Why Are My Cats Whiskers So Long.

Why Are My Cats Whiskers So Long. If a cat’s whiskers are as long as its body, the animal will be able to assess whether it can fit through a narrow space.

The whiskers also assist cats with hunting and movement because these organs enable them to feel their way through places they cannot see well.

Why Are My Cats Whiskers So Long

Most of us know that cats have whiskers but few of us might realize that they serve a number of purposes beyond looking cute and attracting attention. Cats rely on their whiskers as key tools in their day-to-day activities, so it’s important to understand how whiskers work and what these amazing little body parts do for your cat. If your cat is overweight, then you should be cautious when checking its health via its whiskers.

A fatter kitty means the usual spacing between the physics two upper sets of whiskers but be careful with the lower set as numbers are more likely too far apart. Don’t let your fingers get between the bottom set or caught in them when checking.


The word whisker comes from the Middle English ‘whisker,’ as in anything that whisks toward something.

It started off being used to describe a human mustache or beard, but not long after whiskers became an important factor of a cat’s face; they help them to sense their environment and identify one another through touch.

Area Size Judging

Whiskers are an essential part of a cat’s anatomy. These whisker-like structures help them sense their surroundings and detect the presence of small gaps or spaces, air pressure changes, and even if other animals enter their personal space.

They hear the sounds made by the vibration made between hairs. Whiskers are also essential for hunting as they indicate prey that may be hidden from sites in places like bush, trees, or grasses.

Cats Sight

Cats have incredible reflexes and a sixth sense but they also have very short-sightedness.

They rely on whiskers to guide them during the day, especially because of their hunting endeavors at nightfall.

Whiskers are an amazing tool for cats that use them very much in order to see in the dark.


While cats’ whiskers certainly aren’t as soft and sensual as the locks on her head, the hairs are no less important.

These ultra-thin stalk-like receptors can stick in place, but also move with even the slightest breeze or tiny nudge.

A cat that feels these vibrations could detect a bully pawing at her face while she naps, maybe recognizing approaching danger before it’s too late that is if it’s not actually coming from a toy or treat you toss or serve up to reward her while she makes like Garfield.

Feel The Objects Nearby

Cats have an amazing sense of smell and can notice even the smallest things up close. Their whiskers usually let kittens know when they’re encroaching in someone else’s territory or if something’s moving or not.

Cats also rely heavily on their ability to hear because some of the noises they make may go unnoticed by humans especially purrs. Cats will often crouch near low-pitched sounds to hear them better.

They detect sound with two large inner ears and a middle ear, which helps them determine where the sounds are coming from.

Is it Normal for Cat Whiskers to Fall Out?

Hair growth and fall-out are perfectly normal in the body. We all naturally shed around 100-125 strands of hair per day.

But unless you’re noticing large amounts of hair on your floors or that you can actually notice less in your pet’s fur, there’s no need to worry.

Should I Shave My Cat’s Whiskers?

Like other hairy animals, cats shed their fur. That’s normal. But never trim down the whiskers on your cat. Trimming them will cause them to become disoriented and scared, which is not okay.

Do Long Whiskers Imply a Large Cat?

Large whiskers can be found on a majority of domesticated cats, and nothing to be worried about unless they end up in places they shouldn’t.

One day after I cut up some cat treats for Muriel, I noticed her two whiskers were shorter than the other two. It looked like they had been broken off.


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