Do Broholmers Make Good Family Companions.

Do Broholmers Make Good Family Companions. Adding a Broholmer to your family will bring much love to your life. Broholmers make excellent family companions.

They are very devoted to their families. Their life will revolve around your life, as they want nothing more than to engage and be with you every moment they can.

Broholmers were bred as Estate Guardians but really they are just too loving to be of any real threat to an intruder.

They will bark but that is it. Once the stranger comes in the house they will want nothing more than to be petted and probably crawl in their lap. They have no clue their size and think they are little lap dogs.

Do Broholmers Make Good Family Companions

When it comes to dog breeds, the Broholmer is one of the friendliest and calmest around. This is why it gets along perfectly with children of all ages, provided that they learn and practice how to properly approach and interact with a large dog such as this on a daily basis. However, some children may be intimidated by dogs if you don’t teach them at an early age what a great playmate they can be.

Their size alone is what will deter an intruder

They by far are one of the most snuggly breeds you could every have. They don’t really want to sit near you or sleep near you they really want to sleep on you. They can’t seem to quench their desire for love.

Broholmers want to be with you

They love to go places with you, Baseball games, Soccer games, walks in the park, picnics, camping, boating, trail hikes, are all something you can enjoy with your Broholmer,

For their size the Broholmer is a very agile, dry-mouthed breed of dog, They can do agility, fetch balls, and some love to jump and catch a frisbee.

Some owners swear by them, while others refuse to bring one into their family due to the high risk for property damage – not to mention the potential threat they pose for children and other small pets in the home.

Before deciding on bringing this breed into your life, it’s important you understand what you’re getting yourself in for.

They are a very sweet-tempered breed of dog with a heart of gold that will easily steal your heart.

Do Broholmers Shed?

Take some common breeds of cats for example some people prefer small cats such as a Siamese, while other people may prefer huge Maine Coon cats. And some prefer long-haired cats, while others might want short hair.

Take dogs now- you have similar problems with types of dog breeds – take Pitbulls – they are very good guard dogs but also commonly feared due to their “aggressive tendencies”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that these breeds are bad – it is just a common misconception.

In fact, many of the dog and cat breeds have been bred to have certain traits or characteristics for a very long time.

But here’s the thing- some people prefer smaller dogs over huge breeds, but there really isn’t a difference between cats and small dogs on average.

And as for why Pitbulls are so often feared- simply because of their “aggressive” tendencies?

No, it all has to do with how you raise them from a young…

Let’s talk about how raising from an early age can affect your pet’s behavior as they grow older.

Pitbulls, like any other animal (and also like humans), are all different.  But many people look at them as if they were all the same.  And it is because of this that Pitbulls are misunderstood and feared.

Most dogs will become violent or aggressive when they sense danger, but Pitbulls are not always one of those breeds conditioned to attack command.

In fact, most dogs have some level of aggression depending on how they are raised, so does this mean that any dog can be “trained” to attack command?

Now think about this- you have a very large breed of the dog meant for guarding your property or even hunting large game such as hogs or bears.

which would you prefer?

So then why do people add the word “aggressive” to Pitbulls when this is a common trait among many dog breeds?

Maybe it is just because they have been trained for these types of jobs in the past – defending or hunting.

People often say that Pitbulls are a bad breed but a recent study showed that many people who have owned a bully breed were less likely to be bitten by another dog compared to those who did not own any type of dog at all!


Are Broholmers good with kids?

Broholmers are a large breed so it is a must for them to have supervised playtime with children.  Just as any dog, Broholmers should not be left alone until they have been well socialized and trained by their owners.

How long do Broholmers live?

On average, Broholmers will live anywhere from 8 to 12 years.

Can you shave a Broholmer?

Yes, pet grooming clippers can be used at home to shave your Broholmer’s coat – but this also depends on the season.  There are certain breeds that won’t need to be shaved during hot seasons like Pitbulls and rottweilers (both have short coats), but you might need to shave the coat during the winter.

What are Broholmers’ health problems?

The most common health issues for Broholmers are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and arthritis.

They also have a very high risk of bloat which is fatal if not treated within 2 hours after ingestion of food or water.

Some people also complain about respiratory problems in their Broholmer breeds.

Can I take my Broholmer on an airplane?

Yes, but only if he/she fits perfectly under the seat space during your flight.  Make sure that your dog stays calm throughout the duration of your journey!

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