Can a Kitten Sleep In a Carrier Overnight?

Can a Kitten Sleep In a Carrier Overnight? Like a cat, kittens need their daily exercise which they can be getting in the form of play and cuddling.

Praise them when they do something good and make sure there is someone to watch over them each day so they are not left alone for too long.

Never tire them out with too much playing before it’s time to rest at night because like a cat, kittens need to sleep.

Can a Kitten Sleep In a Carrier Overnight

It all depends on your cat’s size. The fact that you’re only going to be traveling for one night, and that it’s just for nighttime suggests that you might not need a larger crate. If so, then a simple cardboard box may be all you need for now. You can find many different designs and sizes at your local craft store.

Purpose Of A Cat Carrier

A cat carrier is a portable container that is used to transport cats within their own house or outside.

Though cat carriers are normally designed for short-term usage, many pet owners leave the carriers out on their furniture so as to train them as sleeping objects.

This is perfectly fine, as long as your cat isn’t claustrophobic and you know for sure that it’s meant to be a brief housing period for when you need to take your cat with you on a trip.

Timing Matters

Maybe you’ve seen your cat spend their day in one room and think that your dog probably isn’t any different.

But the major difference here is that it’s a choice for cats to stay in a particular territory with snacks, hydration, and bathroom breaks.

Your dog on the other hand may not always have those same choices. For example, dogs can’t go to the bathroom right before they know they will be put into their carrier as this could wreak havoc on your floors or belongings.

Cat’s Wishes

Before leaving your cat in its carrier overnight, make sure that the carrier is not something your cat hates.

If whenever you place your cat inside it, it immediately cries or runs away from you, it may be a good idea to let your cat be part of the decision-making process when it comes to agreeing on this new bedtime sleeping arrangement.

Use Feliway Spray with Comfort Zone Spray every time before you put her in the carrier if she refuses to stay in there voluntarily.


How long should a kitten be kept in a carrier?

Most cats would be happy in their carrier for up to 8 hours. However, some might get irritable after a few hours and need some extra pampering.

If you end up having to keep your cat inside their crate with no options other than to carry your kitty around with you on an all-day journey, be sure you always consider breaks every 2-3 hour block.

Where you can bring them back home, let them play for a little bit and then return your feline friend back into his/her comfortable travel container.

Can I leave my cat overnight in her carrier?

Regrettably, a cat should not be left in a travel carrier for too long. If your pet is having to spend longer than about 15 hours at a time inside the carrier, you risk affecting her health and wellbeing.

The cat will want to interact with you and other animals when she is shifted to another environment but she will find herself unable to do so hence becoming depressed and stressed.

Allow your cat to explore her surroundings because this helps her relax and stay calm throughout the day.

Where should kittens sleep at night?

There are many places to sleep when you have a kitten. A warm, soft, and quiet place to sleep that could be the right place for them at night would include.

The following options are a cozy cat bed with high sides, a laundry basket with some of your favorite work clothes, or a fluffy blanket she can curl up in.

If you’re blessed enough to share your home with this cute little feline friend, don’t expect her to want to share your bed.


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