular circumference rather than crossing, bisections, or transaction areas.
  • A wireless fence is not good for the rough and bumpy ground because this will mess up with radius measurement.
  • This may affect by signal booster stations like mobile phone signal boosters or any other kind of smart connection.
  • The collar in a wireless fence may be weighty and substantial for some dogs because all dogs are not in the same size and weight. So, this may trouble them during playing or other activities.
  • These fences provide different methods of warning like shock, sound, and sprays that may give them a little bit of harm.
  • You should always be careful of bulky items for using this fence because this will stop the way of the signals.

One of the secure solutions

Now, these days PetSafe is a brand that is providing one of the best options for wireless fencing so, you can check out the best and most secure option for your dog which is much more useful than the cost-friendly option.

Conclusion of best fencing solutions

Wireless Dog Fence. Instead of using a physical or traditional fence, this is the best option to use a wireless fence that will provide you with many features which are given above.

This is also the best fencing solution for all kinds of homeowners, renters, and cost-efficient owners.

This portable fence is an amazing alternative for large as well as small yards.

After all the information, this article will give you all the chief points which help you with wireless fencing.

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