Can Two Cats Share a Litter Box.

Can Two Cats Share a Litter Box. If you own one cat, a single litter box should be sufficient for overall health and happiness.

However, if you own more than one cat or plan to, there should be at least one extra litter box available due to.

The potential for behavioral issues related to using the litter boxes especially if all kitties are brothers and sisters. Why? We’ll tell you why.

Can Two Cats Share a Litter Box

Cleaning and maintaining a cat litter box isn’t too hard, but it can be time-consuming – especially when you’ve got more than one kitty to tame. Cats are very particular about their bathroom habits which is why it’s alright for only one feline in the family to share a single litter box. However, in order to keep them happy and healthy, two litter boxes are recommended for each kitty pairing if possible.

This ensures that both felines are comfortable and safe from the company of the other.

Territorial Animals

Cats may seem like very independent creatures, but in truth, they are often quite territorial and protective of where they live.

It’s likely that your cat’s wild ancestors would’ve survived by hunting over a large area of land.

In such situations, sharing would be rare and any new cats moving into ‘your’ land most likely wouldn’t be welcomed with open paws.

Your cat’s wild instincts tell them to see new cats as potential intruders in their own space. So when you look at it from your cat’s point of view, it is natural for them to feel the need to protect ‘their’ territory.


When you have multiple individuals, such as roommates or flatmates, sharing the same space like a bedroom or bathroom, try to create separate areas not only to allow everyone.

Their personal privacy but to prevent problems of mixing things up that result in awkward moments and miscommunications.

For example, if one person likes to have the window open when they shower and another prefers it closed then you can bet on some tension between them because now the water temperature will be difficult to set without the other person complaining about how cold or hot it is relative to their needs.

Litter Boxes Types

Lastly, keep in mind that these days there are a variety of cat litter boxes available to purchase. Choose one that feels best for you and your cat.

You will want it to be easy to access and located in a temperate spot within your abode or place. Ideally, it should be away from the kitchen or where your cat eats.

Make sure it’s sized correctly for your kitty so they can move freely and not feel confined or put under any pressure inside a small kitty kitten box.

Can Two Indoor Cats Use The Same Litter Box?

From time to time, we receive a variety of questions from cat owners and one that’s very common is if they can have 2 litterboxes next to each other.

No matter how many cats you own, it’s perfectly fine to have two litterboxes next to each other.

How Many Litter Boxes Should 2 Cats Have?

Let there be three boxes; in these three boxes let there be cat litter. Now is the time for all good cats to find some space.

Make sure each of your cats has their own box, plus an extra one just in case they have a friend come over.

You see, it’s isn’t that cats are upset that you don’t have enough boxes instead, they’re angry because you haven’t thoughtfully provided them with enough room to do what they need and to not feel crowded when they go about their business.

Can Two Cats Share a Food Bowl?

Cats are known to live in groups in the wild, which often means they share food but you should never feed two cats the same portion at one time.

While in most cases it’s OK to briefly share a mat or bowl with another cat, if one animal is unwell and cannot use their dish, or it breaks. If a pet bowl gets dirty, throw away the contents and wash everything.

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