Do Cats Get Clingy When You’re Pregnant.

Do Cats Get Clingy When You’re Pregnant. People may sometimes complain that their cats tend to get jealous when they’re pregnant because the cat always wants to be near them and follows them wherever they go.

If a person has a tendency of being overly affectionate with their feline, it can interfere with the relationship they have with their offspring once the baby arrives if that individual is unable to keep up such an extravagant level of loving care and attention.

Do Cats Get Clingy When You’re Pregnant

Because cats are sensitive and appreciate receiving affection, they are one of the most popular family pets. They also have an inborn and highly developed sense of smell, as well as intuition, which they can use to figure out whether you’re pregnant. Because of changes in their pheromones, additional heat emanating from their bodies, and decreased physical activity in the house due to pregnancy weariness, cats may become clingy while they are pregnant.

Hormonal Changes

Your cat is quite the modern detective when it comes to your pregnancy. That’s because he can tell you’re pregnant from the changes in hormones.

Within a few weeks of conception, two main hormones are at work: estrogen and progesterone.

The former controls blood flow to the placenta, nourishing the baby with its nutrients; while the latter helps to loosen up your joints so that baby has room once it arrives and also helps with making sure the uterus expands to accommodate its new occupant.


Cats are incredibly observant. They notice every little detail like when your eyes are bloodshot or something seems off with the way you’re acting.

When your cat senses that something doesn’t feel right, she may behave strangely by weaving around your feet or rubbing up against your legs, wanting to play and get some of that special attention you normally give her.

Body Temperature

The core body temperature of pregnant women is higher during the first trimester. This increased blood flow boosts metabolism by 20%.

As a result, their core body temperature rises from around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit to around 99 degrees. Humans are unable to notice an increase this small but cats can.

Cats have a naturally higher average temperature, therefore, are more sensitive to their environment than humans and will appreciate any small increase.

Behavioral Changes

Cats know all about body language. They can sense the slightest change in our behavior- including severe mood swings, morning sickness, and tiredness all of which are symptoms of pregnancy.

So if you’re preparing to welcome a new cat into your family or looking for new friends that come in furry, fat little packages, we suggest talking with your doctor first.


When owners are pregnant, cats may show a little more love and affection than they usually do because they’ll be worried about their owners, in need of protection, or simply so happy with the knowledge that their favorite human will have a little package to play with and cuddle. Regardless, female felines tend to develop closer bonds with their owners when they’re all cuddled up during pregnancy so let your pet cat know you love them as much as they love you.


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