How long can a ball python go without Eating.

How long can a ball python go without Eating. A ball python, which looks similar to a typical North American corn snake, is different from other types of pythons in several ways.

This non-venomous constrictor does not grow as long and has a smaller head than many of its relatives. Also, ball pythons have round pupils and cannot see well at night.

These reptiles get their name from the tendency to curl up into a ball when they feel stressed out or threatened by something.

How Long Can A Ball Python Go Without Eating

A ball Python can go without eating for an average of about two months, but it depends on the snake and the snake’s metabolism. In the wild, ball pythons eat mostly small birds, bats, and rodents such as mice and rats. They use their sharp rear teeth to pin down smaller prey, while larger prey is killed by ball pythons’ strong jaws, which can move side to side.

How long they can live without water?

Ball pythons Can Live For Weeks Without Water They are not picky about their water sources either, drinking whenever they can find standing water.

The ball python’s unique sense of hearing also helps it hunt at night. These snakes have thin membranes just below each eye that allow them to pick up on any tiny movement or sound in front of them without seeing the source.

Since vision is not a ball python’s best feature, it hunts by staying completely still and waiting for its prey to come within striking range.

When ball pythons do strike out at their prey, these reptiles often miss due to slow reactions and bad aim. If they miss, ball pythons have been known to wait up to half an hour for their prey to come back into striking range.

Fortunately, ball pythons are good at hiding from potential predators such as birds of prey and badgers.

Their colors blend in well with the tall grasses and rocks where they live, so these pythons can often get away without being noticed by a would-be predator.

When frightened or cornered, ball pythons will hiss and flatten out their necks before striking out at whatever is threatening them.

Are Ball Python Dangerous For Humans?

No, ball pythons may not seem that dangerous to humans, handling one of these reptiles could be dangerous if it feels threatened. Just like any other animal, ball pythons can get scared and lash out at the nearest person.

If ball python owners want to handle their pet python they should be sure it feels secure and comfortable in its habitat before attempting to pick up or hold it.


This article talks about ball pythons and how they do not eat often and can go for a long time without food. This source would be helpful because it talks about ball pythons and their eating habits.

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