Do Cats Like Belly Rubs.

Do Cats Like Belly Rubs. Think about a puppy or a kitten, who are naturally affectionate creatures and love to be around people.

Kittens in particular love to be played with and they often like to cuddle too. By contrast, consider the much more independent cat.

Cats by nature are proud, solitary animals that are just looking out for themselves which is why you hardly ever see them lying on their backs.

Do Cats Like Belly Rubs

Your cat may enjoy having her belly rubbed but it’s important to remember that this area of your feline friend’s body is one of the most sensitive on her whole body. So if she’s letting you touch her in the belly region, this could mean that she trusts you enough not to get hurt.


Most cats prefer head rubs to belly rubs. In general, cats enjoy getting attention on areas of their bodies that have the densest amounts of their hair follicles and scent glands like the top of their heads, sides of their necks, or backs.

When you touch these areas and your cat enjoys it, you may notice that she begins to purr, push up against your hand with one or both paws, and lick your hand to ask for more.

If your cat reacts to your attention by hissing, growling, scratching, or biting you, then something about how you are touching her might not be agreeable with her.

They Want To Play

If you’ve ever wondered why your cat goes nuts over a laser pointer or mouse toy, it’s because they want to catch their prey, not just chase it around.

They have that instinct to hunt deep inside them and as kittens, they learn how to be fierce predators through playful-like learning. As an indoors-only kitty comes of age, the instinct remains; it’s nature.

Playtime keeps their pounce strong and ready at all times should small furry creatures come running by in the wild cats would stalk.

So rest relaxed your feline friend isn’t asking for belly rubs when she exposes her soft, furry underside. Often it’s an invitation for a game of “Catch me if you can.


When trying to figure out if your cat likes you, it’s very important to pay attention to the way they behave.

For example, a friendly cat will typically give clear signs by their behavior that they are really happy and comfortable in your company. One sure sign is when they start purring.

Their fur may even go up when they rub against your leg or arm, a sure sign of affection. Munching on some treats together is also a great way for you and your furry friend to bond.

Do Cats Like it When They’re Picked Up

Most cats love to climb. They love to get up high and look out over the world so they can survey their territory. But there are many different ways dogs like to climb.

Some, like border collies, tend to get all fours and scramble up rock faces while others, such as Labradors, will more likely use their front paws on any available vertical surfaces such as bushes or trees which makes them a lot harder to stop.

Is it Okay If I Rub My Cat’s Tummy?

Just like chimpanzees, cats have hair follicles on their bellies and tails that are hypersensitive to touch.

If a pet or scratched in areas besides the chin and cheeks, this is a sign that your cat may not be entirely pleased with the way you’re handling him or her.

These areas have scent glands which means that petting there can be overstimulating. As from personal experience, cats usually prefer being pet under their neck/back area or behind their ears.

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