When Will My Cat Stop Hissing At New Kitten.

When Will My Cat Stop Hissing At New Kitten. You are about to add an additional member to your family and that means finding someone who can help look after them.

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When Will My Cat Stop Hissing At New Kitten

As a general rule, you can expect your kitten’s first meowing attempts to be anywhere from around the three-week mark all the way down to possibly around six weeks of age when it’s time for sharp claws and brand new teeth that could poke or scratch things they’re not supposed to.

Calmly And Slowly

One thing you have to keep in mind whenever introducing a new pet into your home whether it be a kitten or an adult.

You need to make sure everything is safe for the cat and that the environment can stimulate them by playing with toys.

It is important that the new animal cannot get hurt and create good habits of jumping and falling a lot when they are young.

The best way to do this is by providing them food on a regular basis and once they get used to you, then you’ll be able to play together.


Cats are creatures of habit, and it makes them happy to be able to do the same things at the same time each day.

Cats may wake up and eat at the same times each morning, for example, or sleep for about the same number of hours at night.

If a cat owner has set playtime with their pet, they’ll know exactly when it’s coming and can train themselves to slap on their thinking cap.

Because cats will also learn your daily routine as well; they’ll know when you’ll be awake and when you won’t be essentially knowing what hours of the day you spend at home versus what portion of your day will be spent at work.

Place To Escape

Cats will have to have a place of their own where they feel safe and comfortable when they need some alone time. Some cats might like to take something of theirs with them when they’re feeling stressed or anxious.

You’ll want to be sure not only that your kitten has its own space, but also that it can feel secure and safe in it, especially if you notice the kitten is hiding from other cats in your house.

As an owner, you’ll want to provide an environment for your cat so that everyone in the household is happy and content.


When two cats meet, they will often investigate each other by smelling, licking, and possibly hissing.

If they are an adult male, female, or neutered, they may try to assert themselves as dominant over one another, especially if your new cat is the same gender and around the same age as your old cat.

For example say you have an adult cat and decide to get a kitten or adopt a stray. Sometimes you can be lucky when your older cat takes to the newcomer quite well and they become fast friends.


Should I Let My Cat Hiss At The New Kitten?

The cats should be able to co-exist peacefully as long as they appear comfortable with each other. However, remember that some hissing and/or swatting is normal try not to get too alarmed.

Final Words

At first, you will want to introduce your cats slowly. For example, don’t let them interact during their initial introduction or they may fight. Allow them to get comfortable in their surroundings and build trust before introducing them, especially if you plan on friending your new cat. Also, be sure that the pet of your old cat is clean as it may make them feel uncomfortable if not, which means you will have to house them separately for a couple of days so that both can adjust.

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