Best travel crate for dogs.

Best travel crate for dogs. Traveling with right crate for dogs provide a safe journey to your dogs.

These type of crates are a little bit different from those traditional crates. Travel crates for dogs come with some extra features that other crates do not have.

The travel crates are made with highly durable materials and also offer a high level of comfortability to your dogs.

Moreover, if you’re flying, you’ll need a crate that is airline- and TSA-approved otherwise you can’t travel.

8 Best Travel crate for dogs

  1. Amazon Basics 2-Door Collapsible Travel dog Crate Kennel

Amazon basics travel crate for dogs is one of the most durable and best dog crate. This 36-inch dog crate offers a secure journey to your dogs in any vehicle.

Comes with soft sides and is easy to fold. This crate is compact when closed, you can store it in any small space area.

This comfy crate offers security for nervous dogs when they travel. It is suitable for large breeds like German shepherd.

Comes with front and top doors with mesh windows for an airy and breathable environment, your pets will love this comfortable environment.

You can easily load and unload your pet from vehicles with these lightweight dog crates.

The interesting feature about this soft sided crate is its zipper which offers secure closure and keeps your pets secure, also comes with roll-up and down doors.

Moreover, it is made with high-quality durable polyester material, while its frame is made with a strong and durable PVC material which keeps this travel crate a long way.

This travel crate for dogs has a capacity to hold up to 90 pounds in weight, which means that you can also use this crate for large dog too.

These travel dog crates are also available in 36 by 24 by 24 inches ideal for any size dog breed. It is recommended that use this travel crate for only crate trained dogs.

This fabric crate is also super easy to set up or assemble, due to its lightweight and compact size it can be easily stored at any place.

  1. EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crates

Elitefield soft crate is another comfortable dog travel crate, available in 24-inched and also 30 to the 42-inch larger version available which means this dog crate is ideal for dogs of any size.

Comes with the soft-sides and offer super easy folding and setting up.

Your furry friend will love to travel in this comfortable crate. These dog crates are also available in 6 different colors, so you can choose this travel crate in your favorite colors.

EliteField is a fabric or cloth crate having a padded shoulder straps for easy carrying. It is lightweight and compact with its flat-folding. You can carry this pet carrier and place it on front seat or back seat.

It is highly durable. EliteField soft crate uses a high-quality fabric that is 600D fabric and hex mesh fabric in this crate.

This mesh fabric keeps this travel crate well ventilated and airy that your dogs love, and this crate is also made with a strong steel tube frame to enhance the durability of this crate and make it a long-lasting crate.

This soft crate is also larger enough to provide plenty of space for your dog to move around and offer a secure and comfortable environment.

Moreover, this traveling crate comes with 2 accessory pockets on the outside so you can keep your dog’s toys, chews, leaches, and other accessories there.

The interesting thing about this product is that it comes with three mesh doors: top, front, and side door, and also comes with a removable bed you can easily wash this bed.

Moreover, the padded shoulder strap and handle of this dog crate make it easy to carry this dog crate. EliteField soft crate also comes with a 2-year warranty, which is another plus point of this crate.

  1. Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier – 28 Inch

Petmate Sky Kennel is ideal for airline traveling with your pets, comes with extra security features by providing 4-way vault doors. This dog’s travel crate is available in 36-inch size and up, ideal for dogs of different sizes.

It is a lightweight and travel-friendly crate, and it has also heavy-duty construction. Petmate uses durable plastic materials in this crate.

This dog travel crate is highly durable and constructed with non-corrodible wing nuts, having durable plastic shell and extra-strong steel wire with interlocking door for pet safety.

These wire crates also provides extra protection to your pets with its interlocking door features, this door will not allow your dog to escape.

This portable dog crate can easily be carry in air travel but pet owners have to check with airlines specifications about carrying travel crate.

The interesting thing about this crate is that it has a window on each side to provide a breathable and well-ventilated environment for your dogs.

Your pets will not get bored in this crate, they will enjoy their journey and will feel secure and comfy in this travel crate and can be placed at passenger seat. Moreover, this travel dog crate is also lightweight and portable.

This is available in different sizes such as  21-, 28-, 32-, 36-, 40-, and 48-inches to provide enough space according to your dog size.

This travel dog crate is made in the USA, and also comes with 2 ‘Live Animal’ stickers, Pet ID stickers, and a clip-on food/water bowl these accessories with this travel crate will be helpful for your dogs when they travel.

Moreover, this steel wire crate comes with a durable top handle, so you can easily carry this crate.

  1. Petmate Vari Kennel Heavy-Duty Dog Travel Crate

Petmate Vari Kennel is another comfortable and secure dog travel crate, this 36-inch dog crate comes with tie-down strap holes and wire vents for an airy and breathable environment.

Your pets will feel comfortable and secure in this travel crate, this crate is ideal for dogs with 50-70 lbs weight.

These plastic crates also meets most airline cargo specifications, so you can also fly with this crate. Comes with a front door that is easily accessible to your dogs.

This dog travel crate also comes with a raised interior, offering enough space for your dogs to move around in the crate and keeps your dog safe .

These durable dog crates are also made with a heavy-duty plastic material to enhance its durability.

Moreover, the metal screws also keep this crate stronger even the escape artist dogs can’t escape from it. This crate is also ideal for aggressive and larger dogs.

This crate is super easy to assemble, it takes a few minutes by using metal screws and plastic fasteners, and no need for any specific tool.

This product offers a great level of comfortability to your dogs, they can feel relaxed and sleep peacefully there.

Moreover, this travel dog crate is super-secure for airline travel, it keeps your pets calm while they fly. Dog owner will love this one of the best dog crates.

If you have smaller dogs, you can also buy the smaller version of Petmate Vari Kennel. This travel crate also comes with a carrying handle for the easy transportation process, and there is only drawback of this crate is that it feels heavy when there is a pet inside. Best travel crate for dogs

  1. SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels

SportPet is a highly durable and portable dog crate. These plastic crates are airline approved.

It is durably designed and easy to assemble. This traveling crate is ideal for airline traveling and offers a high level of comfortability to your dogs when traveling.

This travel crate is heavy when pets are inside the crate, but they also made this travel crate with wheels for easy transportation. Moreover, these wheels are also removable to make it a breeze to glide through the airport.

The interesting thing about these dog crates is that it comes with accessories like 2 dishes, 4 live animal stickers, tie-down bungee straps, and metal bolts and nuts are also included. The water resistant foam liner can also be fits in this pet carrier.

This dog travel crate also meets all the airline specifications, the airline such as IATA airline also approved this dog crate for dogs in transit. Moreover, you can use plush and comfy fleece SportPet beds for more comfort your dog will sleep peacefully on this bed.

This travel dog crate is available in a variety of sizes, such as small, medium, large, and extra-large you can choose the best and most suitable one according to your dog’s weight. This travel crate is super easy to assemble, ideal for traveling on airlines and in cars.

Its construction is highly durable, and also comes with locking snaps on the sides and a strong metal door. It offers more protection to your dogs with an easy-to-grasp latch to ensure your dogs are safely tucked away.

  1. Noz2Noz 669 N2 Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

Noz2Noz 669 is a lightweight and durable dog travel crate, which is ideal for traveling long road trips with your dogs. This Noz2Noz 669 dog crate offers a high level of comfortability, this crate is versatile and portable.

It is super easy to set up or assemble this crate without using any special tools, this durable product is also made with a high-quality powder coated steel frame and fabric. These materials enhanced the durability of this traveling crate and make it long-lasting.

The interesting thing about this travel dog crate is that it is made with a comfortable base that is also waterproof, so your puppy will not irritate by the wet base. The waterproof mat of this crate is also easily cleanable and machine washable.

The high-quality mesh fabric is used in its construction, which makes this travel crate fully ventilated so your dog will love the fresh air and breathable environment in this traveling crate. Moreover, this fabric is also durable that prevents sharp teething from aggressive dogs.

Noz2Noz 669 comes with a sturdy steel frame that can be set up and folded down in an instant without any effort. This travel crate also comes with rounded corners to prevent scratches, you can easily carry this pet carrier in car travel.

Also, available in a variety of sizes so that you can choose the best one according to your dog’s weight and size. Moreover, this size crate is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry you can also use this dog crate for dogs up to 100 pounds.

  1. Petsfit Portable Collapsible Soft Medium Dog Crate

This collapsible dog crate offers enough space for your dogs, so they can feel relaxed and can sleep peacefully there. Comes in a 30-inch foldable dog crate to offer easy setup and fold-down operation.

This durable travel dog crate is capable of carrying dogs weighing up to 88 pounds, this crate is ideal for large size dogs. Pet parents can use same crate to carry kitties and small dog.

Moreover, this crate is designed beautifully, it’s interior well ventilated to keep your dogs calm and comfortable throughout the journey. Dog owners will definitely love these soft dog crates.

Petsfit used high-quality materials in its construction to make this crate more durable. Also comes with grid doors on the front, top, and side you can easily load and unload your pets into this crate.

Moreover, comes with a pocket on the back of this crate for keeping accessories like treats, snacks, leashes, and other. This durable crate is made with high-quality breathable fabric to keep your dogs calm in this well-ventilated dog crate.

Moreover, this dog crate comes in an upgraded hexagonal structure grid and also offers a lot of space for your dogs to sleep and move around inside the crate. The interesting thing about this dog crate is that it comes with velcro-zippered doors to provide security to your dogs.

Comes with a rounded corner, you can easily travel with this crate in your car. Moreover, the fabrics and covers of this crate are removable and easily washable and due to its compact size, you can also store it at any place.

  1. Ferplast Atlas Vehicle SUV Dog Crate

Ferplast dog crates is one of the most compact dog travel crates, the perfect option for medium-size breeds they will love to travel in this crate.

This crate dimension is 39 x 23 x 26 inches that can easily transportable everywhere, you can travel with this crate in your car comfortably.

These dog crates are capable of holding up to 60 pounds weight of your dogs, which means that these dogs car crates are suitable for only small breeds and medium size breeds and can’t bear the weight of large dogs.

This dog crate is constructed in such a way that offering a well ventilated environment, your dog will enjoy the fresh air even inside the crate. Comes with vented panels on each side to keep your dog comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole journey.

The construction of this crate is highly durable, made with the tough plastic and metal mesh to withstand even the most aggressive dogs. Moreover, this dog car crate is super easy to assemble without using a specific tool.

The interesting feature about these dog crates is that it comes with a convenient locking system to provide protection to your dogs. This locking system is built into the front door and a sliding opening so your dog will feel secure and comfortable in this crate.

This crate is even lightweight when there is a pet inside it, also it is compact so it will save more space in your cargo area. Moreover, due to its compact size, this crate can easily stored anywhere in small space.

Buying Guide (Best travel crate for dogs)

A dog travel crate is one of the tools that you should must have if you are a pet lover.

The traveling crate comes with some extra feature so you should keep some considerations in mind while purchasing the best travel crate for your dogs.

Here we will discuss some important factors related to dogs’ travel crate.

Design Of  Travel Crate

For a dog travel crates different brand designed them into two ways hard sided and soft sided crates. The hard-sided crate is ideal for long road trips.

These crates are hard, strong and durable. While the other soft sided crates are lightweight and compact crates that are ideal for shorter journeys.

Size Of Crates

Make sure that the crate offers enough space to your dogs to travel comfortably. Choose a large enough crate so that your dog can move around, stand and sleep comfortably in that crate.

Moreover, also make sure that it should be no more than 6 inches longer than your dog and should be easily fits in your car or other vehicle and also provides car safety.


Also, make sure that the crate that you are going to choose should be capable for holding up to 100 pounds of larger dogs and about 60 pounds for medium dogs and small dogs.

Moreover, your crate should also be durable to bear the right weight according to their size.

Comfort Level

Your travel dog’s crate should offer a high comfort level, the crate should have well ventilated environment to keep your dogs calm and provide them safe space.

The fabrics of crates should be breathable, and also comes with a plush and comfy fleece pad to offers comfortable and peaceful sleep to your dogs.


Best travel crate for dogs. After a lot of research we conclude that travel crate for dogs is an important tool in this modern age.

The crate for dogs offers comfort and security whether traveling in a car or flying in airlines. Dogs travel crate also reduce nervousness from your dogs while traveling and provide them a breathable environment.

In this article we have discuss about some famous travel crates for dogs .Pup parents can choose the best one according to their dogs requirement and need.

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