Can Cats Eat Chicken Bones?

Can Cats Eat Chicken Bones? Even great things can get too much of a good thing. If there are too many bones in a house, it becomes a health hazard.

Pets not only love to chew and lick the fresh blood off raw meat but also enjoy playing with them.

But if these bones and leftover carcasses were not disposed of properly, sooner or later they will become poisonous for cats and dogs as well as dangerous for children.

Can Cats Eat Chicken Bones

Cats in the wild may often kill and consume birds. And as a matter of fact, there are some important minerals present in their skeletons. However, their skeletons differ slightly from those found off any street corner they’re generally unprocessed, the meat still attached. We know it might not be common knowledge, but cats can indeed eat raw turkey bones.


When your feline companion consumes cooked bones, they can become brittle and splinter or break off into parts.

As such, when your feline companion consumes cooked bones, they could get stuck in her throat and pose a choking hazard to her.

They could also puncture the skin inside of her mouth and GI tract, potentially causing internal bleeding and blockages that may lead to very serious complications like death.


Cats are known to chow down an entire chicken at once sometimes, but they can also get into a lot of trouble if they eat too many chicken bones and it’s been documented that eating only one or three chicken bones isn’t safe either.

What To Do

When feeding feline friends a carcass, one should address the possibility of choking. Chicken bones splinter easily, which could lead to serious problems.

If you notice your pet isn’t breathing or is gagging, quickly do the Heimlich maneuver by thumping their back.

Remember that chicken bones are edible so if you can’t find anything in their mouth, try giving them a few bites unless it seems trapped in another part of their digestive tract.

In that case, immediately give them wet food as dry cat food may not be soft enough to push the bone through intact.


If you’re cooking chicken for dinner, consider what flavors you like to add. Some herbs and seasonings can be bad for kitties, so avoid any added ingredients that could make your cat sick.

Before serving the protein, throw the bones in the garbage here’s why. The compounds in garlic and onions are absorbed into the bones of chicken, which is harmful to a feline’s health.


While it is true that cats can eat chicken bones, you have to make sure they are chicken bones. Now raw bones are definitely healthier than cooked ones as they are more nutrient-rich, especially if they’ve been boiled or roasted. However, this is not something you want your feline companion to be ingesting on a daily basis as there is a risk of them choking with their small kitty mouths and paws like what happens when dogs chow down on larger bone bits which will only put them in the E.R.

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