Are Baby Wipes Safe For Cats?

Are Baby Wipes Safe For Cats? Human wipes aren’t suitable for use on pets because they irritate your pet’s skin.

Pets have different pH balances in their skins compared to humans. The skin pH of a dog is about 7.4 (neutral) and that of lemon is 5.0 (acidic).

While the skin pH of a human is around 5.5-7.0 which makes our skin sensitive to acidic substances like lemons which have a pH of less than 5.

Are Baby Wipes Safe For Cats

No, baby wipes aren’t good for cats. In fact, even the mildest unscented baby wipes contain some kind of ingredient that’s harmful or unpleasant to your cat. While they’re not all poisonous, cleaning a cat with anything other than what’s made especially for felines just doesn’t seem very appropriate and there are so many ways to keep your cat clean if you just ask Google.

Baby Wipes Ingredients

Baby wipes aren’t designed for kitty claws. While babies don’t “lick” themselves, cats do and there’s a big difference.

The reason is that cats spend a lot of their day cleaning themselves, so it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to use something that is meant to be applied to yourself on your pet.

In fact, many experts recommend doing an ample amount of research prior to using any cleansers or chemicals on your cat at all.


The primary purpose of baby wipes is to clean away your child’s grime.

In order for these products to be effective, they need to be formulated with chemical detergents that clean dirt off of your baby’s skin.

One such chemical detergent is sodium lauryl sulfate, which is most commonly abbreviated as SLS.

Although SLS used in baby wipes is most often derived from coconut oil, it isn’t always safe for your child.

Pet Wipes

If wet cloth isn’t damp enough, use pet wipes instead. These wipes are formulated for pets, so they don’t contain harmful ingredients.

These wipes will clean your cat without irritating your cat’s eyes or other sensitive areas.

Pet wipes are a great way to get a quick all-over cleaning without an inconvenient bath. Pet Wipes are also a nice solution if your cat happens to have an unpleasant smell on its fur.


Baby wipes have scents added to them in order to make the skin smelling fresh and clean after they are used.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers choose not to disclose what types of fragrances they use in their products because some of them can be harmful to felines.

What Wipes Are Safe For Cats?

There are more great cat grooming wipes to consider! Petkin uses a gentle cleansing formula that is perfect for cats who require regular complexion touch-ups between baths.

For those on the go, Nature’s Miracle offers a convenient two-pack of pet bathing wipes.

Is it OK To Use Unscented Baby Wipes On My Cat?

Don’t use baby wipes on your pets. Use swabs and pads to clean their ears and bottoms.

You can also purchase a product called a “feuchter fur Katzen” that can assist in cleaning their fur without the risk of irritation because it contains emollients that moisturize the skin.

Can I Clean My Cat’s Bum With Baby Wipes?

My cat would often have some kind of trouble when we hadn’t taken him to the groomer recently. To get this off and cleaned up, I’d use both baby wipes and pet wipes to clean my cat’s behind.

Is Refresh Cleaning Wipes Safe For Cats?

Wahl’s Refresh Large Cat Wipes have quickly become a go-to when it comes to keeping cats clean and smelling great.

With a pH Balanced formula and the refreshing coconut-lime verbena scent, they’re a breath of fresh air providing quick cleaning without having to bathe a cat which is much easier on your cat’s skin.

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