Dog Grooming Tips.

Dog Grooming Tips. In this article, you’ll discover the best dog grooming tips to keep them good-looking every time.

Dog’s hair needs special care as the same as human hair. It is not as easy as Dog grooming is necessary. Just like people, a dog’s appearance also plays an important role in its personality.

If you want to discover more about dog grooming in depth please feel free to visit wiki page here. The grooming of dogs has come of age with time and dog lovers are now putting greater emphasis on grooming rather than giving them food or shelter alone.

Every dog owner should keep some basic tips in mind for caring for their dogs. Here are popular 24 yet best dog grooming tips to help you care for your furry friend.

Dog Grooming Tips

According to Starrucca’s Pet Grooming owner and groomer, unlike people who get haircuts with wet hair, one should always start with a dry, clean dog before grooming. This is to reduce the chances of injury during grooming if the pet moves suddenly. Only use the tips of sharp shears which will prevent you from accidentally cutting your dog instead of cut them.

Brushing your Dog

Brush your pet before cleaning him up with shampoo and a towel. This will remove knots and tangles from his hair which may cause him pain.

Bath Your Dog

Dog bathing is one of the most important aspects of the dog grooming routine. You need to bathe them at least once a month or as required by the environmental conditions they live in.

Give your dog a bath after every 3-4 weeks, but if he gets dirty during this time you can use wet wipes for removing dirt and odors from him. Don’t forget to read the best 50 tips for dog grooming.

Give him a bath in summer if he is very dirty or has fleas. If you are not complacent enough to bathe them every day, then do it once in 2 weeks during the summer season.

Be gentle and patient when you bathe your dog.

It is easier to put a small dog in a bathtub with you, but big dogs would need the tub all for themselves.

Place a rubber mat inside the tub or ask your pet sit on your lap throughout his bathing time, so that he is not injured by slipping and falling against the hard surface of the tub.

Wetting Dog Hair

Wetting his hair before applying shampoo will help lather it well and this will remove dirt and dead skin cells easily.

Aviod Skin Damage

Use mild shampoo as harsh shampoos may irritate their skin and damage their coat as well. Making use of quality dogs twice per month is one of the best 50 tips for dog grooming.

Use of Conditioner

Use conditioner to make his coat smoother and silkier. While you rinse away shampoo, do not use too cold or hot water as it may give him a shock. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat his body dry with a towel; do not use harsh blow driers as they can cause him pain and discomfort.

Use Cream on Skin

Once you are through bathing and drying your dog, put some cream on their skin which is free of dandruff and lice. Do not forget the important areas like the tail, belly, and ears.

Brushing Dog’s Teeth

Brush their teeth daily or at least once per week for preventing gum diseases as well as keeping their breath fresh. You can also feed him bones and rawhide for removing tartar from his teeth.

Brush his teeth with dog toothpaste and brush daily; also give him bones and rawhide that will remove tartar from his teeth which is the main cause of bad smell coming out of his mouth as well as gum diseases.

Trim their Nails

Trim their nails once in a while or have them clipped by professional groomers if it is difficult for you to do so at home.

Having long nails can cause discomfort, pain, and injury to your pet as well as to others who come in contact with him.  Keeping their nails short will also help them not to scratch your furniture or ruin your flooring.

Clean their Ears

Clean their ears properly once per week using a medicated dog ear cleaner that kills bacteria and fungus inside the ears thus keeping them infection-free.

Use Warm Water

Use warm water when bathing dogs with black-colored coats because cold water may make them sick and cause chilblains on their skin. You can mix a teaspoon of salt and soda bicarb in warm water to be used on such coats.

Clean their Skin

Clean the folds of their skin on their backside on weekly basis with wet wipes to avoid the formation of odor-causing bacteria which may lead to serious health problems.

If the undercoat on your pet gets matted, do not pull or force them apart as they will bleed due to their thickness. It will be easier for you to use some dog de-matting spray that softens hardened hair and allows easy separation.

If the dog has a skin infection, then clean his skin with medicated oatmeal shampoo and apply hydrogen peroxide on infected areas.

It will prevent further infection and he will heal quickly without leaving any scars behind. But you must take him to a doctor if the problem persists even after bathing and applying hydrogen peroxide.

Daily Brushing

Always keep them clean by brushing their fur every day after coming back from outside so that they remain healthy and free from any infectious diseases.

If your dog is having dried-up tears on its eyes, then use dog eye drops instead of using ones as they may cause irritation to the eye.

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