Can Hamsters Eat dog food.

Can Hamsters Eat dog food? In short, dog food is not good for hamsters to eat. To understand why dog food is not a proper diet for a hamster, you have to understand what dog food is made up of and how it differs from hamster chow.

Dog food can be made up of animal by-products, cereals, meat, and animal digest among other things. Hamster chow on the other hand is a nutritious, dry mix that contains few carbohydrates and a lot of protein (about 20%) as well as vitamins and minerals.

Because dog food has so many ingredients that are unsuitable for hamsters while hamster chow has all the nourishment they need in one nutritious pellet, dog food should never be given to them as a food source.

Also dog food is usually made for dogs and not specifically for hamsters. Dogs and hamsters have different nutritional needs and dog food does not contain the appropriate nutrients to meet those needs.

Dog food can be high in fat which can lead to obesity, something that rarely happens with pet hamsters because they do not eat as much as dogs.

Obesity or too much weight gain can also lead to organ damage like heart disease, liver problems and diabetes among other conditions which are exacerbated by dog food because it is high in carbohydrates.

Finally, dog food has ingredients that hamsters absolutely cannot digest such as grains, legumes and dairy products (which contains lactose).

Can Hamsters Eat dog food

Similar to a hamster and dog, it’s impossible for a piglet and bunny to eat the same food. This is because there’s just simply too much of an incompatible difference in what each animal needs nutrition/energy-wise. But this doesn’t mean you can’t bond with your pet bunny over something they both can enjoy treats.

Can Hamsters eat Cat Foods?

Hamsters are very different from cats. hamsters like to eat fruits, veggies, protein rich food, and grains. Hamsters can NOT eat cat food because hamsters are omnivores that only eat plants; they NEVER eat meat.

A hamster would not know how to properly digest the nutrients in cat meat. hamster meat is approximately 22% protein while cat meat is approximately 42% protein.

the undigested hamster meat would collect in your hamster’s belly or intestines and rot until it makes them sick or dies.

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