Can Drug Dogs Smell Edibles?

Can Drug Dogs Smell Edibles? The drug dog is highly trained in being able to detect drug substances. It’s no surprise that drug dogs are used when trying to stop drug trafficking, but what about edible marijuana products?

Can Drug Dogs Smell Edibles

The dogs hit on edatable, oil-based, and spray based paraphernalia and consumable forms of marijuana products that include pipes, pens, bottles, etc. The chemists at Canna Smell are currently busy trying to reduce the odors being produced by edibles in an effort to make them more easy to conceal.

Can drug dogs smell edibles?

Drug dogs are not allowed to sniff out most food items since most drug dogs are trained to use drug substances.  However, drug dogs can smell edibles if they have been trained to detect cannabis food items.

There are two drug detection dogs that work for the federal government that smell out marijuana edibles.

These drug detection dogs cannot be used as a general drug-sniffing police dog since they only smell out marijuana edibles and not other drug substances.

Since drug dogs can smell edibles, it’s best to keep your edibles away from the general public or you could get in trouble with law enforcement officials unless of course, you live in an area where medical marijuana is legal like California.

can dogs eat teriyaki chicken?

This is a question that more and more dog owners are pondering these days, as teriyaki chicken has become one of the most popular takeout dishes.

And can teriyaki be harmful to your dog?

However teriyaki chicken is sometimes not cooked with teriyaki sauce which can be a risk for dogs as teriyaki sauce contains high levels of sugar, so teriayki chicken could contain lots of unnecessary sugars.

However, teriyaki can also be used as a marinade which helps to keep the teriyaki chicken from being too sweet.

In terms of safety for dogs, teriyaki is mostly safe as it does not contain any dangerous or toxic ingredients that would cause harm to your dog.

However some people may say that teriayki (intentionally misspelled) contains caffeine but this is not true; teriakhi does not contain caffeine.


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