Where To Put Cat Litter Box.

Where To Put Cat Litter Box. One should ensure that the litter box is scrupulously clean and not overlooked.

Also, consider placing them in a quiet location where your pet cat would feel safe. Strive to avoid dark, isolated locations.

Cats prefer to use the bathroom next to their food bowls and water supply so it’s ideal if you have a litter box on every floor of your home so that your little one doesn’t have to make unnecessary trips up those stairs.

Where To Put Cat Litter Box

If you want to properly care for your cat, there are a few things that you really need to consider. There are many factors to consider when it comes to your feline friend’s happiness and health the number of litter boxes, their size & type, where they’re located in your house or apartment, the kind of kitty litter in the boxes, how frequently you clean them out.


Locate the litter box in a private place like under your sink or behind closed doors. Privacy can be accomplished with a curtain, cover, or dome.

And hiding the room that contains the litter box from prying eyes can also provide privacy.

For example, many people keep their cat’s litter box inside their own master bathroom privacy is not an issue as long as you can take care to wipe up any accidental mishaps.

Utility Room

To keep fur from all over the house, place the litter box in a utility room. Pets love to sunbathe and leave their hair all over the couch, but placing them on an uncovered patio will allow them to get their vitamin D safely.

If you want to keep pet hair and dander from settling all around your carpet, consider buying a pricey vacuum cleaner with a motorized suction tube that digs deep into the carpet’s fibers for high-quality cleanings.

Boxes For One Cat

Most people find it hard to figure out how many litter boxes one should have for a house with multiple cats but luckily there’s a mathematical formula that does the trick.

You want approximately 1 litter box per cat, plus as many as your house can accommodate because you need to make sure everyone has enough space!

If you have one cat and live by yourself, then it’s easy; just get one litter box because they don’t share their owner with any other furry friend.

However, if you live in a home with an upstairs and downstairs, make sure there’s a litter box on both floors so everyone is happy.


If you don’t mind the litter box being in your bedroom, it’s a great place for litter box placement. It’s quiet and roomy enough.

However, if you are tight on space and want to hide the litter box away, you can use furniture with a hidden compartment to house a container of cat litter.

For instance, you can purchase a side table with an opening at the bottom, which will reveal the litter box. This is an ideal way to keep things tidy.

On top of this side table, you could use storage containers even stackable ones to hold stationery or other items that may need to be kept close by in your home hub.


Is it OK to Put a Litter Box in the Kitchen?

It’s not recommended to keep your cat’s litter box in the kitchen. There are dangers associated with the pathogens found in cat waste, which can spread during cleanup and prevent cats from using a dirty litter box area comfortably ever again.

Also, your cat may get stressed out if you have to keep him there sometimes when the kitchen gets very busy.

Can Cats Find Their Litter Box If You Move It?

“You don’t want to move the litter box from a location where it’s been for a long time,” Dr. Iams advises, noting that cats are sensitive to rapid changes in their environment.

They might not bother to check for the new position of the box.” Instead of moving both at the same time, she suggests lifting the box off the ground or changing its location after your cat has become accustomed to it.


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