Are calla lily poisonous to dogs?

Are calla lily poisonous to dogs? The Calla lily is an amazing flower in beautiful color that originally belongs to Africa`s southern part. They grow like a bulb that enhances the beauty of many gardens. The flower-like bulb contains wax in its thick petals. Some expert says that they are not lily’s plant family.

The calla lily is a plant flower that is commonly an autumn plant and this is also used as a household plant but according to the ASPCA, it is dangerous to pets like dogs.

This plant The interaction with calla lily cause irritation, intense burning, tremors, excessive drooling, vomiting, depression anorexia and gastrointestinal upset, difficulty swallowing in dogs due to the presence of calcium oxalate crystals in rap hides.

Are calla lily poisonous to dogs

This plant ingestion needs immediate medical help because this also causes swelling of the throat, mouth, and stomach. This plant is used as an ornament for many issues but this is poisonous to dogs.

The flower-eating of this plant also causes more toxicity in dogs. In a severe situation, this will lead to kidney failure, loss of appetite, and breathing difficulties.


There are many different types that are poisonous to dogs and cats. The calla lily types names are:

  • Trumpet lily
  • Aaron lily
  • Garden calla
  • Pig lily
  • White arum
  • Florist’s calla

These are all plants that are poisonous to dogs, remain careful with your dog and monitor them to keep away from these plants.


As dogs have a habit of biting plants during playing which can irritate and burn when calcium oxalate crystals are involved in the mouth. Your dog is clearing face pain that they want to be stopped.

The other symptoms of the toxicity of the calla lily plant are foaming at the mouth, excessive drooling, vomiting, breathing, and severe swelling. The symptoms of the calla lily is depends on the variation of the amount of calla lily that is eaten by dogs. The other symptoms are:

  • The face`s Pawing
  • Pacing
  • Chang in the color of urine
  • Seizures symptoms in the dogs
  • Dog`s abnormal heartbeat
  • The eyes, mouth, gums, or tongue redness
  • Dogs are facing oral pain due to toxicity.
  • Loss of appetite


The main causes of calla lily toxicity are given below that are affecting the dogs if they eat or do contact with these plants.  Causes of toxicity are:

  • If your dogs chew the calla lily that is releasing the calcium oxalate crystals that looks needle-sharp.
  • The Calcium oxalate crystals affect the dog’s tissue badly.
  • The injection of needle crystals into the dog’s tissue brings out a loosening of irritation and histamines.


If a calla lily is eaten by your dog, you need to visit a veterinarian immediately. After eating this plant the dog start vomiting which is also not a good thing for the dog`s health.  For the serve vomiting, you should also consult a vet who will diagnose the dog’s problem and treat your dog quickly.

For diagnosis, the vet made the profile according to the urine & blood test. They also check blood and urea elevation in nitrogen, phosphorus, creatinine, and potassium that are due to the poisoning of the calla lily plant.

They also check and treat the high amount of glucose, protein, and isosthenuria. These signs mostly occur between 12 hours of eating that calla lily.


In the severe situation of calla lily eating or interaction cause many renal failures in the dog. so, here we describe the treatment of that causes that will surely help you with your dog’s treatments. The treatments are given below:

  • Remove the particles of the Calla lily Plant that may be injected into a dog`s body through chewing or comes on the dog`s by the interaction of needle-sharp rap hides that cause pains to dogs.
  • With the help of Esophageal Tubing you can do the treatment of the breathing and swelling problems of the dogs.
  • Treatment through Decontamination, your dog will be able to remove poison by vomiting. In this process, the activated charcoal is used in the stomach to stop the absorption of that toxic.
  • The IV Fluids are a most essential treatment for toxicity, in this treatment dismiss the effects of the rap hides by keeping your dog hydrated with more urine excretion. The vets can only tell you how many hours for that your dog needs treatment because the amount of the dog toxic that was eaten by them can tell the hours of treatment like 6 to 12 and then 48 hours.

Can calla lilies kill the dogs?

If you have a dog who eats a calla lily plant then this will not kill your dog but this is also true that these plants are toxic to dogs. These plants may cause the serve illness that will affect the health of your dogs.

Is calla lilies smell toxic to dogs?

The smell of calla lilies is not generally toxic to dogs. But if these interact with the dog`s skin then it may cause toxicity. Sometimes the pollen particles will attach to the dog`s skin that they may lick and take inside the body which will cause many diseases.

These pollens can also enter the body through the nose and irritate it. But these pollens may affect but not does cause any big danger.

Prevention from Calla Lily toxicity

As dogs like to find and eat new things but sometimes these things may cause illness, for example, the calla lilies plant so, keep away your dog from these plants and monitor them if they show any different symptoms.

Vomiting is the first symptom that shows that your dog is suffering from toxicity after this you should take them to the veterinarian or call them to do a proper checkup of your dog and suggest and do the best treatment for the dog.


Calla lilies are poisonous to dogs and they will affect your dog`s health which may be serious due to the big amount of eating of that plant.

So, immediately call your vet and do treatment that will remove the effects of the ingestion of calla lily. Always keep your dog away and monitor them carefully.

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