Can budgies eat green beans?

Can budgies eat green beans? Today, I am going to talk about budgies and green beans.  No matter the budgie’s age, they will love green beans because of their delicious taste.

Green beans are a great source of dietary fiber that budgies need in order to keep them healthy and alive.

However, budgies should only eat green beans once or twice a week because if they eat too many at one time, it can give their body an unbalanced diet which can cause them to get sick at the very least.

Budgies should never eat raw green beans even though humans can cook and eat them raw.  If you put them into boiling water for just 90 seconds until the color turns bright green then your budgie can eat them.

If your budgie is having diarrhea then the green beans that the budgies are eating are most likely not cooked long enough or fresh green beans may be causing it to have diarrhea.

Can budgies eat green beans?

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 How do budgies eat green beans?

In order for your budgie to eat green beans, you need to put them in his/her cage because budgies love fresh food.  Budgies usually will jump onto another perch above the bowl of green beans so they can see it better, but if there isn’t another perch then budgies will just land on top of the bowl or near it.

Once your budgie is done eating green beans, you should wash his/her dish with soap and water to get rid of any possible diseases that could have come from the green beans.

Are Green Beans good for budgies?

Yes, green beans are good for budgies because they are delicious and budgies love them.  Green beans contain dietary fiber which budgies need to have in their diet to keep them healthy so having green beans will be good for your budgie.

 Can budgies eat raw green beans?

No, budgies cannot eat raw green beans even though humans can eat them raw.  If you are going to give your budgie some green beans then you should boil them first until the color becomes bright green.  Raw green beans may cause harm or illness if eaten by your budgie so boiling them makes sure that it is safe for budgies to eat it.

How many green beans can budgies eat a day?

The amount of green beans that budgies should eat in a day depends on how old the budgie is.  A young budgie should only have one to two pieces of green beans every other day while older budgies can have four to six pieces in a day if they need it for dietary fiber or five to seven if they don’t.

Where do budgies get water from?

Budgies get water from either their drinking fountain or from their bowl when you mix fresh food with dry food.  Since budgies don’t drink water very often, they usually get water once or twice a week from their budgie bath.

Can budgies eat chocolate?

Budgies cannot eat chocolate because it has a lot of caffeine in it which can cause budgies to become very hyperactive and sick.  Not only that, but the acidity level of human food is much higher than budgie food so if your budgie eats too much human food, they will get sick at the very least.

How long do green beans last?

Green beans should last about three days in the refrigerator or you can freeze them until you need them again [I would thaw them before feeding to budgies].  You can also mix green beans with other vegetables to make a budgie salad.


Can budgies eat green beans. budgies can eat green beans as long as it is boiled first so that it becomes bright green before feeding it to your budgie. Green beans are good for budgies because it has dietary fiber which budgies need to have in their diet.


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