How Much Chocolate Is Bad For a Dog.

How Much Chocolate Is Bad For a Dog. Chocolate is toxic to dogs. This knowledge is widely spread in the dog owner community, but surprisingly not everyone knows what the danger level of chocolate is or how much chocolate has to be eaten before fatal.

In order to be a responsible dog owner, it’s important to understand what amount of chocolate is the dangerous and proper treatment.

If your dog eats too much chocolate because this knowledge can mean the difference between having an empty dinner dish tonight or at least having a chance at some extra cuddle time with one’s furbaby today.

How Much Chocolate Is Bad For a Dog

In general, symptoms of chocolate poisoning can be minor when a dog ingests 20 mg/kg of methylxanthines or less. Symptoms become quite severe around 40 to 50 mg/kg although some breeds may have lower amounts that still produce harmful effects. Seizures will develop if a dog is given 60 mg/kg or more, but pets that receive no more than 23 mg/kg usually do not suffer them.


Chocolate can be harmful to dogs for a number of reasons. Fatty foods including chocolate are known to trigger pancreatitis in canines.

1 You see, most dogs have a hard time digesting too much fat all at once a sudden large amount will do it.

The danger is not just restricted to chocolate either fatty food of any kind can cause this same reaction. This includes meats, cheeses, and other high-fat delicacies.

Dispose Of It

Make sure all items made with chocolate, including cocoa powder and hot chocolate mixes are stored on high shelves in a closed-door pantry.

Remind your children and guests that items containing chocolate should not be left on countertops, tables, or purses.

Keep this in mind during the holidays, too because it can be very tempting to leave trick-or-treat bags out or Easter baskets for example and we don’t want Fido getting to them.

What to Do

Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. So the first piece of advice or action to take if you suspect your dog has eaten chocolate is to try to figure out what kind of chocolate it is and how much the animal ate.

Call your veterinarian or look online for a pet emergency line in your area once you’ve finished this step.

If your veterinarian’s office is unable to determine whether or not your dog will be harmed by eating the chocolate in question, you can use this ASPCA calculator.

which makes the process simple while also ensuring that your beloved pet does not suffer unnecessarily by allowing him or her to consume potentially harmful amounts of chocolate.


Will My Dog Be OK After Eating Chocolate?

Dogs are poisoned by chocolate. Its theobromine content, which dogs can’t successfully metabolize if their bodies aren’t up to the task.

If your dog eats chocolate, you should keep a close eye on them and get professional guidance from a local veterinarian, since various breeds may have varying levels of toxicity and react to specific symptoms differently.

How Long After a Dog Eats Chocolate?

According to researchers, the first signs of chocolate poisoning usually show within six to 12 hours, but there have been reported cases where symptoms have appeared as early as one hour after eating chocolate.

If you know your dog has eaten chocolate, it is imperative that you respond immediately and don’t wait for the signs to appear.

It’s always best to seek out a veterinarian for help if you are concerned about your dog’s health at any time.


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