Can Cats Hear Dog Whistles.

Can Cats Hear Dog Whistles? They emit a tone that’s believed to be unpleasant for dogs to lessen negative behaviors.

This emitted tone is beyond an ordinary human’s hearing range, but not a dog’s. However, cats tend to have much more advanced ears.

Than a dog and they can hear sounds at much higher frequencies as compared to their canine counterparts.

Although this may mean cats are better able than dogs to hear the emission of a dog whistle, it seems that they don’t seem affected by them whatever way one tries to blow them.

Can Cats Hear Dog Whistles

Cats and dogs are said to be able to hear high-pitched sounds that humans can’t, and dog whistles often used in the past were based upon this. But many people may be surprised to learn that not just cats but penguins too. That’s right, penguins can purportedly hear a higher frequency range than humans due to their hollow bones and more specialized middle ear.

Dog Whistles

Although it is technically possible to train a cat with a dog whistle, this is not recommended for several reasons.

The first reason is that loud, shrill noises can cause hearing damage in both dogs and cats.

And second of all, due to the fact that cats are very independent animals and tend to be more rebellious than dogs.

Plus you would have a hard time trying to condition them enough with food or treats.


A dog whistle is thought to be the first designed sound maker human can discover which emits a sound that both humans and animals can detect.

It’s been known to come in many different types of shapes, designs & sizes. The latest dog whistles are actually made by companies & their employees who use this tool on their pets via air or ground.

There was no single inventor for the modern-day dog whistle because the idea of it has been kept a safe-keeping trade secret for many years.


We’re able to communicate using just our own voices. Our cats and dogs don’t have that ability, which is why they use tools.

In particular, a dog whistle is what they make use of in order to accomplish the same result that we are able to do with our voice.

The thing that makes this tool so dangerous though is the fact that not everyone can hear it but those who are forced to the outside of their control.

Can Cats Be Bothered By Dog Whistles?

Dog whistles affect cats because the way how dogs and cats hear is different. A dog whistle which is a silent whistle will usually be inaudible to a cat.

But if you are in an environment with a cat, it is possible that for example, if the dog owner has been hollering or blowing continuously with his whistle.

The cat might start to hear noises from the surroundings such as from that of a motor vehicle or train station, etc.

Are Ultrasonic Dog Whistles Audible To Cats?

Cats can hear the ultrasonic frequency that dogs whistle at to entice them, which is 24 kHz-54 kHz. They are more attuned to sounds and have the capacity to hear things as high as 79 kHz.

A Dog Whistle Is Audible To What Animals?

Cats can hear dog whistles because they have the same range of hearing as dogs. Dogs and cats have similar hearing ranges given the intended purposes of their respective species.

For example, one variety of dog-whistle has a frequency between 23 to 54 kHz (kilohertz) while a cat can hear frequencies up to 79 kHz- well within the range of a standard dog whistle.

Is it Cruel To Use a Dog Whistle?

Don’t use a dog whistle if you want to damage your dog’s hearing. They hear at a much higher frequency than humans so they are naturally more sensitive to sounds.

Be aware that they don’t hear in stereo and the sound will reach them from different directions.

While some dog whistles have limitations on frequencies, others can emit any frequency from an ultrasonic 32 kHz to a deep, low pitch of infrasound below 20 Hz.

Also remember, for both dogs and cats, volume is a bigger issue than frequency.

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