How High Can House Cats Jump.

How High Can House Cats Jump. Cats have extremely flexible backs that can make them great jumpers.

A cat’s back is composed of flexible disks called vertebrae and these allow for a very wide range of movement when it comes to jumping up into the air or jumping down to the ground when running or pouncing.

Although cats’ natural instinct is to target smaller prey such as mice, many can easily view dogs and other animals as prey they need to hunt.

How High Can House Cats Jump

To inspire the animal lovers among us, and to remind everybody just how marvelous those furry creatures are, we’ve compiled a list of fun facts about cats. While there are still many mysteries surrounding our feline friends, here are some clearly visible facts and figures which should shed some light on these delightful creatures.

Should Cats Jump

Your cat’s springy hind legs, muscular muscles, and long, sinewy tail are all intended to help cats balance and land on their feet. That’s why limiting your cat’s jumping behavior isn’t a good idea.

If you don’t want your cat jumping on refrigerators or countertops, for example, you can redirect her jumping to appropriate spots.

Indoor cat trees with climbing walls and perches for napping after your feline has leaped up there, as well as kitty condos where she can settle in for a breather after all that lively bouncing around, are some of the nicest pieces of specially made cat furniture.

Cats Good At Jumping

Cats have always been great at jumping. Capable of achieving heights that dog owners would not dare to risk, felines are known to take tiny leaps and bounds with great precision.

Although this ability is intimidating to some, human beings also participate in leaping from one platform to the other from time to time but it’s safe to assume that most people do not jump as high as six times their own height about 8 feet or 2.4 meters.

Cats Jump High

Cats are stout, small-bodied creatures that can still jump high. This is partly because of the muscles in their back legs, which give them great power for jumping.

Cat leg muscles attach very high on their bodies and run right down to the paws creating perfect springs when the cat tucks its hind legs up close to its chest before jumping.

The cats also have long thigh and knee bones that go down to feet with huge talons. As they land, they actually use those back legs again this time as gripping devices to help pull themselves up on top of a ledge or some other high perch.


How High Can Cat Jump?

A house cat can, on average, jump around 8 ft. high and fall the same distance without injury.

From a height of around 12-24 inches though, the cat has enough time to spread out its body in order to slow down its impact speed towards the ground so it’s very interesting how cats seem so carefree when jumping or falling from heights.

Can Cats Jump 6 Feet High?

As an owner of a cat, you have to understand that their curiosity is sometimes too much for their own good. They can easily jump over a 6-foot fence or climb it like a tree.

In order to be sure your feline friend stays where she belongs, you need to take extra precautions and make sure the fence is sturdy so that if the cat does somehow manage to get out, they won’t fall and hurt themselves on the way down.


A house cat’s average jump height is incredible and impressive at about 5 feet, but there are many cats out there who have the ability to jump even higher than that.  For example, cats have been found on top of televisions, wardrobes, and other high surfaces. If you’re worried about your cat getting hurt after its extreme vertical jumps, try stocking the area with large, lightweight objects that could serve as soft landings in case of a fall.

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