How Much Is A Trained German Shepherd.

How Much Is A Trained German Shepherd. Are you looking for the right German shepherd for your family, If so the simple answer is;  This dog breed is not cheap.

Average costs are between $1,500 to $3,000 depending on whether it comes from a top line that has passed health and temperament tests or was bred from unhealthier bloodlines which may show up as defects in the pups later on.

The price of adopting a German Shepherd puppy with papers can be upwards of $2,500 if its parents are both well-known and have good training backgrounds.

How Much Is A Trained German Shepherd

Started dogs sold in auctions and pet stores can be as pricey as $500-$900. Working German Shepherds that have been fully trained command higher prices up to $5000. For this price, you get an absolutely flawless dog with extensive skills and perfect obedience if chosen from reputable kennels or breeders

Therefore this gives you the advantage of not having to worry about money wasted on acquiring a trained dog going to waste. Your pet will have an easier time becoming part of the family when they’re not prevented from doing so due to their conditions being unsuitable.

German Shepherd That Has Been Trained

Puppies are the best; Although a trained German Shepherd may not be an ideal choice for everyone, there are certainly advantages to adding one of these puppies to your family.

Not only is it great if you have specialized protection or other needs, but the extra costs associated with a trained dog may actually work out as a bargain in the long run.

Why German Shepherds Are Very Expensive

Breeding dogs can be a long and involved process that takes careful planning and the right tools at your disposal.

Discerning breeders will often times ship dogs across the country or even internationally, or pay visits to their leading show dog contenders in another area, often driving hundreds or even thousands of miles in one day.

They will also have their canine companions groomed and shown extensively all over the world so that they’re recognized as showing true-to-form representatives of their respective breeds and picked as winners based on desirable characteristics.

Seeking out a suitable mate means many, many years of seeking out the right partner for your own pets.


What is the Cost of Training a German Shepherd?

The average price of German Shepherd puppies ranges from $30 to $80 per class depending on location.

Most people spend about $50 per hour for professional dog trainers, depending on location. Average cost per week of boot camp service is $600 to $1,250.

What is the price of a German Shepherd Protection Dog?

Owning a German Shepherd can be an expensive feat. German Shepherds are bred to be loyal and become members of their owners’ families which is why going with a puppy at 8 weeks old will keep more money in your pocket although it’s more work and time to raise them as well.

It might also save you the hassle of finding a reputable breeder because most of the time they are reputable – but sometimes people come across some strange ones.

There are even times when they want too much money for a not very well-bred dog, so that’s where we can help by buying dogs from them.


German shepherds are an expensive breed of dog. The most commonly bred type is from a working line, but if you’re interested in a show line or even a rarer coat, the price could grow substantially higher. For example, the price for a common black and rust colored-German shepherd will cost around $1,500. But if you’re after something more exotic like say yellow with patches or pure white fur coat, your pup may cost as much as $2,500.

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