How To Cut a Cat’s Nails When They Hate It.

How To Cut a Cat’s Nails When They Hate It. We all have to remember that we are talking about cats, the owners, and their nails.

Even if you have had your cat for years and trim its nails every so often upon a vet’s advice; they still may not like it. Your cat could already be grown and may have gotten aggressive to the point of biting you during the act.

Furthermore, some people would rather not resort to putting their pet under sedation just to get its nails trimmed an option that could cost as much as $200 depending on where you live.

There’s also a chance that the kitty won’t even wake up after being sedated for this reason.

How To Cut a Cat’s Nails When They Hate It

When it comes to clipping a cat’s nails, many people struggle. And that’s because they often try to do it in the same manner as they would cut their own nails. Of course, we’re talking about clippers intended for human nails, not a cat’s nails. But there is a better way to go about doing things without fighting with your feline friend as he or she kicks and squirms which is what this article is going to discuss.

Teach Kitten How To Relax

“Prepare your kitten for nail trims by teaching her to lie on her back,” recommends Dr. Yin. “While your cat lies on her back, reward her continually with easily consumed treats like canned cat food or small pieces of tuna on the end of a spoon.

Deliver the treats right to the cat’s face so she doesn’t have to move to eat them. As you gradually do this more frequently and for longer periods, your new kitten will get used to staying put. Once your cat is comfortable doing this, phase out the treats.

Learn Fundamentals

Trimming your cat’s claws should be as effortless as trimming your own nails. But if your cat is acting aggressively because you are inadvertently hurting her, try clipping the very tip of the claw instead.

The cuticle contains blood vessels and nerves, hence it will hurt more when she gets clipped there by mistake especially when you cut into the quick.

Trim While the Cat is Sleeping

A great time to handle their nails is after they’ve been napping. You can sit down next to them and gently rub their paws in your lap before taking one at a time in hand and trimming.

Make sure that you are not touching the sharp end of her nail so as not to hurt yourself, but handles whenever you are able to get close enough without waking her right up.

If everything goes smoothly, your cat will be awake and more than likely annoyed with you before you’re even done.

Try Different Cat Nail Clippers

I have never done this for my cats, but I have used a product comparison matrix to choose the best possible brush for their fur. I’ve done this at least 100 times with baths alone.

Both dogs and cats can benefit from forming a definitive routine that you complete on an ongoing basis to ensure each pet is as shiny and clean as can be.


Can I sedate my cat to cut his nails?

Sedation is not just for humans, and neither is an antipsychotic medication. We would never try to force a cat to take oral sedatives or tranquilizers, nor could we expect the veterinarian to compromise their safety by sticking a pill in an unwilling patient.

How can I calm my cat to cut his nails?

Give her a shoulder massage with lotion! Rub your cat on the top of her head and then hold out the clippers. If she is interested, set a treat on top of them! Now, press the back of her paw while there is one claw exposed.


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