Are Christmas Cactus Poisonous To Cats

Are Christmas Cactus Poisonous To Cats. There are a few components behind the dangers of certain holiday plants and it’s important to note that some plants can be more toxic than others.

The ASPCA has listed Christmas cacti as non-toxic for both cats and dogs neither the cactus nor the flowers are poisonous to pets.

As always, it’s best to check with your vet as he or she will likely want to see your pet along with lab work that reveals any concerning levels of infection.

Even if the signs are mild, it’s never a bad idea to call your veterinarian since they’re uniquely situated to diagnose between cause and symptom difference and apply a course of treatment accordingly

Are Christmas Cactus Poisonous To Cats

Christmas cactus is not toxic to cats, according to the ASPCA. It’s safe for them to have it in the home during the Christmas season. However, if your cat has a taste for decorations or plants and eats any part of a Christmas cactus, there could be consequences. While this plant isn’t poisonous, it can still cause illness. Very small amounts might cause side effects such as vomiting or diarrhea. And, if your kitty has sensitivities to certain foods, they could have an allergic reaction.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus is a type of plant known for its beautiful, vibrant flowers. The plant itself is native to the forests and mountains of Brazil.

But can also be found in other parts of the world such as Central America and the Caribbean Islands.

Some people refer to Christmas cactus as being related to plants like aloe though it should be noted that Christmas cactus isn’t actually part of the succulent family that includes aloe as one of its members.

No Toxic Substances

The Christmas cactus is entirely non-toxic to cats, so you don’t have to worry about it hurting your feline friend if he or she were to stumble upon this beautiful plant in your home.

It’s also perfectly safe for dogs and horses, so if you like putting live plants around the house but always worry they might hurt other pets that may eat them accidentally then you shouldn’t worry at all with a vibrant plant such as the Christmas cactus.

Cat Breaks Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus makes for a good house plant, especially for individuals who are somewhat new to having house plants. From time to time, one might notice that their Christmas cactus starts looking a little puny.

Whether it’s being used to less sunlight or too many nutrients, they will eventually start getting yellow leaves and brown tips.

Buyers can counter this by trimming away the dead parts of the plant and allowing more light in while they propagate the scraps into a new cactus.


With this all being said, let’s make sure you keep a close eye on your plant and know what it needs. Otherwise, it’s possible to lose your plant too.

It’s not the end of the world, but if you lose your potted Christmas cactus in spring, don’t expect it to grow back come Christmas.

Cats Eat Houseplants

Like most carnivorous animals, cats consume meat-based foods. It’s a necessity for their health.

But if you’ve ever had a cat, you know that certain ones will eat plants just as happily whether it be grass from the yard or houseplants or even bits of your garden. The reason they do this is to protect themselves from internal parasites.

Tomcats especially must stay on top of this as they often get infested by fleas and worms due to their promiscuous lifestyle.


Can Christmas cacti be toxic to dogs?

No, Christmas cacti are considered non-toxic to both cats and dogs.

What should I do if my cat eats a Christmas cactus?

If your cat ingests the Christmas cactus and experiences mild symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea, monitor them closely. If the symptoms persist or worsen, consult your veterinarian.

Are all varieties of cacti safe for cats?

While Christmas cacti are safe, not all cacti are non-toxic to cats. Some cacti can be harmful, so it's essential to research specific varieties before introducing them to your home.

How often should I water my Christmas cactus?

Christmas cacti prefer to be kept moderately moist. Water them when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch.

Can I propagate my Christmas cactus?

Yes, Christmas cacti are easy to propagate. You can take stem cuttings and root them in a well-draining potting mix to create new plants.

Final Thoughts

Christmas cactus is one of the safer plants to have in your home during the holiday season. but it can still make your cat sick if chemicals were used on it. So while you and your pets are celebrating this festive season be sure to keep them out of reach and make sure any plants you bring into your home are safe for animals if you want to avoid an accident.


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