My dog chipped a tooth.

My dog chipped a tooth. If you’re a dog owner then you know very well that there are one of the most usual injuries that happen to dogs is the chipping of teeth.  In this article, I tell you the most common causes, symptoms, and treatments for the chipping of teeth.

The chipping of teeth is mainly caused by chewing hard objects, sometimes this also causes broken teeth or loss of teeth.  As dental problems are common in dogs like humans sometimes these are painful and sometimes these is not painful.

This is the best method if you see chipped teeth in the dog then call a veterinary dentist for the treatment of the dog’s teeth.  The vets can easily check and then treat this with their useful options.

The chip in the teeth are also caused by rough playing or catching hard objects such as playing with tug of war and playing fetch. So, you should avoid playing with your dogs with hard objects.

My dog chipped a tooth

Chip in the teeth generally occurs in the front or upper fourth premolars which are teeth toward the back of the mouth.

The teeth of dogs are also fractures that are easily shown by a chipped tooth so, you should treat this fracture with a vet’s advice.

How are chipped teeth in dogs classified?

There are main five classifications of teeth fractures in dogs that help you find a kind of teeth chip.

  • Enamel fracture. A kind of tooth fracture that loses the crown substance which is constricted to the enamel.
  • Uncomplicated crown fracture. This type does not disclose the pulp due to the fracture of the crown.
  • Complicated crown fracture. A type of fracture of the crown that discloses the pulp.
  • Root fracture. A kind of fracture that is involved in tooth roots.
  • Complicated crown-root fracture. This fracture of the crown is causing due to the root that discloses the pulp.

What are the causes of a chipped tooth in dogs?

As chipping or fractures are most common in dogs due to chewing hard things and playing with hard objects so, these fractured teeth are generally caused by different causes that are given below:

  1. Chewing of hard, non-bending, and large-size toys, wood, or any kind of bones and hooves.
  2. By clicking, playing, and chasing are safe for ice cubes but help your dog to avoid chomping on ice cubes.
  3. Use of unapproved things from veterinary dentists.
  4. The chipping in the tooth is also caused if your dog is hit by a car or any other object.

What are the symptoms of a chipped tooth in dogs?

The most useful symptoms that will help you to catch the cause and effects of chipping a tooth. If your dog is showing a sign of broken teeth or painful teeth you should take help from these symptoms. These main symptoms include:

  • If your dog is chewing on only one side of the mouth.
  • When eating food your dog will drop the food from the mouth.
  • If your dog is drooling or salivation at the extremity level.
  • If your dog’s teeth are Grinding into small pieces.
  • If your dog`s Pawing at the mouth for a long time.
  • If your dog’s face is swelling.
  • If your dog’s Lymph node enlarges from basic size.
  • If your dog becomes shy face pat and stays away from you.
  • If your dog always refuses to eat food that is hard to chew.
  • If your dog always refuses to chew or play with a toy or treat that is hard to chew.
  • If your dog has an infection in his teeth.
  • If the tip of your dog’s teeth is missing.
  • If your dog gets any kind of fracture that may cause disturbance to teeth, pain to teeth, and lower first molar problems.
  • If your dog’s gums are suffering from swelling, redness,  drainage adjacent, or abscess.
  • If blood is coming from the teeth.
  • If your dog is facing difficulty in holding things.
  • If your dog is acting more aggressive.
  • If your dog is behaving unusually.

Is a broken tooth painful for a dog?

The pain of a chipped tooth depends upon the broken and infected area of the tooth. If a dog`s teeth are broken in a small piece or not broken too deep then this is a normal level of chip teeth.

The pain in teeth increases if a dog has more infection as compared to that when he has less infection. The of chipped teeth also depends upon pulp cavity exposure.

What is the treatment for a broken tooth in dogs?

You can use many methods for the treatment of all chipped teeth in dogs. These treatment types are given below:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Endodontic therapy
  • Vital pulp therapy
  • Extraction of broken teeth
  • This is not a permanent treatment of the very small fraction with the method of bonding or sealing and smoothing that area.
  • The best method can be recommended by a veterinarian according to the dog`s teeth condition and issues.

Will a chipped dog tooth heal?

Yes, if you treat it immediately with the help of the right medical treatment method then your dog chipped tooth can heal properly. In fewer weeks your dog can heal with perfect treatment but you should check the veterinarian due to the difference in all pet’s conditions.

How to prevent a chipped tooth in dogs?

  • To prevent the chipped tooth in the dogs you should provide the perfect size of chewer and toys according to sizes and ages. Because more hard chewer and treats increase the cause of chipping of teeth.
  • Avoid the use of nylon toys because these are toys that are common causes of tooth fraction.
  • If toys are placed among premolars then these will overlap to supply chipping capability that causes the teeth damage.
  • Always inspect treats and chew the texture that you will provide your dog.
  • Remove all hard treats, toys, puzzles, and bones that can damage the tooth.
  • Consult your veterinarian with the Veterinary Oral Health Council products with the seal of acceptance that helps your dogs with diets and dental treats.
  • Use all those devices that are effective and safe for the removal of tartar or plaque.

To prevent tooth fracture you should avoid these things that are:

    1. Nylon Bones
    2. Ice Cubes
    3. Cow Hooves
    4. Cages
    5. Sticks
    6. hard treats or toys
    7. Rocks
    8. Natural Bones

Will my dog can eat hard food or kibble after losing a tooth?

As dogs have 42 teeth and the chipped or broken teeth do not affect the eating food but in some cases, the eating of hard food or kibble may cause an issue if your dog loses one of the premolars teeth.

But after extraction or treatment of that chipped tooth can able your dog eat properly even if the food is kibble or hard.


In any extreme emergency, you should visit your dog’s vet or dentist if this is not an extreme issue then there is no need for a visit but this is good to check them for future damage by chip teeth.

If you take care of hard things to keep away from your dog then the chipping of teeth is not a big issue. But with the help of proper and better treatment your dog can recover quickly.

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